Billionaire George Soros Received Millions in US Taxpayer Dollars to Fund His Globalist Agendas

PHOTO: Flickr

By Teri Webster | 8 April 2018

THE BLAZE — Leftist billionaire George Soros tapped into at least $9 million worth of taxpayer dollars when the Obama administration in 2016 allegedly funneled money into a Soros organization called the East West Management Institute, according to Judicial Watch.

Thirty-two pages of government documents obtained by Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit revealed the alleged maneuver. Judicial Watch launched a lawsuit to get the documents after government agencies initially refused to hand over the public information.

What was the money used for?

Documents show money ended up being used to fuel socialist-communist operations by the Albanian government. That included a survey designed to prove that Albanians were in favor of restricting the powers of the judicial system in their country. […]

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