Battle of Gaza Stalling

IDF combat engineering forces reportedly have destroyed around 130 tunnel shafts. This is occurring in what is now the rear areas out of the combat line. This effort seems to suggest the IDF is concerned about Hamas popping up and ambushing in their rear or supply lines.

After 10 hours of combat, IDF forces take over a Hamas stronghold in Jabaliya, in the northern part of Gaza. Here we see Merkavas in place off the beaches and in more urban terrain and with infantry cover. 

Jabaliya is shown on the map. As the IDF was pushing toward Jabalia, Hamas conducted hit and run attacks to the north along their flanks. From a strategic point of view Jabalia is a logical objective as it slices another section off and pushes the combat line closer to Gaza City. We should expect die hard combat from Hamas at this stage.

Is this working? The front on the maps we’ve been using looks static from last weekend without much change, although it does seem the IDF is attempting cautious small force recons, see footage below. The IDF has widened it’s southern sector but to the south not towards urban Gaza City.


The most revealing footage is still coming from Hamas. It shows street fighting literally out of Old Dodge City but with their standard weapon al-Yassim. This is well illustrated in this clip.

The IDF is sending individual tanks and Hamas responds with small squad action. Lots of popping from around building corners. Hamas is often right up on the streets in what appears to be a ghost town with no civilians at this point. Drones can constantly be heard overhead. This one showcases their use of drones for spotting and firing.

Notice the Hamas fighters are wearing standard street clothes. I would theorize that a month of brutal siege and cowardly bombing has swelled the resistance with local civilians with no prior Hamas affiliation. There is a young demographic to draw on, and they look quite brave, fit and agile, and probably have been trained lately. They are likely led at the squad level by veterans. Thus rather than melting away, the resistance has swelled.

US strikes weapons depot in Syria linked to Iran. But there doesn’t appear to be ramifications other than contained responses. Given the lack of intervention by potential axis of resistance allies, the days of Hamas in Gaza City – after a good fight – are numbered. Accordingly the morale of fat and pampered Israel is still good.

The condition of the Gazans is so dire that once the deal with bankrupt Egypt is made the Rafah crossing will be opened and food, medicine and water made available in the Sinai desert. Northern Gaza has been cleared out of civilians, and the population corralled in the south. The good will of the US and Israel is damaged irreparably but the ethnic cleansing will be completed. Whether this first morphs to full blown genocide due to epidemics and starvation remains to be seen, but that looks close at hand.

Then once gathered more to south Gaza in areas deemed safe, the Israeli engage in more cowardly bombing.


I am looking for open sources to determine the truth of the combat. I have listened in on several Twitter space “expert” urban warfare conversations and there is little meat there. It is mostly a rehash of various propaganda talking points and pilpuling over justifying war crimes. Other than low hanging fruit there isn’t much combat footage either.

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  1. The soldiers of Satan have been biding their time, waiting for the dark of the moon. Darkness has now fallen over Gaza, and Hell will follow after.

  2. Israel can completely control what goes into Gaza. Any tunnels to surreptitiously smuggle material into Gaza could also easily be found and destroyed.
    Obviously if Hamas fighters in Gaza have weapons that can hit Israel, e.g. rockets, then they are a threat — but invading Gaza seems to be an especially stupid way to deal with or eliminate that threat, which is one of the stated aims — have the Jews never heard of counter battery systems? — this is radar intricately coupled with precision weapons — the radar tracks incoming projectiles, e.g. rockets from Gaza, then back computes the trajectory to determine the firing point — the precision weapons can then be used to target the firing points — this works well, as the rapid development of mobile firing platforms for rockets and artillery proves, where the idea is to fire a barrage and then quickly move away so you won’t get hit by counter battery fire.
    Clearly the Jews are acting out of bloodlust and a desire for revenge — unless they plan to push the Palestinians out of Gaza and take over that territory as they already have large sections of the West Bank, which could be the case, going in to find and destroy tunnels and kill Hamas fighters makes little sense, since in the future there will be more Hamas fighters who can build more tunnels.
    All of this does nothing to address the justified discontents of the Palestinians.
    They should have just accepted what had happened, stepped up their perimeter control to prevent future incursions, used counter battery fire to target rocket launch points, then begun negotiations for an exchange of hostages.
    What’s going on now is a complete disaster for everyone — a humanitarian disaster for Palestinian non-combatants, and a PR disaster for Israel due to the grotesque use of disproportionate force and the utter stupidity and ultimate futility of invading Gaza.

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