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Israel ‘Center of World Financial Fraud’: First Israeli Extradited to US

21 October 2017

THE NEW OBSERVER — Stanislav Nazarov, 46, a dual citizen of Israel and Russia, has become one of the first Jews to be extradited from Israel to face charges in an indictment accusing him of taking part in an international money laundering scheme which the Israeli police described as “doing unprecedented damage to the reputation of Israel which is perceived as a center that exports this kind of fraud.”

Usually, Israel never deports Jews wanted by any other country (see the Jews responsible for the fake “Jewish Community Center hate crimes” hoax which the Jewish Lobby claimed was evidence of “anti-Semitism”), but  Nazarov has specifically waived extradition, apparently preferring his chances in standing trial in the US.

According to an official statement issued by the US Department of Justice, Nazarov is among 19 people charged earlier this year in federal indictments outlining various international fraud and money laundering conspiracies.

“He was arrested in March 2017 in Israel following an undercover investigation and later waived extradition to the United States. Nazarov was brought to the United States on Oct. 19, 2017.” […]

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