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Tear Sticks Used to Induce Fake Tears in Las Vegas Shooting Hoax


6 October 2017

NODISINFO — Make no mistake the tears of all the players who have been seen either ‘teary-eyed’ or actually dropping watery tears down their faces have been fabricated. This is true of virtually all those who were seen to shed tears. Treacherous crisis mole agents provided these false witnesses with tear-sticks to artificially induce the water, all to fool the compromised, gullible public.

There is no reason to cry. No one died, and no one was injured. It’s all fake, fully proven, here.

Actually, a number of people were found to be laughing and smirking, including hospitalized people (though they are not officially hospitalized; instead, the facility is being used as a staging center for the drill).

It was as if they were gloating in it all. Now, then, the world is to believe that at the same time others were crying in grief or fear? […]

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