Women’s Military Marches from Around the World


A medical phalanx comprising more than 260 female soldiers has been undergoing arduous training at the military parade village in Beijing in preparation for the Victory Day parade.

Vietnam: Gold Medal for uniforms



North Korea [at 0:35]



United States of America

Russian vs American Army Recruitment Videos

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  1. I know a bank of Amerika teller named “May” whom I noticed marching towards her car just like that ten years ago. They’re here.

  2. Great compilation and punchline Torchy – now I wonder who is driving this Sabbatean cultural Marxism to destroy civilisation …

    Speaking of women in uniform – this from the DPRK

    • Moranbong Band – Mungyong Pass (#79 on playlist)

    • Moranbong Band – Sound of horse hooves in Mt Paektu (#3 on playlist)

  3. Bring it on China! Good luck with your logistics. Since you have no heavy transports, carriers or a navy that can bring your troops to America without getting sunk in the middle of the pacific. Also what’s your plan when you get here? House to house fighting, which will be a disaster for you fighting against millions of armed Americans who are familiar with the climate and terrain. Or will it be scorched earth bombing runs that will bankrupt your country, destroy immense amounts of infrastructure and might not even be enough to put a dent in our ability to conduct guerilla warfare against you for decades to come. Good luck Chinaman, if you come to America’s doorstep you’re going to need it. Paper Tiger? More like paper dragon!

    • You seriously think China will overreach like that? Will be fought in and around Taiwan. They will embargo goods to the 5th Columnist infested US which will in turn trigger a new meaning to the word looting and civil conflict. Some of those goods are rare earths without which will ground the US military. That’s the real paper tiger.

      • If there is a shooting war I believe the US/NATO will do well for the first couple years, however our depleted manufacturing base, and the way we manufacture military equipment (convoluted, and spread out with many different factories in many countries producing key parts all to be assembled into one piece of equipment) will make it too difficult to replace losses in the field and ramp up the size of our military for such a conflict. Indeed I think this conflict has been set up for a long time, which is why we shipped our manufacturing to China in the first place. Now one of the last pieces, the land bridge to the middle east has been ceded to the communists me soviets with the abandonment of Adghanistan.

        There’s still hope for the free world, but we need to clean house first.

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