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Is Germany Awakening?

The AfD nationalist party in Germany has had much to overcome. The lugenpresse smears the AfD as “far-right populists” when being more polite and “neo-Nazis” when in smear mode. In the recent election the AfD polled 12.5% and the Social Democrats 20.5%. This week opinion polls saw the AfD out poll the fading Social Democrats by 16 to 15.5%. And this is still before the renewed European financial crisis I see dead ahead. At that point European Central Banksterism will be exposed. That will upset the apple cart even more. Merkel will have a very difficult time keeping a government together going forward. At the first sign of serious economic crisis she will be removed

Germans are under a barrage of propaganda from birth. In reality they are altruistic-perhaps too much so. They (at least the ones in the west and Bavaria) are my favorite people in Europe. Germans are people who I try to peel back the onion in expressing my so-called right wing views. And once this comes out of my mouth as an American (with one-fourth German ancestry), many Germans light up and nod their heads.

My son and I were in Theresienstadt in Bohemia which served as a detention camp in WWII. At the bus stop were four German college age women. Against the advice of my son I dove right in. They did not recoil and in fact were interested. One gal literally came out of the closet when I said, German politicians are “puppets of the victorious powers in World War II” and “you just went through a propaganda museum.” Her friends kind of looked at her in surprise that she agreed, but there was no push-back. It was as if they were all appreciative that I had the nerve to express it.

You are not going to convince many Germans by dwelling in WWII revisionism. But there is a growing weariness with the endless guilt shaming, and with what’s been perped onto them. For sure there is a nasty leftist element in Germany that has been in ascendency. But the sentiment that Germany can handle migrants, that existed four years ago, has passed. And more importantly the politics of Germany from more quarters is holding those responsible to account.

Germany is more pan-European than I once realized. In Munich I spoke to a Serbian born German who had been there for twenty years and said enough of the non-Christian migration. In fact I believe other European migrants in Germany favor the populist right. The ones from the Balkans are well aware of the problems of multiculturalism. Poles in general want to perserve national or at least pan-European identity. The pundits say that German foreign-born population (which is one in ten) will ensure the Merkel status quo. But that ignores Germany’s European born immigrants.

Secondly I have found very few in Europe who like American influence or Americanism. The stigma from Trump is off the charts.

TNN takeaway:  There are closet German soft nationalists. Like the young woman at the bus stop, they are an unappreciated factor. I had another conversation two years ago on a bus from the airport with a sharp German guy aged 30. He said he was a centrist and once liked Merkel, but was weary of her. He had no intention of supporting Social Democrats. I told him if I was a German I’d support AfD. He wasn’t at all taken back, and agreed on many of my points. With the AfD making a come back since that conversation, would this gentleman vote AfD as a way of expressing a protest to Merkel’s immigration bumbling. What will be his views after the next crisis festers?



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