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Kurt Cobain Death Photos Will Remain Sealed Following New Court Ruling

PHOTO: HufPo/Frank Micelotta/Getty

By Daniel Goldblatt and Ryan Naumann | 14 May 2018

THE BLAST — Kurt Cobain‘s suicide photos will remain sealed after an appellate court in Washington on Monday upheld a judgment from 2015 keeping them from being released to the public.

The appellate court’s ruling comes in favor of Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain, who had been seeking a ruling “permanently enjoining the City from disclosing, disseminating, releasing, or distributing any death-scene photographs not previously disclosed.”

Back in 2014, Richard Lee sued the city of Seattle to try and get the photos released. The photos in question, according to court documents, show “Kurt Cobain’s body as it lay in the family residence after he was shot in the head.”

Lee has spent 23 years investigating Cobain’s death and believes the rock legend was actually killed in a conspiracy involving multiple government officials. He lost his original suit in 2015, but filed an appeal last year. […]

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