The Wheels are Coming Off the Greater Israel Aggressors

UK Parliament and more sketchy optics

On the diplomatic, geopolitical front Israel continues non-stop to suffer set backs. After Bibi called President Lula an “anti-semite” for his calling Israel out as genociders, Brazil broke off diplomatic ties.

Getting lonely at the G-20.


Then yesterday China showed up at the ICJ and declared Israel an apartheid oppressor and colonizer. According to China’s view the Palestinians have every right to engage in armed resistance- quote “Armed resistance against occupation (Israel) is included in international law and is not considered terrorism. China also charged the US with aiding and abating genocide.

Amazing expand the Overton Window protest in The Hague.-hat tip.

Pressure has been building on Israel First factions in the US. Zionist puppet Nancy Pelosi is one who is feeling it as excrement is regularly dumped at her residence.


Now Pelosi is hitting the interview circuit for some distancing and harshly criticized Bibi and what she called his “radical extremist right wing party”.

In another interview she stated Bibi is not a decent person or leader. Given the sentiments the question is if the conflict widens will the US shed blood for Israel?

Israel’s economy cratered 19.4% in the 4th quarter and an estimated one million have left the country. In response it’s poorly prepared reservists have been pulled out of Gaza-  IOF withdrawing all of its reserve forces in Gaza due to its declining economy.

Late IDF trooper targeted in a window smoking a bong.

But Israel is lashing out and continually presents God awful optics fitting of goons. And their basic refrain is the worn one trick pony anti-semite accusation.

The ethnic cleansing has opened the way for Israeli farmers to cross into Gaza and plow fields.

IDF vandalizing a business in Gaza and posting on social media.

The IDF has called on it’s troops to refrain from posting their snuff films, celebrations, vandalizing and looting and to stay behind the curtains.

On the combat front Hezbollah is lighting up Israel. The Iron Dome is either failing to defend against larger barrages or clusters, or the missiles are being permitted to land to attempt to garner sympathy.

New militias are turning up in the occupied West Bank. They use IEDs which are difficult to defend against.

Hezbollah demonstrate it’s ATGM weaponry which we discussed in this post: War on Lebanon Front about to Begin

5 Comments on The Wheels are Coming Off the Greater Israel Aggressors

  1. The rachel madcow type child sacrifice powered kabbalah narrative on the goyim, is no longer working. This can only mean one thing boxcar 2.0 must not be far.

  2. So that IDF janissary went out with a bong!

    Didn’t Pelosi once declare that the US Capital could be in ruins and the US would still stand by Israel? She is as dull of shit as what was dumped on her lawn!

  3. Your up, “Christian” Zionists! Your up, John “rabbi” Hagee and CUFI!
    Do you really think God and His Son Jesus Christ actually approve of your support for Israel’s genocide of Palestinians–some of whom are CHRISTIAN! And who is the real “Amalek” here, Bibi boy? I’d say it is more likely YOU! You too, Ben Gvir and Smotrich and the rest of you Talmudic anti-Christ Synagogue of Satan! REPENT! (or is that asking too much?)

  4. At last, we are ‘coming to’ as in opening an eye following 150 years long of being in a talmudically induced national coma!

  5. People are forgetting here that the Globalists own and control all mass media and our political “leaders.” As Gaza is a tightly controlled and isolated area (basically a gigantic concentration camp) they could have killed every single person in all of Gaza without the outside world even becoming aware of any of it. Obviously they WANT us to know what’s going on and obviously they want world opinion turned against Israel.

    To understand why, you need to look to the statements of highly influential Jewish spiritual leader Mendel “A Jewish Fingernail is Worth More Than All Non-Jews combined” Schneerson and his Jewish Supremacist group Chabad Lubavitch. You see Israel isn’t the historic national home of modern day Jews, Ukraine is. The territory of Ukraine was formerly the homeland of the modern day Jews and was known as Khazaria. Jewish Globalist puppets Zelensky and Putin and their governments are clearing out Ukraine of Goyim so that it can be reestablished as a Jewish (Talmudist, Khazarian) homeland. For this to happen Jews have to be made to relocate there, just like they were scared into fleeing to Israel through the Globalist psy-ops of “Antisemitism” Nazism and “the Holocaust.” I believe modern day Jewish elites do trace back to the Middle East, to Babylon, but Khazaria is better situated (right among the conquered lands of the most hated (envied) of Goyim; the European) and much richer in resources and as such works better as the power center of the (Talmudist/Satanic) Globalist New World Order.

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