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Trump and the ‘Russian’ Zio-Oligarch Cesspool


A new “Russian” connection to former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has come to light, Reuters reports. In an affidavit attached to a July 2017 application, an FBI agent said he had reviewed tax returns for a company controlled by Manafort and his wife that showed a $10 million loan from a “Russian lender” identified as Oleg Deripaska.

Haaretz in 2004 reported certain dot-connecting aspects about Deripaska.

Russian-Jew Deripaska — who, at the age of 36, is one of the youngest billionaires in the world — has been examining investment opportunities in Israel. He arrived in his private jet on June 21 for a quick visit to Tel Aviv, accompanied by his friend Lord Nathaniel Rothschild of London.

As is usually the case in these “Russia” scandals, this “Russian Oligarch” is a RINRO (Russian In Name and Residence Only). In other words, he’s a dual-Israeli citizen of Russian and Jewish origins. The so-called “Russia-Trump” scandal is actually a Zionist-Trump scandal, played from so many angles that it’s mind boggling. Every rock that this “Russia Investigation” turns over reveals Zionist operatives squirming at or just below the surface. But we’re not supposed to notice this clusterfuck, are we?

And who supplied said “dirt” on the Clinton crime syndicate? Was it “da Russians” or was it the ISRAELIS who laundered it through Russian intermediaries?

Deripaska’s company, Rusal, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of aluminum. Rusal, headquartered in Russia, had sanctions brought against it that have been subsequently lifted by Trump. Deripaska is often around Putin and is a big player within the Kremlin.

Keep in mind that Trump’s own children in 2009 said that all most all of the money that Trump enterprises gets originates from “Russia” (aka Zionists). Trump’s own Secretary of Commerce and friend Wilbur Ross worked for the Rothschild New York office for 24 years. See Trump Parasite Guildists Munchin, Cohen and Ross to Manage Loot of US.

Haaretz follows up with The Countless Israeli Connections to Mueller’s Probe of Trump and Russia:

“The Israel-lobbyists, Netanyahu cronies, psyops manipulators and well-connected oligarchs — could it all be just one big coincidence?”

The ties between the Russian Zio-Jewish oligarchs, the international money cabal and the Zionist power brokers in the U.S. and Israel are so glaringly obvious that the only thing protecting this ugly infestation of incestuous impropriety being called out as the 800-pound gorilla in the room is “political correctness,” that the ZOG and Jewish-controlled media broadcast all over the western world.

The curious exception to this “news not fit for Goys” -PC omission, per usual, is the Jewish and some Israeli press. In the case of Trump’s fixer attorney, the Jew Michael Cohen, the Forward freely reports on the payola he received from the Russian Jewish oligarch Viktor Vekselberg (worth $13 billion). At Trump’s inauguration fixer Cohen met with Vekselburg and his cousin, one Andrew Intrater, the CEO of Columbus Nova. Days after the inauguration, Columbus Nova awarded Cohen a $1 million consulting contract.

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  1. Thanks Tom, I can always count on TNN to bring me back to the never-ending reality of zio control of everything, sad as it may be.

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