Black Magik and Lies Rule

Jewish/Zionist lies during this war have broken all the previous records. They are so off the wall that millions have been awoken, and rote Zio supporters have been driven into severe cognitive dissonance and have had their inner child challenged.

They have increasingly become one trick ponies- reverting solely to method number 7 in their cheat sheet- see below.


And more and more people are calmly and without shame answering yes to the infamous #7. I define anti-semite as someone (or at least a selection committee) many Jews don’t like.


Realization: Too many lies in just 37 days, so imagine how many lies over the last 100 years!

Examples of false atrocity propaganda used during the Gaza massacre and ethnic cleansing.

No 40 dead babies

No baked babies


No beheaded babies


No children in cages

No eyes gouged

No raped women


No ripped breasts

No paraded captives

No tortured captives

No mutilating dead bodies

No pregnant women cut open

No mass rapes with broken pelvises

No Biden did not see pictures of dead babies


No October 7 was not “unprovoked”

No Pro-Palestine are not “pro-Hamas” rallies

No 8 yr old Emily Hand was not found dead No “Global Day of Jihad”

No all-female Israeli unit killing 100 Hamas

No Hamas headquarters under hospitals

No Hamas hostages in hospital basements

No Hamas tunnels under Rantisi hospital

No Hamas tunnels under Shaikh Hamad Hospital

No small blasts do not prove Israel did not bomb Baptist hospital

No “misfired” rocket was destroyed by Iron Dome before the Baptist hospital bombing

No “misfired” rocket can’t be both fired from cemetery and southwest of Baptist hospital

No “misfired” rocket trajectory does not align with IDF version of events at Baptist hospital

No playing with severed heads


Exposed crisis actor Eli Beer Fake baby crib photo

Fake blood splatter photo

Fake booby-trapped school bags

Fake Al Jazeera journalist twitter account

Fake audio tapes released by IDF

Fake AI-generated images of Hamas leaders

Fake “official Al Qaeda material” on dead Hamas fighters

Fake antisemitism controversy over Greta’s toy octopus

Fake antisemitism allegations on Palestine campus activists

False grandstanding evacuation orders

False subtitles for Palestine protest chants

Fake Mein Kempf book in Gaza children living rooms

Fake ‘terrorist shift list’ by mistranslating an Arabic calendar- every terrorist has their own shift- LoL.

False labeled a Gaza 4-year-old toddler martyred in airstrike as a doll

False crisis actor accusation by using old pictures of West Bank raid survivor

False crisis actor accusation by using old pictures of Thai children in ghost costumes

False crisis actor accusation by using old pictures of Al-Azhar university students protesting

Yes, many Israeli civilians were killed by “friendly” crossfire at festival

Yes, many Israeli civilians were killed by “friendly” Israeli tanks/helicopters at kibbutz


Yes, many Israeli civilians said Hamas was kind to them during attacks and as captives

Yes, Israel exaggerated its death toll for October 7

Paragliders flying overhead on October 7 is nonsensical black magik on it’s face. Whole sector is defended with 40mm antiaircraft. Would not even be necessary as small arms fire would bring them down.

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  1. “Realization: Too many lies in just 37 days, so imagine how many lies over the last 100 years!”

    That’s the line, right there. Almost makes a guy want to become an artist and then get into politics.

  2. The pristine meinkampf copy found episode reminded of the saudi suqami passport found in the 911 rubble. The synagogue of satan does think us goyim are stupid monkeys.

  3. Russ, been itching to read this two volume tome by Watson. Grabbed a first edition and only a hundred pages in. Below is relevant to our times. Good insights on the historical practices of Gauls, Franks, Romans, and the Saxons. History and behavior has not changed much. Mr Watson does not censor any corner of the history of France nor should he.

    The Story of France Volume 1 by Thomas E. Watson (1907)
    ‘After Dagobert, came other Merovingian kings, but none of any ability. Their long hair was their only proof of royalty. They won no honours in war, nor in peace. They let the mayors of the palace conduct the government. They kept themselves within doors, and lived lives of sloth and sensuality. A great pig in a great sty, fed and fattened at the public expense, was what the Merovingian king had become.

