Follow the Money: Who’s Really Behind the Nov. 4 Refuse Fascism Protest

Billionaire megalomaniac George Soros and a globalist operative group are behind the “Nov. 4 It Begins” protest calling for the ousting of President Donald Trump from the White House along with his entire cabinet, reports reveal. announced its planned protest against Trump on Sept. 26 when members of the group blocked rush-hour traffic for on Highway 101 in Los Angeles by holding up signs that spelled out “Nov 4 It Begins.” After nearly 20 minutes, they were arrested by police.

PHOTO: Refuse Fascism LA/Facebook

During the last week, the U.S. government issued internal warnings to federal employees about staged protests by left-wing groups that could last for an indefinite period of time. The Department of Defense advisory stated the group holding the protest is not affiliated with the Anti-Fa, but violence could break out during demonstrations. Uniformed service members are advised avoid the following 14 major cities: Atlanta, Ga.; Austin, Texas; Boston and Pittsfield, Mass.; Chicago, Ill.; Cleveland, Ohio; Honolulu, Hawaii; Los Angeles and San Francisco, Calif.; New York City, NY; Omaha, Neb.; Philadelphia, Pen.; Portland, Ore.; and Seattle, Wash.

IMAGE: Jali_Cat‏ @Jali_Cat/Twitter

Media reporting on the event runs the gamut. Right-wing press claim it’s an Anti-Fa civil war, while left-wing media call such claims a hoax and sympathetically report it will be a peaceful demonstration. The most disgusting and misleading article of all came from Newsweek, which calls Anti-Fa “a fixture in America’s popular imagination” and “has no formal organizational structure.”

Irregardless of whether or not Refuse Fascism is directly affiliated with Anti-Fa, it appears Anti-Fa will be joining in the protest and will be up to their old antics.

Refuse Fascism calls the Trump administration a “a vicious cabal” and the president a madman with “his finger on the nuclear trigger.” It compares Trump to Hitler and the U.S. to Nazi Germany. The full manifesto can be read here. Yet, Refuse Fascism insists its protests will be non-violent, but it does not disavow those (such as Anti-Fa) who fight fascism through violent means. Organizers say the Nov. 4 demonstration will be modeled after the Pussy Hat Womens March in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day. Only this time, it claims the demonstration won’t end until Trump administration is brought down.

This doesn’t look like Pussy Hat to me …

Though there are many valid, reasoned arguments one could make for the removal of members of the Team Trump, if not Trump himself, not one could be found on In sum, its primary complaint on the pages of its website smacks of Dem-driven agitprop surrounding faux claims about racism, migration, climate change, abortion and — a new one — “Christian fascism.”

Last February, Refuse Fascism took credit for shutting down Milo’s Berkeley event. As you may recall, protesters rioted. Fifteen buildings were vandalized and set on fire. One Trump supporter was attacked with shovels by a group of men clad in black, and he was shown on social media laying unconscious in the middle of the street. A female Trump supporter was blasted with pepper spray during a televised interview.

But really, the most interesting thing on the website is its “Donate” page. In the first paragraph, we see that addition to donating via Paypal, we can also send checks to at 305 West Broadway #185, New York, NY 10013. A quick Internet search reveals this is the same address as The World Can’t Wait!, another political action group with a similar anit-war, pro-migration, pro-abortion agenda.

The second paragraph of the donation page states:

To support our educational activities and make a tax-deductible donation by mail, make your check out to Alliance for Global Justice” (our fiscal sponsor; you can use the abbreviation AFGJ), designate Refuse Fascism in the memo and mail to the address above. is a fiscally sponsored project of the Alliance for Global Justice, a registered 501(c)3.

Similarly, The World Can’t Wait! donation page refers us to Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ), and it states, “World Can’t Wait is a project of our fiscal sponsor, the Alliance for Global Justice, a registered 501(c)3.

