US Jewish Leaders United in Condemnation of Trump’s Anti-immigration Push

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Leaders from movements as diverse as the Reform movement and various ultra-Orthodox groups are articulating similar sentiments

By Debra Nussbaum Cohen | 5 August 2017

HAARETZ — Leaders of American Jewish groups are uniting across ideological lines over one thing: condemnation of U.S. President Donald Trump’s most recent anti-immigration push. Even the leaders of Reform movement and ultra-Orthodox groups are articulating similar sentiments.

“The proposal is of great concern to us. Ours is a global community, and anyone who has friends, relatives or professional colleagues overseas who are not U.S. citizens will feel the impact of this planned measure,” said Rabbi Avi Shafran, a spokesman for Agudath Israel of America, told Haaretz.

“It would not even allow American citizens to sponsor their aged or infirm parents to immigrate to the United States. And it is unclear whether it will provide any way to sponsor religious workers, who are very important to our community,” Shafran said. “We hope that, should it ever be adopted, the proposal will be amended to ensure that innocent families and institutions are not adversely affected.” […]

2 Comments on US Jewish Leaders United in Condemnation of Trump’s Anti-immigration Push

  1. Jewish leaders condemn anti-immigration push, whether by Trump or anyone else. Of course!! How can we subvert the white goyim if we can’t flood their countries with non-whites?

  2. A tweet from Schumer:
    [President Biden should declare a national emergency on the climate crisis.

    Donald Trump declared a fake emergency for his ineffective, wasteful wall. That was no emergency.

    The climate crisis is an emergency.]

    So ‘the climate crisis is an emergency’ (even a ‘national emergency’), but the demographic destruction of America, partly due to illegal immigration (and now bogus asylum seekers) via the southern border, is no big deal.

    Perhaps the thing I most resent about Trump (other than his grotesque pandering to Jews) is his failure to pressure Mexico into signing a ‘safe third country’ agreement (as exists with Canada) — with such an agreement, asylum seekers could no longer travel thru Mexico to apply for asylum in the US — they would have to apply in Mexico.

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