Sweden Turns To Military For Help Amid Daily Shootings, Bombings In Migrant Gangland Chaos

Zero Hedge | Sept. 30, 2023

Last year Sweden witnessed its highest death toll from shootings on record, at more than 60 killed, with this year on track to possibly surpass that as the country’s gang violence continues spiraling out of control.

At a moment scenes of illegal migrants flooding southern Europe from across the Mediterranean continue unabated, even mainstream publications like FT haven’t hesitated to identify what’s fueling the crime and turning Sweden’s streets into war zones: “Police chiefs have said that Sweden is facing its most serious domestic security situation since the second world war as immigrant drug gangs engage in a bloody conflict,” FT writes.

And there’s even “child soldiers” in the heart of Scandinavian Europe: “Police believe the gangs are increasingly using children to commit the crimes, as those under 18 often go unpunished or receive low sentences from the courts.”


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    • Careful what you wish for. Once the government (crime syndicate) gains the power to deploy the military for “public safety” reasons they can then do so practically arbitrarily. For instance they can then deploy their military to quell rebellions or to enforce “health emergency” or “climate emergency” lockdowns.

      Also, the only military presence needed to stop weaponry and drugs from flowing in would be a few troops posted at each border crossing. That’s all it would take. Even armed customs officers would do fine. They don’t want to stop it because they’re behind it.

      This became known way back in the 80s. There’s even a song by a popular Swedish folk musician plainly stating it:

      Is it true that drug trafficking
      Has poisoned politics
      And that [government] officials and police
      Are nestled in?
      That our immigration minister
      Have been tipped off by the Antichrist
      And welcomes in gangsters other countries expell?

      From the Owe Thörnqvist song “Sverigebesöket,” released in 1982.

  1. Swede here.

    According to the official narrative the main master mind behind all this is some super villain called “The Kurdish Fox.” People (especially people on the right) are bombarded with fear porn about this character and these deeds.

    In reality, our (Globalist Puppet/useful idiot) politicians, here and in the rest of Europe, paved the way for this by abolishing national border controls. The remaining obstacles to free flow of weaponry and drugs into Sweden was cleared by our puppet/useful idiot politicians by building a bridge linking Sweden with Denmark and therefore also, thanks to the EU internal open borders, the southern border of the EU.

    This means, in practice, that there’s free passage of anything or anyone from the outer borders of the EU to anywhere inside. This is of little use or benefit for anything but illegal operations. Making matters worse for Sweden, they even have a “safety rule” in place for customs at the DEN-SWE bridge which makes it even easier for smugglers. The rule is that vehicles carrying more than a certain number of people are not to be checked as it is considered too dangerous for the officers. This means that smugglers easily get free passage. It would be easy to reinforce and to arm customs but instead they did this, making even clearer that they want drugs and weapons flowing in.

    It’s well established and proven that the international illicit drug and arms trade is a Globalist affair. It’s been revealed many times that the proceeds are laundered in big banks and also nobody else have the power and resources to pull it off. The fact that major political action was required to make it possible makes it even more evident. Anyone with even a remotely functioning mind should realize that the globalists and their minions are the true cause of the chaos.

    One of the reasons for this is to scare people into accepting or requesting increased police presence and authority and thereby increased control for the Globalists; the true crime syndicate. That’s why people are bombarded by media and social media with this fear porn about shootings and bombings and the ridiculous Hollywood narrative of a criminal master mind called “the Kurdish Fox” being behind it and that the police are fighting to crack down on him and his gang.

    I wonder also why organized criminal enterprises would blow up buildings and stage shootouts. What do they have to gain from that? All it does is draw attention and heat. What kind of criminal organization would want that? Only ones controlled by the rulers. It’s all theater to scare people into accepting or requesting tyrannical “security measures.” Like being allowed to call in the military for “public safety” reasons, something that can then be exploited arbitrarily by the ruling oligarchy. It can then, for instance, be used to quell rebellion or to enforce WHO “pandemic” lockdown mandates.

    I would bet there’s also quite a connection between the large uptick in shootings and bombings and “lost” US weaponry from Ukraine. Both line up chronologically too.

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