So what or who is the Alliance for Global Justice? Well, this is where it gets interesting. It — along the with Nicaragua Network — is a group of pro-communists, Marxists and socialists that provide the the funding arm for a litany of international political action groups operating under familiar and unfamiliar names, such as the following:

The based Alliance for Global Justice headquarters rents out a single room in South Tucson. PHOTO: Joe Ferguson/Arizona Daily Star

African Awareness Association (Richmond, VA)
Alianza Indígena Sin Fronteras/Indigenous Alliance Without Borders
American Jews for a Just Peace Boston (Boston, MA)
Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW)
Asamblea de Base
Bil’in Center for Joint Struggle
Black Movement Law Project
Black Trans Media
CAMEF (Cameroon)
Change-Links Newspaper (Los Angeles)
Chico Mendes Reforestation Project
Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
Conversion to Reclaim Earth in the Americas (CREA)
Denver Justice Project
DC African American Legacy Foundation
Dialect of the Diaspora (Tucson)
Eritye Papa Desalin
Friends of Asociación de Trabajadores Campesinos
Friends of the Congo
Gays Against Guns DC
Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees
Hands Up United
Homeless Advocacy Coalition (Pennsylvania)
IndyOWS (Indiana Occupy Wall Street)
Jericho Movement
Juthour Arboretum (Ramallah)
Lazos de Dignidad
LGBT Freedom and Asylum Network
LGBT Voice
Maypop Collective for Climate and Economic Justice
Mossadegh Project
Movement for Black Lives Fund
National Immigrant Solidarity Network
National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA)
Nija’nu Apoyando a Nuestros Abuelos A.C.
Occupy Tucson
Occupy Wall Street Screenprinters
Partnership for a New Haiti
Pan-African Roots
People’s Media Center (Washington, DC)
Popular Resistance
Social Justice Action Center
¡S! l Solidarity Ignite
U.N.I.D.O.S. (United Nondiscriminatory Individuals Demanding Our Studies) (Tucson)

Indeed, AFGJ is a self-proclaimed “think tank” and 501(c)(3) pass-through organization for 85 groups, many of them foreign. In 2016, they corralled more than $2.2 million in donations — and George Soros is one of the organization’s primary benefactors. As reports:

AfGJ has received funding from a number of left-wing philanthropies, including [Soros’] Tides FoundationGeorge Soros‘ Open Society Foundations, the Arca Foundation, the Firedoll Foundation, the Brightwater Fund, the New World Foundation, the Foundation for Deep Ecology, the Hill Snowdon Foundation, the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund, the Aetna Foundation, the Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund, and the Schwab Charitable Fund.

The leadership of AFGJ:

Chuck Kaufman, a veteran Nicaragua Network operative who helped establish the ANSWER Coalition and condemns “the culture of U.S. militarism,” has been one of of AfGJ’s two national co-coordinators since 2003. He also has been active for many years in anti-war protests and Latin American “Solidarity” networks.

Kaufman’s fellow national co-coordinator at AfGJ from 2003-17 was Katherine Hoyt, a longtime activist with the Sandinista National Liberation Front, a Nicaraguan revolutionary Marxist group. When the Sandinistas mobilized against the Somoza government in 1979, Hoyt and her husband permitted the Sandinista guerrillas to stockpile Molotov cocktails in the couple’s home in Nicaragua. “After the coup” in that country, says the Capital Research Center, “Hoyt went to work for the Sandinista government, ultimately working as a translator for the national legislature.” …

By no means are Hoyt and Kaufman the only leftist radicals to hold key positions with the Alliance for Global Justice. Consider, for example, AfGJ employee James Jordan. After he visited Communist Cuba twice in 2015, Jordan sought to dispel what he characterized as the persistent “myths” that “have been the driving force shaping U.S. policy towards Cuba” – namely, the notion that Cuba does not permit its people to have any freedom of religion or freedom of speech. “I can say categorically in both of my visits that I saw absolutely no evidence of any kind of suppression of the right to worship, or not to worship, as one pleased,” said Jordan. With regard to freedom of speech, Jordan stated: “I did hear dissent openly expressed [in Cuba]. More often I heard nuanced criticisms of the government made by persons who were nonetheless supportive, but they recognized some problems and had ideas on how to make things better.” …

Stansfield Smith, a committed Marxist who frequently contributes material to AfGJ’s website, visited yet another Communist country – North Korea – in 2013. Following that trip, Smith claimed that the blame for international tensions regarding North Korea’s nuclear weapons program could ultimately be traced to the hostility and duplicity of the United States, South Korea, and Japan. …

Limousine leftist and Democratic Party fundraiser Tom Steyer, a hedge-fund billionaire known in some circles as the George Soros of California, is spending $10 million to run on every network for weeks a minute-long fear-mongering commercial imploring viewers to impeach Trump and reverse the decision of 62 million voters just one year ago. Soros and Steyer work in tandem on open borders and gun control.  Is this democracy?

