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Newly Released JFK Files Reveal US Military Intercepted Coded Messages About Assassination Plot

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After 55 years of suppression, U.S. intelligence recently released documents from the classified JFK assassination archive that reveal there were two code operators in secret American military installations independent of one another who discovered chatter — decidedly secret chatter — about the coming assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

Here are government links to the newly released documents: (1) – (2) – (3) – (4) – (5)(6)

In addition the NSA declassifed in 2017 this document relating to one of the code operators, David F. Christensen.

You will note that the narrative surrounding these code operators is that they “had mental issues and breakdowns” shortly after trying to go up the chain of command with their intelligence. What a coinkydink. It goes without saying that mental issues can be brought about synthetically in otherwise normal people. There is strong indication that is what happened to James Forrestal, to cite one example.

Private First Class Eugene Dinkin worked in Metz, France. He was a cryptographic code operator for the U.S. Army and, in early November 1963, three weeks before the assassination, he discovered a plot to assassinate the president of the United States.

Updated: Although these new documents don’t name names that Dinkins is alleged to have come across- an open source search reveals a slew of articles and comments going back years suggesting the following were involved connected with Dinkins information even before the new revelations: French-Corsican assassin Jean SouetreGuy Banister and William Harvey.

For example a 1999 FOIA request log where the link now comes up gray. The rest however is revealing.

[PDF]FOIA Logs for Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – Government Attic


As The New Nationalist covered, Howard Hunt fingered William Harvey’s involvement as well as an assassin he dubbed the “French grassy-knoll gunman.” Guy Banister, who died mysteriously soon after the JFK hit, was affiliated with David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald. Hunt is about as close as one can get to an operational insider revelation.

Private Dinkin had a friend mail a letter to Robert Kennedy. The letter warned RFK that an assassination plot was underway and would occur in Texas around Nov. 28, 1963. Dinkin said that the plan was that the murder would be blamed on either a communist or a negro.

Dickins then deserted his post and made it to Switzerland to a U.N. press briefing room, where he thought he might get a better reception. The U.S. military picked him up and shipped him off to Walter Reed to a psychiatric ward. He was confined for the next six months. The two now-released cables confirm that Dinkins went to Geneva on Nov. 6 with his story. Neither the FBI nor the Warren Commission ever investigated the Dinkin case.

Completely separate from Dinkins, David Christensen was an Air Force sergeant who was stationed at a listening post in Kirknewton, Scotland. He intercepted a communication in October 1963 that an assassination attempt would be made on Kennedy. Sgt. Christensen, like Eugene Dinkin, was summarily “committed to a mental institution.” Most curiously, it was necessary to keep classified information and details about the two military personnel for 55 years. Why?

A letter Christensen wrote is here from the document dump. It is rambling, but he mentions the JFK assassination link he received “six weeks to one month” before the big event. He goes on to name “fuckin’ Forney and Delaughter” as being instrumental in blocking him from getting the intel to NSA. He then refers to Forney and Delaughter as organized crime.

Documents reveal that an interview related to Christensen was conducted in 1978 by two staffers (Kenneth Klein and Gary Cornwell) of the House Select Committee on Assassinations. I find it curious that this interview was with a Sgt. Stevenson, who was stationed with Christensen, not the source himself. Stevenson discounted the Christensen story. So the committee knew about Christensen’s claims but didn’t pursue the source? Here is how they dealt with it in the memorandum:

The staffers remain particularly interested in determining the name of the individual who Mr. Christensen believes relates to the assassination. They will explore means of determining this information to include the possibility of having Sgt. Stevenson call Christensen and ask him for the identity (Stevenson indicated his extreme unwillingness to do this).

TNN Takeaway: Seriously? Why didn’t Klein and/or Cornwall make the call or visit to Christensen? First they brand Christensen as a crazy and then fail to pursue a contact with him. What a circus and typical Crime Syndicate cover up and M.O.

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  1. If the Jim Fetzers of the world would have it; we will still be debating the JFK assassination 100 years from now! Fetzer’s great grandson will be offering conferences on how the “Deep State” took down Kennedy.

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