Sweden Rocked by 16 Bombings in 28 days

Goran Mansson, head of Malmo's bomb squad, displays unexploded grenades found in the city (Aug. 5, 2015). PHOTO: Elias von HIldebrand/Reuters

During the last four weeks, Sweden experienced a series of 16 bombings, beginning on Oct. 10 with a blast at a police station that may have involved five to 10 kilos of explosives. Police blame the attack on undefined criminal networks. There were no injuries.

In the days that followed, there were several car bombings using grenades.

Oct. 13 dynamite was detonated at the entrance of a Muslim-occupied apartment building in Malmö. On Oct. 15, a driving school building in Malmö was bombed.

Nov. 2, at a nightclub restaurant in Malmö, the front entrance was destroyed by dynamite. On Nov. 4 a post box was damaged by blast.

In one case in which a bar was firebombed, the perp was caught. What was suspicious about it was that he just so happened to carry “religious texts in a knapsack”. This (and passports) has become a common narrative in false flags.

Yesterday, a package exploded in Stockholm when someone collected it.

A similar wave of attacks occurred in 2015 involving Muslim targets and grenades. As Reuters reported:

Most grenades have been smuggled from the Balkans to Malmo, a gateway to the rest of Scandinavia for drugs and arms. The leader of one main gang is said to be a Serbian who came to Sweden as a refugee in the 1990s. Palmkvist says grenades can be bought in the black market for a little as 70 dollars each.

Theories on Who is Doing It

Swedish journalist and activist Peter Imanuelsen (aka “PeterSweden”) thinks most of the attacks have to do with migrant criminal gangs. Many of the incidents are occurring in Muslim communities, like Malmö, and involve Muslim targets. This could indicate a turf war.

But other attacks appear much more random throughout Sweden. There is also a peculiar dearth of information about the targets that is suspicious. The police are suggesting all these bombings are in isolation, which makes little sense. Logically, after 16 bombings over a month, a police force operating in good faith would have leads and even arrests. The fact that they don’t is suspect in itself.

The behavior of the lugenpresse is also suspect. First, there was poor news coverage even within Sweden, which is hardly a surprise. A real media would have investigative journalists on this; but this, too, seems lacking. Coverage that does exist, such as the following TIME magazine article, uses politicized gaslighting against the code-words “Alt-Right” and “conspiracy theory” instead of real investigative reporting.

Such dishonest gaming leads The New Nationalist (TNN) to speculate that this might be a Gladio strategy-of-tension project being carried out by elements of the Deep State (aka Crime Syndicate). It looks like careful professionally done “soft terror” so as not to inflict actual casualties but rather just a sense of divide-and-conquer unease.

Another theory making the rounds is that the anti-migrant forces in Sweden are running a false flag to implicate Muslims. Indeed, on Nov. 3 three “neo-Nazis” were arrested with 10 kg of explosives. And just like the nightclub perp with Muslim “religious texts,” they just so happened to have the standard bread crumb Nazi memorabilia laying around. Hmm. If it was neo-Nazis, one would also think Swedish security and media would be all over the theme, so TNN suspects not.

Without a deeper understanding of the bombing targets (which have been kept hidden) or the latest political mechanizations in Sweden, it’s difficult to draw a firm conclusion about the wave of bombings.

The widespread nature and lack of injuries seems highly suspicious, and the opportunities such terror activities create are broad — especially for security firms. Israeli security firms in particular are “Johnny on the Spot” whenever and wherever in the world migrant or terror-related services are needed. So this bombing wave could be something as banal as dubious firms trying to land  government contracts. See Trump Continues Roll Out of Israeli Security Model in US. Israeli state media Arutz Sheva 7 in July hinted:

Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, spoke on national television and pleaded for assistance: “Help us, help us!,” he said, while warning that Swedish police forces no longer can uphold the law and therefore must ask all “good powers” in the country to support them, reports Nicolai Sennels of Jihad Watch. …

Swedish law enforcement is crying out for help as their society is torn to pieces by Muslim immigrants, refugees, and invaders, and commentators are noting that it is only a question of time before the country needs military intervention from abroad in order to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.

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