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  1. The US (Globalist) Empire has crushed and conquered nations across the world. In addition to wars of destruction and conquest they have been responsible for countless successful coups and and assassinations and orchestrated many, many civil wars. Yet this group of Houthi rebels somehow are beyond their grasp. Bullshit. Just like it’s bullshit that the US and the West can’t stop the gigantic and open drug production going on in places like Colombia and Burma as well as the massive enterprise of trafficking the products across the world and laundring the money. They don’t stop it because they don’t want to and that’s because they’re behind it. No one else could be. Same with the Houthis as if the US wanted them gone the CIA, etc would make it happen and do so with ease.

    • I agree with you Thomas that the globalists do control some Middle Eastern groups/factions like Isis, Al Qaeda and probably the leadership of Hamas but I also believe there are other legit factions like the Taliban and Houthis who are genuinely opposed to them and want to be left in peace.

      I think you overestimate the power of the globalists and the CIA. I think their loss in Afghanistan was legit and unwanted, I also believe the Houthis are legitimately their enemies. I could be wrong though as they are known for playing both sides.

      • Unfortunately, you fail to realize the depth and width of their control. You see the whole idea of “Radical Islamism” was created by the Globalists and, just like with Freemasonry in the West, they have the Radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood to control Islamic lands behind the scenes. “Radical Islamism” was created by British intelligence in British controlled Saudi Arabia in the 19th century and has spread from there thanks both to the religious clout of Saudi Arabia and the enormous oil riches the country has at its disposal. The “Radical Islamism” they created and popularized is actually an inverse of actual Islamism as it stood before the British/Globalist interference.

        If you research the origins of the Taliban, you will find that it came to be thanks to US funding and arming and I hardly think they just funded and armed some group and hoped for the best. Especially given that they could easily have orchestrated it with their own people at the top. I would also not label the Afghan war a “loss” for the Globalists as it gave them trillions of dollars in profits, culling of tens of thousands of young American males through death and mutilation and also caused flooding of European nations with refugees.

        So I believe, for good reason, that the Taliban was and is theirs. I believe that, just like in Iran, they set up a “modern” Western-style society designed to cause offense among and backlash from Muslims and then they controlled and steered that backlash by orchestrating their own “Islamic” revolutions. In Afghanistan, they used it as an excuse for war as they were able to pin the 9/11 false flag on them, in Iran they used and use it to fool Islamists into thinking they’re in charge while the Globalists have full control over them and the country and thus can use, abuse and loot it in peace without risk of uprising against them as the people who would rise up believe they’ve already won. I believe the resurgence of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan is exactly for that reason. I also have a hard time believing the Globalists would ever let a nation as rich in oil, rare earth minerals (for batteries, technology) and poppy/opium as Afghanistan is just slip out of their grip. No way.

        I would see no reason to believe the Houthis are much different than a copy of the Taliban set up in Yemen. The Houthis actions aren’t causing them any losses either, rather it just helps them drive up oil prices. Secretly, they have been heavily ramping up oil production in the US and Europe is buying great quantities of Russian oil (as the new Cold War is a hoax, like the old one) through India. The threat of the Houthis, as well as Israel getting in over its head, is also just the excuse they need to get WWIII going starting in the Middle East, as the Freemasons has had planned since the 19th century (letter from high ranking Mason Albert Pike spoke of three world wars and how they would happen, dated 1871.)


        • Additionally, having the Taliban come back to power gave the Globalists “cause” to “freeze” (actually steal) all of Afghanistan’s assets in the Central Banking system.

  2. That is what I’m talking about! The Houthis are the real deal, unlike the cowardly Turks who talk a good game but don’t back it up!

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