Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter Hold Forth

On today’s FAR, we look at the recent selection of Mexico’s latest president, Claudia Sheinbaum. In a country that’s 80% Catholic, a Jewish, progressive, pro-abortion, climate change and vaccine pusher was “elected”  as the “Southern Trudeau.”

We hit geopolitics and looked closely at the Biden performance at Normandy.  The Fauci shitstorm hearings garnered out attention.

Show is here. 

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  1. Russ, you mentioned that we have to feel sorry for Biden in his pitiful state. I have to disagree, I don’t feel sorry for a traitorous scumbag that sold out his country and race while presiding over the murder of innocent people in Palestine. Actually, I see Genocide Joe’s dementia as being punishment for his many transgressions.

    In a just world, Biden, Trump, Netanyahu, Fauci, Bill Gates, and most of the US Congress and Senate would be tried for crimes against humanity and publically executed. And the Crime Syndicate would be hunted down and exterminated by the likes of Delta Force and Seal Team 6. But that is only in my dreams lol. Russ, good diet and regular exercise will go a long way to preventing you from gettig dementia like Genocide Joe, there are many people Biden’s age and older who are in good health and mentally sharp like Joel Skousen, Ron Paul, Gerald Celente and Judge Andrew Napolitano. You can age gracefully and pass on peacefully in your sleep if you take care of yourself, but most people do not that is why they have so many health problems. Plus they take vaccines and prescriptions meds which makes things worse.

    As far as Palestine is concerned, it looks like Israel will win and annex the place because the rest of the Muslim world with the exception of Houthis and Hezbollah is just standing by like cowards and doing nothing, but this is typical of genocides. No one did anything during the Armenian genocide, Rwandan Genocide or the Genocide in Darfur, which is ongoing and few are talking about. I am disgusted with Iran and Turkey especially, they could send an army into Palestine to protect the Palestinian people if they really wanted but they do not. I agree with Robert that Iran is probably controlled by the Crime Syndicate and so is Turkey. In response to Sand’s statement above, I guess the Jews must be God’s chosen people huh, how else do they always seem to win and get their way? Isn’t it amazing how they are such a small population of Mexico and other nations yet always seem to end up in positions of power? And they always seem to run the financial system of every country they end up in? If they are God’s chosen people then I say F God, simple as that.

    • Healthy people avoided the vac. I have seen so many develop dementia, health issues, etc. So if one had to take the vac they are at huge risk for all health problems, whether they deserve them or not.

  2. I’m not a biblical expert. But it does say that earth is satans realm….. for now that is.
    The truth always comes out in the end. Just have to wait for it.

    And have faith in God.

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