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War on Lebanon Front about to Begin

Reports are coming from Israel that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is carrying out a ‘massive transportation’ of logistics towards the Israeli-Lebanese border. I24 News out of Israel announced: “If diplomatic efforts fail, Israel will invade southern Lebanon and force Hezbollah beyond the Litani River.”

Thousands of so-called elite IDF soldiers belonging to the Golani Brigade have been deployed to the Northern front, after having left unresolved Gaza in the past few weeks.


Hundreds of tanks, APCs and IFVs have also been transferred to the border with Lebanon. Golani was lead unit and was hit with losses in Gaza and we presume it has been reconstituted.

We have learned that the arms deal between the US and Israel will be fulfilled two years from now and will not be a factor in what lies ahead.

I predict and with high certainty that Hezbollah (H) is loaded with ATGMs (Anti-tank Guided Missile). This is more powerful than the highly effective weapon of choice in Gaza, the RPG. H like Hamas has capable motivated soldiers. ATGMs can be used long-range on other targets besides armor and is dug in and concealed. They also have Russian Oniks anti-ship missiles.

Even before the recent conflict Israeli think tanks have been concerned about transfers of Russia’s state of the art S-300 air defense missiles into Lebanon. We say it is now fiat accompli, but the early days of the north front war will reveal more in terms of how many H has and how they are deployed.

In a tour of H facilities back in October to media, the guide said, “Do you think we don’t have S-300?” he says, switching to English for effect. “If Iran has S-300, absolutely Hezbollah will take S-300.” This is no bluff.

Regardless the Israeli air force will likely not have free reign over Lebanese skies. S-300 are long range and can be stand back about 100 miles. They are fired from mobile tubes.

Even before the Gaza genocide went into full overdrive, Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hossein Amirabdollahian, warned “if the Zionist aggressions do not stop, the hands of all parties in the region are on the trigger,” in comments reported by state media.

Israel’s wild ass gamble concerning an invasion of Lebanon is that various state actors haven’t loaded H to the teeth with cutting edge weaponry and that the US, facing an emerging anti-war movement and depleted munitions stocks, will get involved to any significant degree.


Since the answer is likely net negative for Israel I can visualize a probe in force to gauge the costs and order of battle. That’s what smart commanders would try. The problem is that the level of hubris of the Israeli leadership and public is so out of control that they may try to draw to an inside straight against a three of a kind.

An Israeli military security source stated before the conflict that Hezbollah (H) has the capacity to fire 2500 rockets a day into Israel. During the entire 2006 conflict of 34 days, Hezbollah fired 4000 total rockets into Israel. Estimates of H rockets range between 125,000 to 200,000. After three months of genocide it wouldn’t be surprising of H now had north of 200,000. I don’t think H and the Axis of Resistance has been sitting out preparations since October.

And besides the Golani Brigade they will enter Lebanon and fight Hezbollah with these goofs?

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    • S-300s are Soviet era missiles, not even close to being “state of the art”. That is why they are in Lebanon in numbers. Russia doesn’t care if the CIA gets an intact s-300. They had that 20 years ago.

  1. With the prefatory caveat proffering the reader the thought that this may have already been mentioned in RW’s previous works, the writer would like to posit the following theory: the conflict in Gaza – like so many other staged deceptions (i.e., school or mass shootings; hoaxes; ff’s; ‘fires’; ‘war’ stages; etc.) – appears to be akin to what Baudrillard had labelled the Gulf War in ’91 as (i.e., ‘The Gulf War Did Not Take Place’); and, moreover, what he had written about in one of his previous philosophical works, ‘Simulacra and Simulation.’ In other words, the conflict in Gaza is analogous to many of the other staged deceptions invoked by the kakistocracy over the years; thanks to the inordinate number of images, videos, narratives and crisis actors that have been employed over the duration of said event that are obviously fake. Now why would the aforementioned Kakistocracy invoke such devious, delusional and devilish machinations for the masses to imbibe and assimilate on a daily, monthly, yearly basis?!? – well, i’m sure the readers of this comment could come up with a multitude of such reasons, but for me it’s primary purpose is the following: to blur the line between fact and fiction; to the point wherein, in the near future (if not now), one will not have the defense mechanisms (i.e., logos; logic; reason; intuition; common sense; imagination; history; memory; ethics; morality; etc.) to discern the difference between what is real; and what is pure illusion. That is all! RGB-Y4 out!!

    • What an absolutely moronic and low-IQ post. Ya, sure, you moron, Palestinians are hiring “crisis actors” to portray their thousands of dead children. The 70% of homes destroyed in Gaza are just CGI made in some Hollywood studio. Not even the kook Miles Mathis goes this far!

      Grow up, you freak.

  2. Thanks for the update, Russ.
    I’m still really confused about Hamas and how they get their training. Max Igan says that Israel controls everything going in/out of Gaza, so they can’t even get crayons for the children. So does Hamas get weapons into Gaza? It seems like Hamas knows how to use their weapons, so where do they train? How can they train in Gaza? Wouldn’t Israel just shoot them?? I just feel like there’s a lot of deception going on. Hard for me to believe that Israel hasn’t infiltrated Hamas, when they are in the neighborhood, when Israel infiltrates everything else, even oceans away. It just seems like the Palestinians have been set up over and over again and have been stuck in a lose-lose situation for decades. Just sitting ducks waiting for the next slaughter from the Israeli psychopathic demons.

    • They have stockpiled weapons and ammo and can manufacture using unexploded ordinance. Israel uses old U.S. bombs and shells which have higher dud ratios that Hamas recovers. The militias are fighting on their home turf and of course are also utilizing tunnels. I think they develop the skills in combat and are serious and brave stealthy urban fighters. The Tik Tok IDF is overrated and too dependent on aircraft, drones and tanks in the midst of ruins.

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