Trump ‘Freezes Barack Obama’s Last Minute $221M Aid Package to Palestinian Authority’

Palestinian territories such as East Jerusalem and the West Bank were due to receive the funds. PHOTO: AFP/Getty Images

US President has been making overtures to Israel

By Will Worley | 26 January 2017

INDEPENDENT — The Trump administration has reportedly frozen a multi-million dollar aid package granted to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the final hours of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah was told by US officials not to expect the $220 million payout earlier this week, the Times of Israel reported, citing a senior PA source.

Mr Obama had overruled Congress to make the decision, with the money intended to support good governance and humanitarian aid.

But the State Department is now reviewing the payment and may make changes so it “aligns with the priorities” of the Trump administration.

Congress had approved previous donations to the PA – it received $250 million in aid from the US in 2016 to support humanitarian costs, hospitals and buying fuel from Israel, according to the source. […]

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