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Hackers Take Control of Israeli TV Broadcast and Play Muslim Call to Prayer

Incident allegedly takes place in protest of controversial bill that limits the volume of the call to prayer from mosques

By Shehab Khan, Harriet Agerholm | 7 December 2016

INDEPENDENT — Hackers took control of an Israeli news channel and broadcast the Muslim call to prayer.

Israel’s Channel 2’s transmission was disrupted after hackers gained access to TV satellites on Tuesday night.

The hack allegedly took place in protest of a controversial bill that limits the volume of the ‘Adhan’ from mosques in Israel.

The transmission also had messages written in Hebrew warning of “punishment from God” and said that “the fire burned hearts”.

“Residents in northern Israel viewing Channel 2 via satellite TV reported that during the evening broadcast someone took over central control of the broadcast and played the voice of the muezzin,” the Tribune reported.

An Arab politician had previously staged a Muslim call to prayer in Israel’s parliament in protest against the bill to quieten mosques. […]

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