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Cholera Cases in Yemen May Reach 130,000 in 2 Weeks, UNICEF Warns

A child with severe diarrhea or cholera receives treatment at the Sab'een Hospital in Sana'a, Yemen,on 12 May 2017. PHOTO: UN/Alzekri/UNICEF

2 June 2017

UNITED NATIONS NEWS CENTRE — With about 70,000 cholera cases reported with nearly 600 fatalities in Yemen, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today warned that an already dire situation for children is turning into a disaster.

“Cholera doesn’t need a permit to cross a checkpoint or a border, nor does it differentiate between areas of political control,” said UNICEF Regional Director, Geert Cappelaere, following his visit to the war-torn country.

“Cholera is spreading incredibly fast in Yemen. … The number of suspected cases is expected to reach 130,000 within the next two weeks,” he warned.

He said he witnessed harrowing scenes of children who were barely alive — tiny babies weighing less than two kilos – fighting for their lives at one of the few functioning hospitals he visited. […]

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