Crime Syndicate Ramps Up ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Gaslighting Campaign

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Handling of the Las Vegas mass shooting was so badly botched that the Crime Syndicate is resorting to a series of gaslighting news articles to try to put the genie back in the bottle. Gaslighting essentially means calling someone crazy for being a “conspiracy theorist” (CT). This method is fairly effective when used against folks who are newly or partially awake and who aren’t as strong with their personal interpretative frameworks.

For the record, The New Nationalist (TNN) defines a CT as someone who questions the statements and narratives of known liars. A conspiracy researcher goes beyond the distrust and digs deeper.

One recent laughable gaslighting article “scientifically studies a group of CTs who are then labelled guilty of magical thinking.” This gaslighting implies they see things or patterns that aren’t really there. This, in many cases, is twisted inversion, as a well versed CT would say the same thing about a “normie.” In truth, “magical thinking” is epidemic in the general population.

The following meme illustrates our point about actual magical thinking. Well-versed CTs of course know that a turbofan engine was found near 9/11 ground zero — however, it was from the wrong aircraft.

Like all groups of people, the conspiracy theorist community runs the gamut in terms of quality. I call it “the good, the bad and the ugly.” It is not perfection, and the task for the informed CT is to determine who’s who and what’s what.

Some self-proclaimed CTs are agent provocateurs who deliberately muddy the waters or misdirect. We are seeing a lot of these types involved in the off-the-charts confusion surrounding the Las Vegas event. Even mainstream influencers came to the realization that the Las Vegas narrative is severely dishonest. However, most of these people are underdeveloped in their truth-seeking skills. Most are unable to come to grips with the full implications of staged deception with faked deaths and wounded. That is also true even for well-versed CTs.

Langauge and Running Our Own New Nationalist Narrative

I came across an article that dwells on the language of the Alt-Right. We at TNN don’t consider ourselves Alt-Right and, in fact, consider much of it is misdirected and dominated by Trumptards or worse. TNN writers also have true old-school Progressive tendencies, particularly with anti-corruption, anti-war and nationalism topics. Democrats and modern-day leftists are not even remotely progressives.

The Alt-Right has been influenced by elements that are not just anti-feminist but anti-female. This is referred to as MGTOW, or “Men Going Their Own Way”. It is a misdirection run by our enemies. Although we sympathize with some of the women relationship challenges for young males in our zombified society, this is not the answer. The answer is to go masculine and project manhood. It doesn’t have to be too serious — that’s why TNN is a fan of Dude Perfect.

We certainly don’t consider ourselves white supremacists either, mostly because the white race has a tremendous amount of work and toiling ahead to reach ubermensch status. We do believe that all peoples are suffering from the onslaught of untermensch riff-raff in the classic Nietzschean sense. Introspection and far less tolerance is required to deal with this and that is what defines our view. See [Putting in the Word Hate into the Proper Context]

Untermensch are a leveling agent in all peoples

It is absolutely true that we see the white race as under mortal attack. If the definition of “white nationalist” is that we aspire to uplift, and preserve the race and higher elements of the culture; then, yes, that’s TNN. However, we detest that other elements and the usual suspects run the narrative on this topic.

We feel the same way for all of humanity. The Muslim world is under mortal attack as well, including from the Alt-Right. Does that make us Muslim nationalists?

That said, we did find an article that covers some language that we like and use, as well as some new terms:

TPTB (The Powers That Be)– This term is a bit misleading but can be used tactically when communicating with “normies.” We favor “deep state” or “Crime Syndicate” over NWO, etc.  Origin: r/Conspiracy. Meaning: Acronym for “the powers that be.” Etymology: This term is used primarily to refer to powerful people who “pull the strings” behind the scenes, such as the Illuminati, New World Order or the “Deep State.”

Transtrender – We use pervert justice warrior (PJW); but, other than Renegade Tribune/Radio on occasion, the term has not taken hold. Transtrender works for a specfic PJW element. Origin: r/Conspiracy. Meaning: People who identify as transgender because it is trendy.

Goolag – Origin: Cult of the Dead Cow’s Goolag tool. Meaning: A portmanteau of “Google” and “gulag,” the latter being a kind of USSR-era prison that the enemies of communism were thrown into. It implies that the tech giant is a Stalinist dystopia that doesn’t tolerate thinking outside its left-wing ideological echo chamber.

Wrongthink – Origin: r/SRSSucks. Meaning: An idea or claim that is most likely true but silenced by TPTB on the “intolerant left.” Some examples include the idea that there are no intrinsic differences between men and women (particularly with respect to aptitude for certain jobs), the idea that there are “only two genders” or the idea that migrants commit more crimes.

The emasculating term cuck” (cuckold) is possibly the most prominent pan-Alt-Right coinage. This is self-explanatory, and it means a traitor or sell out to one’s own people or folk. It is a proper and accurate term to use.

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  1. Instead of TPTB I would respectfully suggest: rather than use DS = Deep State, but SBE = Shallow British Empire.” to more ironically pin the tail on the donkey. This1984-modeled Ministry of Truth intelligence operation is largely a psy-war house of cards which is loosing its terror-submission grip over honest people, as they begin to take ownership of their own thought processes as it becomes increasingly exposed to daylight and discredited.

    • “In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind.”~ (David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, Look magazine, 1962).
      “federated union of all continents” — A clear description of globalist union, global order!
      “this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind.” — pretty clear that this is where the “federated union of all continents” will be governed from, the seat of the Antichrist.
      “Jerusalem” — So we know the city where this “Supreme Court of Mankind,” i.e. the central government overseeing the “federated union of all continents” will be based.

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