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IDF Strips Civilians and Displays Them on the Street and Next to a Pit

As the sociopaths continue to be faced with stiff resistance, they pull more skullduggery out of their bag of tricks. This one is also a psyops humiliation ritual for home consumption. It is also no doubt preparation for the hauling off of fighting age men to fates unknown. Since there are nearly a million young boys and non-elderly men in Gaza this “processing” will be rife with hellish abuse, torture, summary executions and war crimes.

Initially the sociopaths made a claim that these stripped in the cold Hamas fighters surrendered en masse during the fighting near Khan Younis in southern Gaza.


In reality the photo was taken at Beit Lahia in north Gaza, and these unfortunate men are civilians that were dragged out of a school nearby where they were sheltering. Note all the open toed sandals in the street. Note the lack of wounds sustained in desperate combat.

The portly guy in the photo is a well known journalist.


The give away is the blue signage which comes from Ulayyan Farim Pharmacy in Beit Lahia. The pharmacy’s phone number is also written on the wall.




Israel’s Public Broadcasting Corporation admits this is a fishing expedition. It’s random men detained arbitrarily without charges, trial or legal counsel to “check IF some of them are Hamas terrorists. Sources on the ground said the IDF rounded up all the men in 2 UNRWA schools; Khalifa and New Halab, and forced women & children to flee.



Next loaded into a truck and hauled off hands bound.


This disturbing photo later shows the detainees bound, blind folded and lined up next to a pit. Not good optics.


The sociopaths are changing narrative because the “Hamas surrendered” didn’t go over well. Here Shlomo tries to justify this development. Since proving militia afflation will be extremely difficult these men will be detained indefinitely and likely executed. And if you are going to be hauled away-no matter what- it is added incentive for Gazan males to take up arms and stiffen resistance. Partisan resistance in a ruined large city will be one of the ages.

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  1. All those guys are as good as dead.

    In other news:

    Germany: No Citizenship Unless You Swear Allegiance to Israel

    It’s weird that a state would make you swear allegiance to a foreign state, no?

    It almost makes you wonder what exactly is going on.

    Oh well. I’m sure it’s very normal.

    The eastern German state of Saxony-Anhalt will require individuals seeking to become naturalized citizens to confirm in writing, “that they recognize Israel’s right to exist and condemn any efforts directed against the existence of the State of Israel.”

    Speaking on Wednesday, ahead of a meeting of state and federal interior ministers, Saxony-Anhalt Interior Minister Tamara Zieschang called on Germany’s 15 other states to adopt similar rules.

    Zieschang previously said her ministry had sent a decree to all Saxony-Anhalt municipalities informing them of the policy in late November.

    No citizenship without supporting Israel’s existenceThe decree instructs authorities to pay close attention to whether an applicant exhibits antisemitic attitudes and states that “obtaining German citizenship requires a commitment to Israel’s right to exist.”

    In a letter to local authorities, the Saxony-Anhalt state Interior Ministry said naturalization is to be denied to foreigners who engage in activities directed at Germany’s liberal democratic order as outlined in the country’s Basic Law. The denial of Israel’s right to exist and antisemitism are included among such activities.

    Local authorities have been instructed to deny an applicant’s naturalization request if they refuse to sign the declaration. A refusal is also to be documented in the individual’s application filing for future reference.

  2. This is the same treatment the jwz afforded the German inmates of camps taken over by the talmudic communists who assigned jwz to act as guards following the end of ww2 & into ww3 that continues to this day.

    • Yes, there was a quick video from some girl who was at the concert a few days after the Oct 7th event saying something along the lines of “the soldiers were shooting at us….the IDF…”. Suffice to say, good luck finding that clip now.

      I believe this is where “Hamas dressed in the clothes of dead Israeli soldiers” myth came from, as damage control.

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