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Bird-Dogging Cutout Operations at Charlottesville Ambush

PHOTO: via Renegade Tribune

Jason Kessler was the organizer of the Charlottesville ambush. Mr. Kessler is a late comer to “Alt-Right” activism. Indeed, a thinking person looking at his resume might give real pause before attending a rally that he organized. For example, how does an individual who was an assignment editor for faux news CNN suddenly emerge as the leader of the Charlottesville (C-ville) fiasco?

In addition, Kessler was a big President Obama supporter throughout his term. He received $1,320 as a consultant for assisting a Democrat running for Senate in 2012. He started his blog, called “Jason Kessler, American Author,” in late 2015 and spent the majority of the following year dispensing mindset and lifestyle advice and promoting two books authored during a period of “worldwide travel.”

In November 2016, Kessler suddenly emerged in the spotlight during a publicized WWE bruhaha with Charlottesville’s sleazy, anti-white vice mayor and cutout Wes Bellamy. Kessler unearthed Bellamy’s sexist and bigoted anti-white tweets. It’s hard to imagine how this unlikely cutout actor Bellamy could have managed to get elected, let alone have a voice on the national stage. And to highlight one’s political career with a highly divisive effort to remove Robert E. Lee’s statue in C-ville seems highly contrived on its face.

After Kessler had his sudden red-pill epiphany in November 2016, he established his group, “Unity & Security For America,” in January 2017. Kessler organized this rally around free speech and to counter the Lee monument removal. The hash tag used was #UniteTheRight. Like mushrooms in a forest, somehow money and publicity materialized.

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history. — George Orwell

Another day, another statue at the hands of hysterics: Durham, North Carolina. The monument, about 15 feet in height, depicts an armed and uniformed soldier.

“In memory of the boys who wore the gray,” reads the inscription on its granite base, which also bears the Confederate seal.

Yours truly, as a descendant of Confederate soldiers and quite sensitive about historical replacement, decided to roll the dice in support. I sometimes have a weakness for the glass half full.

After recruiting as many mainstream conservatives, monument preservationists and Trump supporters as possible, Kessler went on to invite so-called neo-Nazi and KKK cutouts and controlled-opposition groups to smear everyone attending.

This psyops is the modus operandi of Scott Foval and Bob Creamer, Democratic operatives who organized “bird-dogging” at Trump rallies last year to smear regular Trump supporters as racist and violent. Now that C-ville crashed and burned, Kessler is fundraising for a supposed legal defense and lawsuits against C-ville.

Among the jaw-dropping, in-your-face attendees was a contingent from The Right Stuff and Daily Stormer, the latter of which is a website that now appears shut down. They showed up just long enough to present the worst possible optics and face to the movement with a contrived and toxic theme of white sharia. White sharia is another cutout meme that holds that white women need to be put back in their place with a program resembling extreme Muslim sharia law.

With this two-fer, the cutouts can both smear Islam and look juvenile and mentally ill to “normal people.” Then, as if by script, a member of this sharia-chant nutwing element — one James Fields — is soon involved in surreal, terroristic vehicular homicide. TNN covered that psyops in depth yesterday.

After the vehicular attack, Daily Stormer engaged in stupid, highly distasteful grave dancing on the alleged dead woman in the C-ville vehicle incident.

One individual who has great awareness of all this cutout fakery and bird dogging is Renegade Tribune and Broadcasting’s Kyle Hunt. He has great instincts about the characters involved and about controlled opposition. Indeed, he has pointed out that some are Jewish operatives and moles. Others are easily manipulated.  He demonstrates that “somehow” these actors often get regular exposure and voice. Most of them are intellectual lightweights. People like Richard Spencer, for example, has always struck me as an empty suit at best and a cutout Judas Goat at worst.

For calling out Judas Goats, cutouts and Trump the Red Queen, Kyle and his partner, Sinead McCarthy, have been labeled divisive and not team players. They have also been isolated and ignored by the faux Alt-Right and Trumptard movement. And so have I.

Even though I am a big Renegade fan and also contributor, I too at times have thought it unfortunate that Kyle and Sinead devote so much energy to calling these actors and Judas Goats out. But now — and especially after the Charlottesville hijacking and ambush — I am fully eyes wide open about what has transpired.

C-ville and the vehicle staged deception have allowed the lugenpresse and their cognoscenti to unload and smear anybody and everybody who opposes the sleazy white replacement tactics of cutouts like Wes Bellamy and his fellow Anti-Fa travelers. They can now engage in one-sided framing of what transpired at C-ville.

For those who care, the time has come to scrutinize who you listen to within what’s left of the movement. Be very skeptical of those who are given a platform and a spotlight. We are on the defensive, but this is an opportunity to purge, clean house and reinvent.

To Daily Stormer: good riddance, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Maybe some of this younger cohort will grow up and mature enough to get back in the game, perhaps wiser for the experience. We all need to constantly observe and learn.

