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Thousands of Migrants Trying to LEAVE Europe Arrested in Greece for Forged Papers

Feb. 28, 2018, Greek authorities presented confiscated passports and identification cards at the Athens Police Headquarters. Last year, Greek police caught a total of 1,672 migrants trying to sneak out of the country by plane. There's a thriving illegal industry in Greece that churns out counterfeit passports and identity papers. PHOTO: AP/Petros Giannakouris

Greece Arrests 5,633 at Airports With Fake ID

9 November 2018

YAHOO (AP) — Greek authorities say they have arrested 5,633 people, mostly migrants, so far this year for trying to fly out of the country with forged identity papers — with sharp increases in arrests at key airports.

Police said the largest number of arrests was at Iraklion airport on Crete, where 1,511 people were caught compared with 666 in all of 2017.

Another 1,419 were caught at the major tourist airport of Santorini, again way more than last year’s 426. […]

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