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  1. Except that the regime occupying this section of the Mediterranean coastline are not the tribe of Judah and certainly not the nation of Israel as it is known to the world for thousands of years by way of the archeological and various literary records. The Bible says outright to beware those that are jews but say they are not and reassures humanity that he will show them he has always loved us. So yes language matters and the rabbis will have a good chuckle, thoroughly delighted over this. If anything the area should be referred to as the Jew-occupied middle east. Jew is not a Biblical term for the tribe of Judah, it is a self appointed word also used by lazy translators. There may be some from the tribe of Judah among these Jews, but not many. That way the language hangs the person and leaves the 12 tribes, wherever they may be, free from this slander.

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