3 Comments on US Wealth Distribution: Get er Done

  1. Top 1% of “earners” should read “investors”. The top 1% make most of their money thru investing in various asset classes. They ride the liquidity wave created by central bank policies of money printing. The middle class must deal with the inflation the increase in money supply causes.

    • What makes it worse is the US government has mandated all workers pay into private retirement accounts. Not only are we forced to pay thousands of unusable dollars to “health insurance” companies but now to investment firms… Corruption at its finest.

  2. William Frank Draper ;

    Its all about Freemason CONTROL OVER SOCIETY .

    williamfdraper at skiff dot com C E N S O R E D

    In Austin , Texas right now .

    If the return of Yeshua ( Jesus ) , doesn ‘ t happen first

    A VOTE FOR ROBERRT KENNEDY JR , i believe would result in the best possible policies being put into place .

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