22 Comments on Follow the Money: Who’s Really Behind the Nov. 4 Refuse Fascism Protest

  1. Great post and warning Torchy, thanks. I’m going to start calling all these groups communists because that’s what they are. Keep up the ammunition.

  2. These same people hold the New Deal and NRA in highest regard yet hate Fascism? Truly bodies without brains. Maybe it is just an engineering dispute among men with guns saying what you can and cannot buy. What Fascism has come down since Trump took office? More precisely, what fascist laws have NOT been repealed from the previous presidents and congress?

  3. Another thing about Soros, he ironically but purposely named his organization the Open Society Foundation as a ‘purported’ homage to Karl Poppers “The Open Society and It’s Enemies”. I don’t think Popper would approve of such an endorsement today if he were still alive.

    • The wikipedia article on ‘open society’ has also been plagued by a Soros edit. The section about Soros doesn’t even flow with the rest of the article, huge non-sequitur.

    • “…

      POPPER showed that fascism and communism had much in common, even though
      one constituted the extreme right and the other the extreme left,
      because both relied on the power of the state to repress the freedom of
      the individual. I want to extend his argument. I contend that an open
      society may also be threatened from the opposite direction — from
      excessive individualism. Too much competition and too little cooperation
      can cause intolerable inequities and instability….”

    • Non-sequitur… Basically whining that the Tribe is losing control, somehow.

      “Friedrich Hayek, one of the apostles of laissez-faire, was also a
      passionate proponent of the open society. Nevertheless, because
      communism and even socialism have been thoroughly discredited, I
      consider the threat from the laissez-faire side more potent today than
      the threat from totalitarian ideologies. We are enjoying a truly global
      market economy in which goods, services, capital, and even people move
      around quite freely, but we fail to recognize the need to sustain the
      values and institutions of an open society.”

    • His Tribe is leaking in this paragraph. “People are getting rich, just not our people, therefore we need Bolshevism, which is in no way communism or marxism, I tell you!”

      “The main scientific underpinning of the laissez-faire ideology is the
      theory that free and competitive markets bring supply and demand into
      equilibrium and thereby ensure the best allocation of resources. This is
      widely accepted as an eternal verity, and in a sense it is one.
      Economic theory is an axiomatic system: as long as the basic assumptions
      hold, the conclusions follow. But when we examine the assumptions
      closely, we find that they do not apply to the real world”

      The rest of this paragraph in the article is followed by straw man arguments.

    • I got bored reading the rest of this. He is basically re-branding Bolshevism as “New and Improved Bolshevism-Free Bolshevism!”

    • Not to uh, defend fascists, but they generally do not just start slaughtering people right out of the gates. It’s not like Hitler ran for office on the platform of “vote for me, I’ll put Jews in concentration camps and organize the bourgeoisie into an all encompassing force to brutally suppress and kill off labor movements!” If Trump actually was a fascist, he would be demonizing media that criticizes him and portraying his opposition as violent or detrimental to society in order to justify violence against them later.

      • Washington, DC is full of politicians who portray their opposition as detrimental to society. This is nothing new. In terms of the media, the liberal US press have gone after Trump in a way I have never seen before. There has been a hateful, snarky cruelty in the tone. In fact, former US President Jimmy Carter (D) recently said, “I think the media have been harder on Trump than any other president certainly that I’ve known about. I think they feel free to claim that Trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation.” And Trump is not the type of personality to quietly take blows. So just because he criticizes his opposition or the media doesn’t mean he’s scheming to commit violence against them later. … but time will tell, eh?

  4. Regarding the much-hyped DoD “Blackout Drill,” a credible source told me that there will be no blackout on Nov. 4. This is only a procedural exercise, not an full operational drill. Generally, it’s meant to ensure staff knows when and how to activate non-sat/Internet bands of comms, such as VHF, UHF and Ham.

  5. “CANADA TO BE A MAJORITY MUSLIM COUNTRY BY 2050!” ..see “American Thinker 21 march 2016”.
    . …then what…?…………….the FINAL collapse of Canada (& USA)?

  6. This is all Corporatist Tribe misdirection. If Gieorgio Schwartz is still not arrested then this is obviously sanctioned by the Feral Gobmunt. A Corporatist Fascist final take down.

  7. Innnteresting: NYC marathon this weekend will coincide with protest. Heavy police presence, barriers and snipers will be rolled out in light of other day’s “ISIS” attack. Is it too late to start a GoFundMe campaign for any runner willing to wear a MAGA hat with GoPro cam attached? 😉

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