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Young Men Starting to Vastly Outnumber Young Women in Sweden as a Result of Tsunamigration

By Dr. Patrick Slattery | 2 June 2016

( — Sweden is a country of less than ten million inhabitants, with almost two million of them being immigrants or the children of two immigrant parents. Over the few years, so many young male migrants are coming to Sweden that the country now has a severe excess of young men.In Sweden, like most countries, more baby boys are born that baby girls — about a 105:100 ratio. However, with so many unaccompanied teenagers (or young men claiming to be teenagers to give their asylum cases a better chance) coming, the ratio of teenagers could reach 115:100 this year, as noted in the article below. And if tsunamigration continues for the next couple of years, you could be talking about 130:100 or 140:100.

While that may be bad enough, there is no indication that the demographic invasion of Muslim and African men will let up. Last year there were some 163,000 new arrivals. At this rate, within a few years the rate for teens and young adults could reach 130:100 or 140:100. How are all those new male migrants going to find brides?

Clearly, there were be increasing conflict. Islands that host large military bases like Okinawa and Oahu have horrible racial violence and rape problems due to the mismatch in gender populations among young people. While the Zio overlords are trying their best to homosexualize European manhood, and thus free up European women for mating with migrants, there can be no doubt that there will be an upsurge in interracial violence and migrant raping of Swedish women. But it’s all kosher, so the Jews tell us.


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