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  1. To answer the girl’s questions in the posted tweet: The Talmudic tribe likes to measure how successfully they have co-opted, corrupted, and coerced the rest of the planet, by doing things so egregiously debased, criminal and degenerate, and then sitting back and watching how everyone else responds. They’ve been following such a formula for hundreds of years. They behave a particularly negative way, and they measure the response. They also take stock of who responds and to what degree. They compile their data, crunch the numbers, and then determine how they will move forward. They’ve weaponized financial resources to the point where they can have their hands on the controls of pretty much every facet of global society. The only way to counter such a dilemma is to use numbers to our advantage.

    You see, throughout history, the Talmudic trash have always been outnumbered. The problem is, far too many people out there in the general population are too busy swallowing blue pills like they are Skittles. They either don’t understand that there is an alternative, or it is too emotionally and intellectually uncomfortable to step outside their blissfully ignorant existence to galvanize against the the Talmudic tribe.

    “The Matrix is a system Neo”

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