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Flower Power Sowed Seeds of 50 Years of Weaponized Degeneracy

Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin did a 4-hour video called “50 years of Flower Power” (below). What follows in this post are some key notes on their in-depth presentation.

Related imageTimothy Leary was a key operative of cultural Marxism, proclaiming in 1967 that a new race will evolve to replace the old. After urging Congress to make drugs like LSD illegal, he shows up in the San Francisco area preaching a Madison Avenue style message of “tune in, turn on, drop out”. The idea was to focus rebellious energies on navel gazing.

(((Allen Cohen))), another character in this battle of the cultures, said, “Hippies felt they were agents of a dawning of a new age. An age in which the warrior spirit that vaulted western man to domination would be dissolved in the spiritual transcendence of the saint.”

In December 1965, (((Bill Graham))) (aka Wulf Grajonca) came in and got control of The Fillmore theater in San Francisco after its black owner mysteriously died. Suddenly, the great black vocalists of that era made way for the introduction of psychedelic acid-rock bands.

Also arriving on the scene was the “Breaking Bad” biochemist drug cooker of the era, one (((Dr. Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin))). Somehow Shulgin managed to obtain a DEA Schedule I permit to concoct 230 psychoactive compounds (including ecstasy) that just so happened to make the rounds, spreading rapidly in the Bay Area and eventually the country. At this time, Shulgin was also appointed by (((Bob Sager))), the head of the U.S. DEA’s Western Laboratories, to advise on drug compounds, including providing samples.

The scene’s movers and shakers rarely, if ever, suffered any serious legal consequences for their rampant and very open use of — and sometimes trafficking of — illicit drugs. The question posed is why, if these people were really challenging the status quo, did the state not use its law enforcement powers to silence troublemakers?

Jim Morrison and friends

Other promoters were (((Abbie Hoffman))), who said, “Kill your parents.” (((Bob Dylan))) (aka Robert Zimmerman) preached a “reorganization of culture.” To quote Dylan, “I have to go within.”

This is essentially magical thinking designed to influence toward individual isolation and prolonged childhood. Degenerate Jim Morrison of The Doors and known as the “Lizard King” said matter of factly to the NYT that he was “interested in revolt, disorder and chaos.” The photo above shows Morrison with an Alister Crowley idol.

Atwill and Irvin [starting at 2:40:00] theorize about the roots of this struggle for ethics and morality. They point out that the OSS in WWII hired a large number of native German speaking European Jews to run intelligence operations against the Axis powers. This gave these players a big toehold after the war when a “denazification” program was instituted. These Jews were then given carte blanche to undertake whatever schemes their hearts desired.

The godfather of this re-education was (((Kurt Lewin))), who pushed a strategy of tension to break down so-called “authoritarian personality,” “anti-Semitic” or “fascistic tendencies”. Fascist characteristics would include the promotion of mental acumen, respectibility, orderliness, cleanliness, and physical prowess.

As a centerpiece of this campaign, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was launched in 1946 as an Institute for Mind Control and Human Behavior. This was funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. It became known as the focal point in Britain for psychoanalysis and the psychodynamic theories of (((Sigmund Freud))) and his followers. Eric Trist, a co-founder of the Tavistock Institute, was the protégé of Kurt Lewin.

The authoritarian personality studies came from a book penned by (((Theodor Adorno))), one of the founders of cultural Marxism from the Frankfurt School that the National Socialists booted out in 1933. I have gone through the book and, per usual, it is page after page of gibberish. One can read 15 pages before coming across a coherent thought. It essentially states that “Nazis” (aka “fascists”) tend to have fundamental good (strong family ties, paternal, masculinity) worldviews that should be eradicated.

Chapter 23 of the book gives the basic punchline claim and tenet: that “the tolerant are more happy because they can engage in self-gratification [aka do as they wilt] behavior.” Therefore, “eros” is recommended to counter the fascist personality. Eros stems from (((Sigmund Freud’s ))) crackpot theory on repressed sexuality, and that men want to have intercourse with their mothers, are obsessed with their anus, etc, etc.

(((Herbert Marcuse))) took this repression theory and wrote more gibberish in a book called Eros and Civilization. The short version is that Eros (pleasure principle – leisure and pleasure) and hedonism should flourish. Cultural Marxism, also known as Critical Theory, was essentially destructive criticism of the main elements of Western culture, including Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy, hierarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity, ethnic identity, convention and conservatism.

Incidentally, in looking at these books, they are footnoted in the extreme. Indeed, it is a who’s who of the whole Jewish cultural Marxist regime. And they love to give each other a big circle jerk of citations.

In the U.S., this philosophy was taught in spades at the shit-storm universities, such as Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, and Berkeley. It was institutionalized via foundation grants (the Macy Foundation was key). University Ph.D. paper mills were set up in the quarter century after the war to infuse cultural Marxism into society. Once properly ingrained, the drugs, sex and rock-and-roll phase was rolled out. We are now in the transhumanist phase; as, after all, there is no need to worry about fascists when everybody is a robot.

3 Comments on Flower Power Sowed Seeds of 50 Years of Weaponized Degeneracy

  1. Was only recently that I digested the ‘cultural Marxism’ info, as it is so different from the mainline Marxism focusing on how crony oligarchs rape workers & how economic position shapes mindset & opinions. But now I get it, especially how this particular thread of ‘cultural Marxism’ that is now about 100 years old, has been fully embraced by oligarchs who use it, & related identity politics, as key tools to divide & rule.

    Part of my confusion was re Max Horkheimer pictured above, whose short book ‘Critique of Instrumental Reason’ I happened to read long ago, finding it interesting. 3 themes from it I remember –
    (1) How technology, technocracy & bureaucracy are intrinsically de-humanising
    (2) How the loss of religion & spirituality in modern Western society leaves a gap that cannot be filled, what is now often called ‘the God-shaped hole’
    (3) How Horkheimer – nearly alone amongst famous Jews aside from Martin Buber – bravely condemned Israel’s hanging of Adolf Eichmann whom Mossad kidnapped from Argentina.

    Horkheimer argued eloquently that the nature of law is simply to enforce known rules within a nation’s borders, & that there is no legitimacy in puffed-up schemes of ‘international criminal law’ justifying violation of sovereignty, or punishment of ‘crimes’ by a nation that didn’t even exist when the offence was committed. Horkeimer said, if someone who lost family to Eichmann’s orders killed him on the street, that would be a simply understandable if illegal human act … but the ice-cold witch-hunt-type ‘trial’ by Israel, was exactly the kind of thing Jews had feared & condemned & suffered from over the centuries.

    Not too bad of a book as I recall. I don’t recall this kind of nonsense now associated with the Frankfurt school, but maybe I missed it.

    • Cultural Marxism has baffled me too. Marxism being the concept that the have nots must wage continuous war against the haves who will expend their energies keeping the have nots down. Culturally, however, this is trickier to understand. So purveyors of culture ( arts, TV, movies, music ) will wage war against traditional styles and values through their art in an effort to free us all from the restraints of tradition, capitalism, religion, etc. It’s clear that this war is over 50 years old now and continues apace. I’m just never sure about religion, seeing as how it is full of contradictions and we have never been told the truth about our origins. Still, our current, godless, direction has clearly led us astray as they say.

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