FBI Director Comey Continues in a Long Line of Corruption

PHOTO: via Fox6

By Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD | 18 August 2016

Director of FBI, James Comey, Continues the Honorable Tradition of the Dishonorable FBI/Department of Justice!

STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS — From the very beginning of FBI history, there has been a terrible stench of corruption, cowardliness, and treason. J Edgar Hoover, the obsessive cross dresser and American Rasputin, was so severely compromised by the Jewish/Italian mob that he had to routinely pay off his racetrack debts to, none other, than the distinguished Italian gentleman, Frank “Crime Boss” Costello.

Unlike the polymath Frank Costello:bootlegger,businessman,assassin, racketeer; James Brien “Jim” Comey is just a lawyer who went to the prestigious College of William and Mary and the University of Chicago. However, Comey became entangled into a spider’s web of conflicts and financial chicanery that would have made even Costello envious.


Comey served on the board of directors of the infamous  bank, HSBC [Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Canton] an international drug money clearing house which is closely connected to the Clinton Foundation.

  • Clinton Foundation received up to $81 million from clients of HSBC.
  • HSBC was involved in the British Libor scandal while Comey was at the FBI. [21st Century Wire].
  • HSBC laundered countless billions of dollars for the international drug and narcotic trafficking cartels.

Unlike the highly educated Comey; Costello who believed correctly that “no one gives it to you … you have to take it. Non serviam”– only received a third grade education. He could only rely on the untutored skills of Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano, and Bugsy Siegel.

In contrast,Comey started to make important connections in both the Democratic/Republican parties early in his career. Under Bush Jr, Comey was the deputy attorney general in the Justice Department during another scandalous period of time [FBI involved in false flags 9/11].There, Comey dealt with the person whom I have written about in the past—Bill Clinton’s private courier, Sandy Berger J.D. You might remember that he was the moron who stole the classified papers in 2004 from the National Archives in order conceal the Clinton Administration’s cover-up of 9/11 involvement. []

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