The Munster, Germany, Van Attack Stagecraft Deception

The area was initially cleared after the crash. PHOTO: Sky News

On Saturday, April 7, a 48-year-old German national identified only as Jens R. reportedly drove a van into a crowd of people seated in outdoor restaurants within a pedestrian square in the old part of the German city of Münster. Police said the attacker veered into “several cafe and restaurant terraces and then shot himself.” The stock photo below gives the lay of the land.

According to media sources, the attacker previously suffered from psychiatric illness and drug addiction. So this is likely a followup pre-crime narrative to the YouTube HQ event carried out by the giraffe-necked Nasim Aghdam.

Media reports are inconsistent on causalities. It ranges from two to four killed and 20 to 30 injured.

An open-source search reveals very little in terms of images at this time. There are no videos of the attack or its immediate aftermath on or YouTube. We see the standard aftermath media photos of police in nothing-burger poses.

We pulled the first image off of Twitter within 20 minutes of the event. That same image was circulated by numerous media outlets throughout the day. It shows the incredible ability of vanados (i.e. “Sharknado”) to cut a wide swath and scatter chairs and tables. The furniture piles are inconstant with the final truck angle and path. You will see ladies sitting at a table on the left side of the photo. How did they avoid being hit? A thinking observer would be hard pressed to identify any real causalities in this photo, let alone dozens.

The second photo below is curious indeed. As in the first photo below, the final resting place of the vanado is shown. Incredibly, the chairs and tables are undisturbed and some even have flower vases. Again, no causalities or EMT are evident. Did the eyewitnesses elect to disturb a crime scene by tidying up?

The third photo below, which appeared on Twitter’s feed about 25 minutes after the “attack,” shows another furniture pileup and a lack of casualties. Some wags claim to see one solo “injuried” huddled between two ladies (one in red) in the upper left. He looks like some dwarf-like stick apparition, not a human being.

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