Meet Naima Lowe, the Racist ‘Professor’ Who Helped Radicalize Evergreen Students


By Ethan Ralph | 1 June 2017

THE RALPH RETORT — Evergreen State College is a really fucking crazy place. I’m gonna [be] honest: I’d never heard of this blight on society until last week. Now, it seems like there’s a new bit of cringe coming out of there every single day. In my last post, I talked about the Bret Weinstein stuff and how a fat, white LARPer there on campus seems to be one of the main radicals pushing the idea that he’s racist. But you don’t get young nutters like that without some pernicious professors around to guide them down the path of leftist lunacy. That leads me to today’s subject, Naima Lowe.

If you’re not familiar with Ms. Lowe, don’t feel to bad. Most learned people with more than 16 brain cells to rub together have never heard of this loser. She does cut quite a striking figure, though. The lack of intellectual heft is apparent after taking just one look at this woman of letters.

How did this astounding figure come onto my radar, you might ask? Well, someone tweeted me about it! How else do I get stories?! OK, there are at least a few other method, but that route is definitely one of the tried and true ones. Anyway, enough meta talk. Here’s what the person tweeted at me… […]

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  1. Does EEOC rules and hostile work environment apply to everyone? Why would you talk to co-workers that way? How would you keep your job?

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