7 Comments on Who is Stuart Seldowitz? Insights into the Inner Workings of ZOG

    • There is an archive of 1500 Winter Watch posts here, lock and load. Visible on home page. Around the Web is for non WW content. I am only as informed as the dissertation in the X tweet about the guy.

    • He’s a well-connected parasitical Jew, e.g. he has a long history of government employment and not that long ago held an important position in the Obama administration — he went ‘mask off’ and delivered an unhinged, murderous rant about Palestinians, one for some weird reason he directed at a random Arab (I recall seeing he is Egyptian) street food vendor in NYC — neither should be in America.

  1. America will never be free as long as it is controlled by the parasitic dual citizen ZOG entity (Khazarian mafia) who have been in control since 1871 (USA Inc.) with the final nail in the coffin in 1913. There is no sense in voting because all “candidates” of both parties are either bribed or “Epstein controlled”. Any “candidate” from “we the people” would be “suicided” or “accidented”. As for the collapse of the “American empire” — good riddance. ZOG has always ruled the world through proxy empires it has created — first the British and now the American “empires.” They have always used (non-ZOG) proxy armies to do the killing for them. They intend to create their next empire (China); it should be interesting because the Han Chinese think they are the “superior race”. Of course ZOG will marry off their daughters to Chinese oligarchs; and in a couple of generations they will have “racial (ZOG) Chinese; that’s what bloodlines like the Rothschilds have always done; they infiltrate and intermarry the proxy country’s “elites; within a couple of generations they are in control.

    • Probably the only “positive” result of the mass genocide of the Palestinian people is that it has exposed the degree of depravity and depth of control that the ZOG has over so-called “American government” with all the “major candidates” exposing their support of Israel — that includes Trump, RFK, DeSantis, etc. As for the “Zionist Christians’, perhaps it is they who should enlist in the diminishing ranks of the US military and go fight for Israel; it certainly exposes their true nature of their “blood lust” as well.

      • I was an anti-war activist in the “run up” to the Iraq in the early 2000’s. I met many American anti-Zionist Jews who were involve in the pro-Palestinian movement. I can tell you that they were the most active and well-informed about the real situation in Palestine. Plus they also had connections to the pro-Palestinian movement within Israel. This was a very active group back then; but after 20 years of brainwashing of the last generation, it appears to have been greatly reduced.

        My particular friend was an American Jew who refused “dual citizenship”. I credit her with teaching me all about Zionist back then – the Balfour Declaration and the Transfer Agreements, etc. So I repeat again, you do not have to be a Jew to be a Zionist – you simply have to have a genocidal mindset. The reason why nothing has been done to stop the slaughter in Palestine is that the global “elite” are of the same genocidal mindset, as are their puppets in Israel and the U.S. Their genocidal agenda is directed against all of humanity; the Covid-19 death shot should have at least taught us that. Furthermore, all we have to do is look at the genocidal global institutions (WHO, WEF, UN, etc.) to see that their intent is a global culling of the human population.

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