Kyle wrote a must-read article that espouses more tight-knit flash demonstrations and localized activism, as opposed to getting sucked in by the Jason Kesslers of the world. I propose targeted economic boycotts. Be aware of who you support economically. The state of Virginia is now off limits for me, as is Airbnb. Hunt’s article goes on to detail the bad actors and some further insights. I will let Kyle speak for himself in his piece, as he knows the ins and outs far better than I.


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  1. Anglin’s Daily Stormer BBS forum with the articles plus comments is still up, only the main site is offline … Here’s another version of the vid Russ put in comments re the car crash by ‘James Fields’, talented stunt-driver-in-reverse-gear, the very bizarre live media interview with ‘Samantha Bloom, mother of James Fields’ … In this one camera is back a bit showing Bloom in her wheelchair, when mom supposedly first learns from this media reporter, live on camera, that her son just drove a car into a crowd and killed someone … She has little emotion, & within seconds ‘Samantha Bloom’ is laughing & shifting the topic … it seems as if a bad actress has been hired … the ‘reporter’ sounds fake as well … video 1min10sec

  2. “One individual who has great awareness of all this cutout fakery and bird dogging is Renegade Tribune and Broadcasting’s Kyle Hunt.” – AMEN
    Many thanks to Kyle and Sinead for getting the truth out about these absolute fakes who led this whole fiasco. Following a “Judas goat” will lead you nowhere except the slaughter house.

  3. I don’t believe any organized white nationalist movement has been legit since the days of Rockwell. I think the White Man March was legit, however.

    • Too much coincidence that a Helicopter “goes down” during this event. The number of news/police copters that go down in the country is extremely rare. Smoking gun there in my opinion.

      • Yes definitely. Did the helicopter police see too much? I need to ask if anyone even saw two helicopters. That drone footage was pretty damning.

      • No helecopter went down. They did produce a video of fire and smoke in some wooded area but the camera would have needed to be where it was in an instant because a fire like that would very soon die down. There was no sign of any helecopter parts including the rotors which wouldn’t have fitted into the tiny area of the fire.

        • That seems to be brushed over quite quickly in the controlled media with more focus on the ‘victim’ of the car assault. No one following up, no NTSB bulletin that I’ve seen. Usually helicopter crashes make huge news on the local stations, but again the same media modus operandi is applied for these events. In naturally occuring accidents/disasters, details are short and few and far between and the media sits around and stutters and postulates. Now, 2 people died in helicopter crash? Oh well, moving on to show more racists on camera!

                • Important point- the CS can also mix in CGI images as well. They were lazy on this one. Or deliberate, as the CS loves to shove it in our faces to see who is awake.

                • Where’s the metal debris? Where’s the destroyed trees? Maybe a R/C copter crashed there into a wooded trash pile and burst into flames (lol) but no way in heck a full chopper went down. ABC is already trying to cover those tracks with misdirection headlines yesterday.

              • If it was a trash fire it must have been a plastic trash fire because normal trash fires don’t black smoke like that.
                Surely there must be at least one of our crew who lives in or near to Charllottesville who can locate the site and then photograph the aftermath (is there is one that is?). If they manage to locate the site it will be no doubt be taped off, so who ever finds (what does not likely exist) will need access to a drone to prove it.

          • Forget about “the racism” we need to concentrate on “the evidence”.
            Any fool can see that there was no Helicopter on fire, so where is it? (We need evidence of the burnt out wreckage.)
            If it has really been removed from the fleet then it surely has a new owner…and receiving stolen goods is a criminal offence!
            And if it is still in the fleet then the culprits responsible for lying and claiming any insurance monies are automatically: “Nailed”!
            It won’t be so easy to hide the true identity of a Helicopter as it is with a Dodge Challenger, either with or without a sunroof!

    • It’s back up on vimeo … it does all look staged & fake from that drone view, the nearby streets empty except for the ‘movie set’ group where the accident happened … 4min00sec video here:

  4. Speaking of cutouts and optics, I watched the event live streamed on a variety of feeds and not one showed any indication of the presence of KKK. I learned of it only from photos in the mainstream media. Did anyone actually witness them there?

  5. Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer & BBS Forum are both clearly down now ‘web address not found’. One thing the Worthington, Ohio, USA based 33-year-old Anglin said about himself is that, “My grandpa’s second cousins are two of only three men to have ever escaped from Alcatraz [prison] and not drown, in June 1962”. Here’s a truly odd selfie photo Anglin posted on Daily Stormer, said to be in his bedroom, showing his obsession with dozens of little child-like pink-haired ‘loli’ dolls, animé posters etc … Quite an image for a leading ‘neo-Nazi’

    • I just typed the word ‘the’ into the Google search box. That’s it, that’s all I typed, just that one 3-letter word.
      Guess what Google suggested for me – ‘The Daily Stormer’. I have been to their site exactly once, months ago, so Jewgle is pushing this site very hard indeed.

