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Lebanon Hezbollah Front Erupting

“What we are doing in Gaza, we can do in Beirut.” – Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant

Much more so than Hamas, Hezbollah is loaded with lethal weapons. Attacks over weekend killed twenty IDF soldiers which is the deadliest day of the combat phase. Hezbollah is bombing northern Israel and Haifa. All civilians in this sector of Israel have been sent to bunkers.

CTP-ISW did not record any attacks targeting US forces in the Middle East on November 12.

Late Breaking update: Al Majadin says at least 10 helicopters have flown wounded Americans to Iraq, where a military hospital is located. The number of dead has not been specified. Scuttlebutt was that Grad missiles were deployed.

I don’t know why the Americans insist on dying for sanctions imposed by the American Congress to starve the Syrian people. The American bases in Syria have no legal status, or international resolution or backing to justify any presence whatsoever in Syria or Iraq.

The Israeli sub-zero “leadership” is divided on the degree of response to the Hezbollah escalation. Ironically Bibi is the cooler head among this posse.

There is less ambiguity with Hezbollah who have issued a new warning to the US about its readiness to destroy its fleet off its shores. It is noteworthy that a little earlier Reuters reported that Hezbollah was likely acquiring Russian-developed Onyx missiles. In addition; tomorrow, Hezbollah’s Secretary General Nasrallah will give a speech that will be very unusual for the second time in just a week.

No more just RPGs and mortars.

Massive retaliation is threatened, thus the next phase of the regional war is out of the bag. The standard indiscriminate Israeli method is threatened.  “The IDF has plans to change the security situation in the north,” a new statement just said. Lebanon’s people will pay the price.”


In the meantime, Arab countries have met in Saudi Arabia. No doubt a lot of back channels side rooms conversations and planning. Turkey voted for sanctions, and we wonder when they unilaterally cut off Israel’s oil supply that passes through via pipe lines.

In a scene straight out of Steve Inman’s f’n around and find out (FAFO) Alpha dog Netanyahu taunts: “I say to the Arab leaders, if you want to preserve your interests, you must do one thing…Remain silent.”

Big talk. They can’t even defeat Al Qassam in Gaza. 

IDF combat footage in Gaza. Tanks firing stirs up clouds of dust. And not just sitting in tanks, you need to be in great shape just to day after day walk on all that rubble with heavy boots and gear. And this is a reserve unit.

Hamas footage shows more peak around corners ambushes. Drones are heard overhead in a ruined ghost town setting.

On Al-Jazeera military analyst says 65% of al-Qassam are still held in reserve?

The IDF has pushed to the area of al Shifa Hospital. Overnight the blocks north-northeast of the hospital were heavily contested. There has been heavy fighting at the Square of the Unknown Soldier. IDF supply and communication lines looked stretched. Time to commit al-Qassam reserves and open up the Lebanon front?


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  1. That last photo of the clown sitting in the lounge chair is photoshopped – fyi. Anyone known what that trash scribble spray-painted on the building says?

  2. Remember a few yrs ago when the warehouse in Beirut was destroyed? To me that looked like a tactical nuke strike, and all countries were silent after. Is “Isreal” warning them again?

  3. “I don’t know why the Americans insist on dying for sanctions imposed by the American Congress to starve the Syrian people. The American bases in Syria have no legal status, or international resolution or backing to justify any presence whatsoever in Syria or Iraq.”


    “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”
    ― Henry Kissinger

  4. The ‘battle’ for Gaza is over. What remains is merely an extensive clearing operation.
    This is why you see you see Israeli reservists in the video- they need the manpower for what is going to be a weeks-long operation, but expect very little actual fighting. Notice that they are taking no return fire in that video.

    The Palestinians are facing some truly grim choices- attempt to surrender, and likely be tortured and/or murdered, or a fight to the death against drones, snipers and poison gas with what pathetic weapons remain to them.

    After WW2 some Japanese soldiers held out on Guam and the Philippines for decades- the remaining Palis are unlikely to last a single month.

    As for Hezbollah, I doubt that they are attacking anyone. Hezbollah is a defensive force intended to protect the people of south Lebanon from Jewish land thieves.
    Given that they now face the combined might of Israel and the US, their weapons are clearly inadequate for the task. All of southern Lebanon will be ground into dust during the coming struggle. Israel nuked the port of Beirut on August 4th, 2020- without any provocation. It’s now apparent that this was a warning to the people of south Lebanon- Hell is Coming- leave or be destroyed.

      • Just for the record – I missed the new authentication options – that’s me above.
        Very good to see winterwatch, revived and offering all these assessments of these awful, frightening times. These are no times for cheer leading and my recent comments have certainly not been intended as such – “we are all jews now” has come to mean “we are all largely, toxicly vaccinated populations” And we are all losers if we have been diverted from seeking to understand those who seek to poison and dominate us.

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