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20 Comments on Women’s Marches From Around the World

    • Shame the reprobates, but love and cherish good feminine women and mothers. Not that hard to tell the difference. As for the former, we do believe in redemption and recovery- never too late to change for the better.

      • So you believe that man and women are equals? How about the family and gender roles?

        I come from reading DS for a while, i ask you your opinion. It doesn’t matter if we disagree.

        I see a lot of sense on the logic on DS, but many things can be easily be explained in other ways, and there is a lot of man idealization.

          • But then, you don’t believe in going back to a Patriarchal system? The White Sharia meme? I just want to know where TNN stands, is it White Nationalism, Fascism, or National Socialism? Or something else?

            • White Sharia is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of.

              All people regardless of gender need to be nutured and guided along long held priniciples. If it is in western countries it needs to be western. I don’t particularly have a label or ism for it. When I was growing up it was called defering to my elders. That could be patriarchal or matriarchal as long as adults are in charge.

              • What’s your view on supporting religion on the West? Christians or Muslims, or are you for complete secularism, for scientism?

                • Long held traditional beliefs should be supported, avoid boat rocking. In Iran that would be Islam, in Spain Catholicism, Czech Rep- secularism, etc.

                  I am not personally religious but in recent years have awoken to the existence of aggressive global Luciferism. This needs to be fought and resisted. Too many regardless of belief, are asleep and indifferent on this. It is the true threat to humanity. We devote plenty of ink to it here at least to how it manifests itself.

            • Fair question. If it’s not clear from our About TNN page, list of articles/videos/tags/comments, then maybe we should write a post clarifying TNN’s position. I can tell you with some confidence that the collective “we” that we call “TNN” does not discriminate based upon gender. Slut shaming, sure. Are white men marginalized and demonized? Absolutely. But there won’t be any advice articles published here on how to properly beat your wife. WTF is that about? More BS psyops?

        • If I may chime in: Perhaps it should be less about trying to pigeonhole people by consigning them roles based on gender bias and more about examining and correcting what we celebrate and elevate in our culture.

          • Torchy, i’m okay with that, i’m just trying to understand where does the TNN stands on what is the ideal form of the family and the state.

          • Dollars to donuts, you would never be attracted to a man whose primary ambition was to be a stay at home dad. Even when you talk of equality — for women — it’s all about the feminine imperative to have more of it than men.

            Of course, the man with such an ambition will select himself out of the gene pool, just as the woman will who puts career ahead of motherhood.

            • Careful with the “you” word. You don’t know me well enough to make such generalizations. 😉 So I will simply ask you this: What about women with no children? What about women who are more qualified for a given role than her male counterparts? Are they to be excluded from playing any role in society despite what they’re capable of contributing? Wouldn’t that be creating an entitlement for men? For me, it’s about quality of the individual, not equality for the sake of some political agenda or personal imperative. I’m not a feminist, I’m an exceptionalist — the uniqueness of the volk.

  1. Any man worthy of calling himself a man should want equal opportunities for qualified women without feeling threatened by them. The wave of female abuse rhetoric over at DS is disgusting. If that’s you’re bag, you’re not welcome here. The solution, in my humble view, is less Jew media propaganda brainwashing women to degrade themselves (such as this Perhaps a more positive approach would be one that teaches discipline, pride and respect (such as this


      Here’s an equalities story about women joining the USN submarine service. Of course, not enough women actually want to join the service that they could field all-female crews, so they must have mixed-sex crews. But women don’t really want equality, they want special prerogatives.

      Once women get in by saying they want equality, they start demanding special treatment because they are driven by “feminist envy” of men.

      Leveque was assigned
      to a compartment with two other female officers on the USS Wyoming. They shared a washroom with male officers. A sign on the door could be flipped to show whether a man or woman was using it. With so few women on board, the timesharing worked, she said. But with more on the way, the need for separate spaces is greater, she added.

      I’m sure the next USN battle will be about there are insufficient number of heads on submarines for women because women have to wait in line longer than men. Maybe take out a few torpedo tubes from the bow and replace them with ladies toilets.

      The whole nature of the service is subverted into making women feel comfortable in a place they don’t belong.

      • This article makes the move to embed women into subs sound political. If that’s the case, that’s a seriously f’ed up thing to do. But on the other hand, if you have an exceptional sub tech that just so happens to be a woman, shouldn’t she be accommodated somehow, as an exception? The focus should be on “technician” and not “woman” and “exception” not “mandate.”

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