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  1. Many of the big questions were not addressed ( biolabs, Israel etc. etc.) TRUE and those of us who are awake would have liked an exposure of many of the much discussed Deep State criminal conspiracies, however the interview gave a good insight into how the Russians feel about The West and why they have taken their “defensive” stance.
    I would have thought that even anti-Russians like most of the “headwashed” Washington concensus would have been impressed at Putin’s command of history and his love of his Nation and People as well as his overal rationale.

    Vladimir Putin remains a “Logic Monster” that all the Neocon propaganda and censorship cannot silence and this has now become apparent to all of America. 110 million views in the first 24 hours and climbing Tucker’s interview has done much to awaken sleepy Joe Public!

    Once the veil is lifted ALL the dominos will begin to fall.

    • Good Post. Putin is indeed a “logic monster”–who takes into account the ethical principles relevant to statecraft, the historical facts, and the current concrete situations–all put together to make the case for the rightness of his decisions. The western press and elite hate him because he puts them to shame.

      The avoidance of certain topics was a good idea, too, because they would have been a distraction, as well as a pretext for the western press to howl “conspiracy theorist” at Putin and dismiss him.

      • Here’s a few:

        Why did Putin not withdraw Russia’s assets from the Moscow Central Bank before the Central Banksters “froze” them? He/they had every opportunity.

        Why does Putin allow Rothschild-owned companies to control Russia’s oil and natural gas industries?

        Why does Putin not launch a large scale invasion of Ukraine rather than sending a steady stream of Russians large enough to cause devastation but not large enough to conquer? Seems they’re sending just the right amount for the “Ukrainians” to be able to fend off. All Russia has to show for this war is mass death and devastation on both sides. Perhaps by design?

        Was Putin a WEF “Young Global Leader?”

  2. The Globalists (Talmudists/Masons) took over Russia through their genocidal “Bolshevik revolution.” This a historical fact that this was funded and orchestrated by them. After this revolution/genocide/dispossesion their agents and useful idiots established the Soviet Union, using US tax payer funds.

    After the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union, the country’s wealth was looted by the Jewish elites, who controlled the Soviet Union, which then became the “Russian oligarchs.”

    Where in the time line did the Globalists lose control of Russia?

  3. So much knowledge about what Russia or Putin done wrong or who owns them, bought them and controls them and I like it. Now let’s start talking about squeaky clean, thoughtful, owned by noone Democratic West….. :-)))))))). Specifically I like to talk about America. So by Who and how it was created? American nation, right? Who are their ancestors? And let’s go up the history. Dying to see comments.

    • The West is controlled and run by the same Masonic cretins, this is where they’re based. They control both the West and Russia (the whole world really) and use our countries do do their bidding through their puppet governments.

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