Big Pharma Doctor, Who Questioned Vaccine Safety, Found Murdered

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By Baxter Dmitry |  25 June 2018

YOUR NEWS WIRE — Dr. Tristan Beaudette, a research scientist who worked for a pharmaceutical company and who had been questioning vaccine safety standards, has been gunned down in a “mob style hit” in front of his two young daughters in a state park in Southern California.

Over 80 holistic doctors and researchers critical of vaccine safety have been found dead in the past two years, most of whom died in suspicious and unsolved circumstances.

Dr. Beaudette, 35, of Irvine, Calif., was bleeding from a chest wound when deputies found him in a tent early Friday at a Malibu Creek State Park campsite, a quiet area that people come to for the scenery, peace, and tranquility. His two daughters, aged 2 and 4, were unharmed. […]

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