The Red Queen’s Attack on Syria Revealed Things

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Alex Jones lost it over the gutless wonder Syrian lies and attack. I would guess that the purpose behind all this is to get the former Trump cognoscenti into a state of hopelessness and despair. It also seems like part of the planned Trojan Horse take down of Red Queen Trump. Yes, must admit that it has good entertainment value. Later in Jones’ show, particularly when Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik came on, there was usually frank conversation about the role of the 800-pound gorilla, Israel, in this whole tawdry affair.

The reaction to Trumpenstein and his friends’ warmongering looks like a chance for a generalized purge of higher-profile MAGA suckers. I suspect a less-than-subtle attempt to build the conspiracy theorist as terrorist canard.

Speaking of gutless wonders, certain members of the “Alt-Right” have had their Jesus moments. Richard Spencer linked Israel and front man Jared Kushner to the Trump troubles. Now, after avoiding the 800-pound gorilla through thick and thin, this MAGA-tard is also being labeled as an anti-Semite. Should anybody even care about this neuro-linguistic programming implant anymore? Welcome to the PT Barnum you-lose-with-Jews circus, Richard.

The Trump-tards now find themselves strapped to a chair in a basement with a ball in their mouths. They wear a black leather suit and live in a box in the basement.

The Zio lugenpresse Sky “News” demonstrates its operation during an interview with retired Major-Gen. Jonathan Shaw, formerly one of the British Army’s most senior officers. Watch what happened when the General veered off script.

A target of the #gutlesswonders: a scientific research center in Damascus. Nice touch even for psychopaths. Second photo shows after their work was done.

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  1. What a goddang circus. Trump two weeks ago wanting to talk to Putin and pull out of Syria. Boy they didn’t like that. Did they threaten to off his bimbo wife? Kill his kids? Impeach him? Only the truly daft still believe the TV version but unfortunately they are legion. What a horrible thing Russia is doing, trading with North Korea and all. I wonder if the missile strike was to wipe away evidence of fakery and kill the US crisis actors.

    • Despite it all being remarkably crudely presented we have no way of knowing who is in league with who. Trump appears to have a bit part in a larger play, and is like a cork on the ocean as he bobs about reading scripts like a TV bobble head.
      The ‘surgical strike’ appears to be the typical ‘move the rubble around’ depletion of millions of $’s worth of missiles with a couple of targets hit for the TV shows.
      This is all wonderful for Macron & May in France & UK who need shoring up urgently.
      Separately, for some reason the assassination attempt on Trump before he came into power has popped up in my head today – I wonder what happened to the English guy who tried to shoot him and what his motives were…
      The wikipedia version of course but has dates etc

    • The only thing Trump cares about is Ivanka.
      Remember the helicopter she and her creepy husband were flying in had to return to the airport after one engine failed?

      March 18, 2018

  2. Well I have been one of the lingering ‘fools’ sympa to Trump for various reasons … Critique of my type understood … Tho would like to note:

    France has admitted that the attack was co-ordinated in advance with Russia, during 2-3 days of ‘deconfliction discussion’

    It was Chabad fireworks, in other words

    The attack on Syria allegedly has no casualties – is this a lie to save face and make everyone feel better? But given Moscow knew the targets in advance …

    Not to support the ‘anti-white’ agenda, but I find this attack really rather racist – white countries exercising their felt prerogative to drop bombs on nations where brown people live

    In total violation of the UN Charter … as the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres from Portugal, indicates in his criticism of this

    What was the purpose of this attack, Trump and Macron and May and Putin ‘co-ordinating’ together –

    To test out how well missiles and missile defences work, all these expensive military toys? (Some say some missiles were supposedly shot down)

    Test out how much lying propaganda Western people will swallow as justification for bombing etc?

    To add to the rest of the world’s sense, that white countries are totally corrupt and malicious towards brown people? (The anti-white agenda in another way)

    Retired Indian Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar is helpful on the Syria attack


    Trump to Obama, September 2013

    • Some of these false flags involved the mercenary division of Google Inc / Alphabet said to be directly guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity & bringing poison Sarin gas into Syria through Turkey, in order to kill civilians & falsely blame the Assad government, according to Veterans Today:

      Google employees stored poison gas & brought it into Syria to kill civilians

      Veterans Today specifically charges the division of Google known as Google Idea Groups or Google Ideas, operated by Jared Cohen, & tied to Hillary Clinton. This ‘Google Ideas’ division of Google involved in Syria, has recently changed its name to ‘Jigsaw, a division of Alphabet’, to help hide that Google runs mercenaries

      The Sarin gas was transited into Syria at the Kilas checkpoint, & it was Press TV’s Serena Shimm, later murdered in Turkey, that found the American safe house run by Google Idea Groups, whose staff brought in the gas shells … The gas arrived from Georgia [the nation where US & Israelis are alleged to have chemical weapons laboratories], transited by Ukrainian security personnel, according to Veterans Today bureau chief Jeffrey K. Silverman

  4. You have to follow politics very, very closely to fully realize and appreciate how calculated and orchestrated such events are. I suspect bombings are part of the U.S.’ ongoing plan for Syria. Every time Bibi feels a little nervous — this time because Assad met with Iranian leaders — he picks up the gold phone next to his bed and calls Trump. For Trump, the dilemma is how to pull off bombings with international support and still maintain his MAGA base at home. The pull-out tweet followed by chem attack (whether real or not) was probably some pre-planned strategy offered by some Kushner-led advisory team after making in-depth political calculations. Most likely, Trump’s Friends in Israel orchestrated the catalyst for the bombing — the “chem attack.” Subversive ops like this are risky, but Israel’s well-versed in such deceptions and trickery — and they’re the benefactors of the bombing after all. The timing of the three events in rapid-fire succession indicate to me that this whole thing was crafted.

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