5 Comments on Israeli Tank Hits Egyptian Post Near Rafah

  1. Let’s examine the Jewish/Israeli record since 1900: prior to WW1 Zionist Jews were already talking about losing six million; Jews extended WW1 unnecessarily by helping to bring in the USA and promising Palestine to the Jews via the Balfour Declaration, when Germany wanted to end the war; Jews were in the forefront of promoting Traneeism, Homosexuality and the porn industry in 920’s-30’s Germany until Hitler came to power; Jewish billionaires, notably Bernard Baruch, financially supported Roosevelt and Churchill which helped bring about WW2; Churchill took every opportunity to undermine Neville Chamberlain, guaranteeing war; Jews encouraged Soviet soldiers to terrorise and murder Germans; then came the Holohaux and the six million; stealing Palestinian lands since 1948; the USS Liberty; 9/11; slaughtering Palestinians with weapons supplied by the US at least three times; producing tee shirts displaying a pregnant Palestinian and the caption one shot – two kills; promotes the Woke industry where they are heavily involved financially; actively recruit western politicians via bribes and blackmail, so own most of them……you know folks, either it’s the worst case of publicity incompetence in world history, or we are talking real psychopathy in real time.

  2. There have been wars with strange names in British history: the War of the Roses; the War of Jenkins’ Ear. The beginning of WWII in Europe could be called the War for Winston’s Bar Tab.

    The Balfour Declaration only promised that His Majesty’s Government would employ their “best efforts” to establish a national home for the Jewish people in Particular provided that doing so would in no way jeopardize the native population.

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