      • Google also consumes cookies from other sites into their algorithm to give you search returns you didn’t know you needed.

      • So does all his video-logged “Asian sex tourist escapades”
        He’s also a heavy pothead. You can find on GIS using his name an image he took (shirtless, lol) from back when Colorado passed the legal marijuana bill.
        One of the Goldwater cohosts mentioned meeting him once, and thinking he would make a better asian girl than the ones he was chasing.

        …Comparing him with the image immediately above him in that photo… I can see where she was going with that. Just toss the wig on there!

        • This is all part of the Anglin bad boy/wild man persona and legend. His young fans and followers eat it up. I think it is slickly crafted that way. I also think it is an intelligence operation.

    • It’s even funnier/more telling if you know where she’s from, he’s obsessed over a little girl in a psych-horror show about girls being led by a ((subversive otherworldly being)) into killing the shit out of each other!

      All sorts of standard “french auteur cannes cinema” clichés like mutual suicides and questioning which reality is the ‘REAL’ reality, before where everything is happy or the post-revelation post-murder-spree “after.” One of the creators made a similar live-action adaptation of his own work called “Suicide Club.” Also, he’s a literal beatnik.

      Basically guy that goes immensely out of his way with outlandish fantastical symbolism to say ridiculously simple things. In this case “guys, modern schooling sucks, amiright?” Her panties aren’t the only ones Anglin is sniffing here.

      I’m sure everyone’s had at least one of those kinds of friends that falls for Hollywood’s “deep psychological journey” kind of film. He fell for the Japanese equivalent.
      Beware that man’s work, and anything Hideaki Anno or Hajime Isayama as well.
      They’re complete wastes of your time.
      Also original works from Studio Bones, the ‘famous’ stuff they do to fuel their ‘inner artîstê’
      which is really weird because they tend to IMPROVE source material in adaptations, but their own creations are the same sort of nonsense. Some people are just better innovators than inventors, I guess.

  6. Interestingly, as well as investigating the alt-right over Charlottesville, the Trump – Jeff Sessions US Dept of Justice, has just expanded its legal attack on the AntiFa violent-tinged ‘leftists’, demanding literally over a million IP addresses, in connection with the 230-plus persons previously arrested, including the 2 arrested caught on tape plotting a butyric acid attack in discussions at the infamous Comet Ping Pong Pizza

  7. Trump’s statement today about Charlottesville was excellent in that he called out violent leftists, pointed out that many of those on the right were good people just there to protest the removal of Lee’s statue and criticized the news media for shaping a false narrative. Bravo.

  8. “White Nationalist” groups are mostly all infiltrated. I’m not sure there has been a legitimate WN group since George L. Rockwell.

    What is your opinion of Rockwell’s movement? Any success in your opinion? His book and listening to his speeches was part of my awakening.

    Dr. Pierce as well……….but I think the National Vanguard was compromised.

    You said, “70 + years and not one victory under your belt.You all should hang your heads in shame.”
    What should ‘we’ do? Are you a white man? What is your ‘strategy’ for survival?

    • Rockwell was legit. I think if he were around today, he would advice losing the NSDAP regalia. Worked then………..not now.

  9. Thanks everyone for so much evidence that this event was orchestrated possibly with multiple purposes. While Trump is a puppet, his response about both sides being responsible was courageous. The MSM will carry on about it for another several days and then we’ll have something else. They’re positively mermerizing. My husband sits there for hours just soaking them up, Madcow and Lawrence. And, as always, another opportunity to push the holohoax meme again. I’ve read several snippets of news claiming that Judaics are worried. What a croc.

      • Sara- that’s another benefit of these hoaxes/false flags. They keep raising the specter of anti-semitism which then supports all the claims of synagogues and other zionist groups for more “protection” and funds. This is very important for the Hasidim/ Chabbad crowd. The more they seem endangered, the more money they get. Laughing all the way to the bank I’m sure.

    • There is also now a story about the Nazis throwing gasoline on a girl in a wheelchair… Yeah. Where were the 1000 police? BS

  10. No one will be permitted access to investigate the Dodge
    Challenger car, because if the were, they would very easily be able to prove
    that it wasn’t the car that the alleged driver owned and that it had been
    modified for this particular staged event.

    However, the site of the alleged helicopter crash should be much more accessible.
    So I recommend that just a few of the whites of Charlottesville get off their
    arses and investigate the copter hoax in an attempt to prove that the
    whole event was a staged.

  11. ‘Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself, you are sure to be defeated in every battle.’

  12. On the radio today the headlines were read as, “…more peaceful protests against violence, racism, and anti-semitism….occurring today.” My carpool buddy (we don’t talk politics, he’s quasi libertarian) mentioned “why did they say anti-semitism, isn’t that under racism?”. At least he recognizes that they are throwing it in their to keep victimhood going.

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