Donald Trump, Jr. Retweets Prominent Alt-Right Psychology Professor Kevin MacDonald

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump kisses his son Donald, Jr. at a campaign event at Regents University in Virginia Beach, Virginia February 24. PHOTO: Newsweek

See Professor McDonald discuss the Psychology of White Dispossession

By Jonah Bennett | 30 August 2016

THE DAILY CALLER — Donald Trump Jr. retweeted Kevin MacDonald, a prominent retired alt-right psychology professor, who reiterated Monday evening the deep connection between Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and UBS, a global financial services company.

MacDonald, in his tweet, analyzed a quote by Trump campaign surrogate David Wohl, in which Wohl argued Clinton aggressively transformed the Department of State into a business partner of the Clinton Foundation.

“Wohl had a detailed account of how HRC did favor for UBS. UBS then gave millions to Clinton Fnd & gave Bill $1.6 mil,” MacDonald added.

UBS, a Swiss bank, functions as an incredibly influential financial institution. An Atlantic piece from 2015 noted that as secretary of state, Clinton pushed the IRS off a deep investigation into UBS, after which UBS then paid former President Bill Clinton $1.5 million in the form of speaking engagements. []

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