    The people rarely saw him. Only now and then was he brought forth on public exhibition, and solemnly paraded through the streets of Paris in an ox-cart. The exhibition being over, the mayors of the palace would put the oxen in one stall and the king in another, and they would resume government while he would resume his place in the mire of sensuality.

    The fact that these imbeciles could rule a great country from year to year, from century to century, shows the tremendous strength of any system when once established. These men were so notoriously unfit for the place they held that they were known, even in those days, as the “Do-nothing kings. Yet they continued till the year 762 to hold the throne. By that time the people had grown tired of the farce. The mayors of the palace, having exercised the power of royalty for several generations, assumed the title also.

    The last of the Merovingians was quietly deposed, his long hair clipped, and he was shut up in a convent. He was so utterly incapable of any mischief that they thought it a useless ceremony to cut off his head.

    Wild and dark are these Merovingian times ; the strong beat down the weak; the honestly industrious are despised, and the ruffianly robber is hero of the day. Gaul lies beneath the feet of armed bands. The once masterful Roman crouches in fear; for he can read Latin and write fair lines, but he can fight no more. The native Gaul, so long enslaved, and not quite so polished as the Roman, has less learning and less spirit; hence the brutal Prank, fearless, fierce, and strong, lords it over all.

    He does not want to settle down to work, — what he wants is war and booty. The lust for blood, for deeds of daring, for plunder, for wine and women, consumes him, and the spirit of adventure gives him no rest.’

  4. I’ve seen some wise crack merovingian comments appearing on zerohedge lately. The book in my hands or on the ‘To Read’ list seem to coincidentally fit into current events. After they defeat anti-semitism will they go after Anti-Merovingianism next?

  5. Anti-semite, eh? My definition? An anti-semite is a Talmudic Jew, esp. the Ashkenazim descended from the Khazars (who are JAPHETHIC, not Semitic, from the Caucasus originally)…those Talmudic Jews, who wants to enslave or murder actual Semites (that is, most Palestinians, who, according to ISRAELI geneticist Eran Elhaik, ISRAELI historian Shlomo Sand, and Hungarian Jew Arthur Koestler in “The Thirteenth Tribe” about the Khazars). And it just might become a badge of honor to be called an “anti-semite” one o’ these days… But keep it up with your “walking contradiction” history, Talmudic Jewry!

    • Fix of the comment above…Elhaik, etc. proved that Palestinians have far more semitic DNA in them then Khazar/Ashkenazi Jews do…Most Palestinians derive from ancient Israel with some mixed in with Hamitic ties but are mostly Semitic, unlike the Ashkenazim, who have minimal semitic DNA. And this was admitted by the Times of Israel media outfit in 2011. I wish I has the link, but I do not lie here.

  6. I’d be skeptical of the Khazar DNA narrative. It’s based on PCR which we learned is highly suspect during the COVID hoax. And the KM narrative is likely a PSYOP because it claims the biblical Js were the “good guys” but today’s J-s are bad guys because they’re imposters.

    The ugly truth is the PTB created Judaism-Christianity-Islam to control us ordinary folk while they themselves are pagans. In fact, the ethnicity of the PTB is likely irrelevant because while the official population of Js is 16 million, the real number is likely far higher and many ordinary people are unknowingly of J-descent. One commenter here recently posted this link in which someone claims the real J-pop is 500 million!

    “Mixed blood Jews include Han Chinese, the Romany’s, the Sikhs, + many others.
    About 500 million in total taking ‘ALL’ descendants of the 3 Diaspora into account”.

    It seems Js can be any ethnicity- even Chinese.

    How can this be? One big clue comes from Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, who said the survivors of Atlantis settled in Egypt, the Pyrenees (France), the Gobi desert (China) and South America over 12,000 years ago. Cayce said Atlantis was far more advanced than our civilization- perhaps the real PTB have had advanced tech all this time (in DUMBs?).

    ZH had an article today about Nikki Haley and commenters asked why someone who is of Sikh descent is such a Zionist. Well, the previous links give a clue why.

    This vid says Judaism-Christianity is really sun worship and it came from Egypt:

  7. ‘Judeo/Christianity’ is a major lie of the pathological liars who call themselves ‘jews’ whether in Israel or in the post occidental territories they have occupied for at least 2 centuries. Islam is on its own. If Christianity were on its own, ‘judaism’, the confidence ‘religion ‘ would hardly exist.

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