Hamburg G20 Riots: Antifas Show Their True Zombie Colors

Last weekend, a large and organized band of Trotskyites completely shut down the city of Hamburg, Germany, and caused widespread damage. The incident at last caught the attention of the German government and controlled media.

In tracking anti-fascists’ (aka Antifas) tweets and commentary, it’s difficult to find anything redeeming about them. Superficially, they are anti-globalist and anti-corporatists, which is something most nationalists can support. But then they support no-borders anarchy and ethnic free-for-alls. And the dumber and more lacking in merit and skills the people brought in are, the better.

Antifas enter a core belief morass that centers around a bizarre interpretation of racism. Antifas only rally against racism — or even race pride — when it’s aimed at whites. They are total hypocrites when it comes to standing up against anti-white racism. In fact, they are active supporters of anti-white racism. Yet, many claim only whites practice racism.

But what is particularly shocking about anti-fascists — at least in Europe — is that they are white. Their rallying cry is “goodnight, white pride.” They hate themselves. They hate their race. They have been brainwashed to the point that they can no longer feel proud. But rather than simply stewing in self-loathing, they are also willing to use violence and intimidation to rob others of their pride.

Their interpretative framework and worldview seems to be Hollywood anti-white porn, such as “Django” and “Inglorious Basterds.” And they have been watching far, far too many Jewish-made propaganda movies about WWII and “Nazism.” Toss in a little Judge Judy for a worldview on white ne’er-do-wells — a formula repeated ad nauseum in “entertainment” TV — mix in misguided moral relativism and voila, out pops Antifas.

Even German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere fed the standard fake narrative, calling Antifa “despicable, violent extremists just like neo-Nazis and Islamist terrorists.” To this, we ask Mr. de Maiziere to provide even one real (not faked or Hollywood) example of “neo-Nazis” or “Islamists” involved in actions even remotely close to this Hamburg bagunca.

Antifas are All About the Inverted and Anti-Truth

Below is a tweet The New Nationalist (TNN) received from an Antifa group. The caricatures used look more like a cartoon or something from a Quentin Tarantino movie than reality. They refer here to “white power.” What is that exactly? I am certain there are pro-white people reading this post, but have any of you ever used the term “white power” in your language or see it as something you promote? Do any pro-white people reading this think this “power” concept even exists in 2017? This is made-up shadow language and a weaponized term.

And the imagery used is completely fictitious. They look like the meth heads of “Breaking Bad.” I certainly don’t look like this, nor do I know of any white people that look like this. Maybe I need to get out more. Maybe there are actual “Breaking Bad” sightings, but I haven’t come across whites like this in my entire life on this planet, and I’m not that young.

There is a tremendous amount of inversion going on. The Antifas are very much an anti-truth movement. In the photo at the top of this post, they can be seen carrying signs that reads “Welcome to Hell.” Then, they carry out this hellish fantasy in practice by starting fires and looting stores.

For these untermenschen, it’s not about merit and achievement either but more about worshiping the lowest common denominator. I’m inclined to use derisive labeling on them as well. I call them zombies. But the irony here is that this is exactly how they portray themselves in their street actions. Yes, this may be “art” [see following video]; but if it looks insane and inverted, smells insane and inverted, sounds insane and inverted, then it probably is insane and inverted — especially when considering what comes next for Hamburg.

Trotsky explicitly advocated the initiation of violence, terrorism and cultural inversion in support of the communist goals and worldview. It is self-evident that the spiritual heirs to Trotsky, the so-called Antifas of the 21st century, believe wholeheartedly in the communist advocacy of initiating political terror and physical violence against all dissenting political opinions. Beware!

7 Comments on Hamburg G20 Riots: Antifas Show Their True Zombie Colors

  1. ANTIFA Noun
    anti-fascists aka (Establishment-Provocateurs shock-troops fighting for Globalism) Antifa is group comprised of useful idiots being led by ZOG agents to counter any opposition to ZOG’s socialist & communistic agenda. Antifa mission, shout, make noise, and call people Nazi, Racist ad-hominem attacks. Note: Antifa proclaim to be anti-racist, which is widely considered a code word for anti-white. -also see- controlled opposition.

  2. Bill, you said it first. So true. Just an organized band of meth addicts and SJWs run by ZOG agents to disrupt society and polarize it. The anti-white theme is paramount. It’s amazing that people can’t see through this garbage, but we are so quick to seize the first impression as truth.

  3. This lunacy reminds me of the outbreaks of ‘dancing mania’ during the Black Death. Stress a society too far and it finally cracks.

  4. CIA-porn show Criminal Minds loves pushing the anti-white narrative as 90% of the criminals that are tracked down are mean ol white people with horrible acting and minority CIA agents come in to save the day.

  5. I’m sure the performance in the video will really get those darn elites to change their ways at the G20

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