Newspaper announces policy to stop publishing mugshots so they don’t ‘offend’, so we’re launching a policy to publish them all

By Patrick Henry | 17 January 2021

LAW ENFORCEMENT TODAY — To make it perfectly clear, Law Enforcement Today will not be changing our policy on either posting every mugshot of every criminal that we report about. Nor will we change our policy on identifying suspects in a crime by their race.

To make it perfectly clear, we do not discriminate. We will show mug shots and use physical descriptions of ANY and ALL criminals.

You may wonder why we would post this policy.

The Hartford Courant in Connecticut,  the oldest continuously published newspaper in the country, announced on its Instagram page and online that as of Friday, the paper would “begin dramatically scaling back its use of mugshots on crime stories,” including on its website and in the physical newspaper.

The paper in an “editor’s note” announced mugshots would only be used in “exceptional circumstances.” They also announced other policies that remove race from the conversation in most news stories. […]

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