Charlie Don’t Surf and Fugly Don’t Sell Beer: Bud Light Cans (((Schumer, Rogen))) Ad Campaign

Big consumer brands are continuing to learn lessons the hard way. Pushing over-rated, bloated-looking Judaic “comedians” before their target markets is getting financially costly. They might want to take a look at the script writers and (((referrers))) as well. (((Amy Schumer))) and (((Seth Rogen))) will no longer be hyping Bud with political parodies. Good riddance.

AB InBev is ending “The Bud Light Party” a few weeks early after a disappointing third quarter. The brew’s parent company also cut its overall revenue forecast. Anonymous distributors who spoke to AdAge earlier today got a little more specific, with one stating that the campaign itself was “very disappointing.”

Here is an example of the expensive full of themselves advertising that a precocious 7th grader could tell wouldn’t wet anybody’s beer whistle. Not in the least bit humorous. And what kind of pervy ad executive thinks man boobs has consumer appeal?

Of the 46 senior executives of the major advertising corporations and trade associations, 31 are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 67%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major advertising corporations and trade associations by a factor of 33.5 times, or 3,350 percent.

Also notable, about 200 people who paid high ticket prices to see Amy Schumer perform live comedy in Tampa, Florida, walked out mid-show after she mocked Trump, calling him an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake college-starting monster.” As a side note, Amy Schumer’s dad is a fist cousin of Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Meanwhile, American Express dropped their sponsorship of Pink Floyd because of Roger Waters’ fearless criticism of Israeli apartheid. Readers should know what to do with this. Credit cards are quite competitive, and American Express isn’t that useful anyway.


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