Patton Assassinated to Suppress His Criticism of Post-War Policy

Before his death in 1999, an OSS special agent openly talked about his role in incapacitating Gen. George S. Patton (1885-1945) via a staged automobile fender bender on Dec. 9, 1945. Using the pandemonium of the traffic collision as a distraction, agent Douglas DeWitt Bazata sniped Patton in the neck with a specially made gun firing a non-piercing bolt. Patton survived the incident with a dislocation of a vertebrae and never knew what hit him.

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Major Gen. William J. Donovan, head of the OSS

The government assassin first publicly confessed his guilt in the plot decades ago in front of a journalist at an OSS reunion dinner in D.C. Later, Bazata also confessed his role to author Robert K. Wilcox, who wrote the book “Target Patton.” Wilcox’s cousin and researcher Tim Wilcox discusses the circumstances in the video below. Bazata was an active special agent and assassin during and after WWII.

The assassin recounted that OSS Chief William Donovan had personally ordered the killing on the grounds that Patton had “gone crazy” and was becoming a major threat to American national interests.

A newspaper that also carried an interview claimed that it had “a professional analyst subject Bazata’s interview to the rigors of a content analysis using a Psychological Stress Evaluator (P.S.E.) His report: Bazata gives no evidence of lying.”

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On Dec. 9, 1945, a truck swerved in front of Patton’s limo. It was driven by a corporal who then disappeared. Patton survived with a dislocation of vertebrae from Bazata’s weapon and was taken to a hospital in more distant Heidelberg rather than in nearby Mannheim. He was at first fitted with a neck brace that did more harm than good.

As Patton was recovering, he held a press conference and declared he was going home. Then, he was injected or poisoned in the hospital and died suddenly on Dec. 21, 1945. There is a backstory that NKVD agents got to him, but that wouldn’t have been necessary.

Bazata claimed that he knows who killed him, and that Patton was killed by a dose of cyanide in the hospital. No autopsy was done, which is highly suspicious. Bazata went on to say that he met an unidentified man whom he knew only as a “Pole” (Polish extraction), who was also ordered to kill Patton.

Several official reports were produced regarding the exact circumstances of the very strange traffic accident said to be responsible for his death, but all of these reports have completely disappeared from U.S. government files. The medical reports disappeared, and archival records are strangely scrubbed.

Weak link in story? Patton stopped en route at a Roman ruin located on a hill along the roadside. Bazata put a jam into the window of Patton’s auto that would leave a four inch gap for a shot to the target. There are very few images of the limo online and now no accident reports either. However this one is of interest. It shows a white colored object sticking out of the window, door area where Patton was seated. The window itself is blurry, but you can see some interior detail. Was this window indeed partially open- thus confirming Bazata’s claim?

Plenty of Motive for Assassination: Gen. Patton’s Interpretive Framework

Patton had planned to write his memoirs, illustrating that eastern Europe was tossed to the Soviet Union. The reason for the hit on Patton were his views put forth on Oct. 22, 1945, in a long letter to Maj. Gen. James G. Harbord. Once the powers that be realized Patton would retire and be outspoken, the plan was put into place. This “car accident” took place shortly before his scheduled departure home, and he had narrowly escaped death twice before under very strange circumstances.

In a letter, Patton had bitterly condemned the Morgenthau policy; Eisenhower’s pusillanimous behavior in the face of Jewish demands; the strong pro-Soviet bias in the press; and the politicization, corruption, degradation and the demoralization of the U.S. Army, from this bad policy. He saw this as a deliberate goal of America’s enemies.

I have been just as furious as you at the compilation of lies which the communist and Semitic elements of our government have leveled against me and practically every other commander. In my opinion it is a deliberate attempt to alienate the soldier vote from the commanders, because the communists know that soldiers are not communistic, and they fear what eleven million votes (of veterans) would do.

In his letter to Harbord, Patton also revealed his own plans to fight an “all-out offensive” against those who were destroying the morale and integrity of the Army and endangering America’s future by not opposing the growing Soviet might.

It is my present thought … that when I finish this job, which will be around the first of the year, I shall resign, not retire, because if I retire I will still have a gag in my mouth … I should not start a limited counterattack, which would be contrary to my military theories, but should wait until I can start an all-out offensive …

Several months before the end of the war, Patton recognized the fearful danger to the West posed by the Soviet Union, and he had disagreed bitterly with the orders given to him in April and May, 1945 to hold back his army and wait for the Red Army to occupy vast stretches of German, Czech, Rumanian, Hungarian and Yugoslav territory, which the Americans could have easily taken instead.

The most notorious incident allegedly happened toward the end of May, when an English-speaking Russian brigadier general arrived at Patton’s headquarters to demand that some river boats on the Danube that had contained Germans who had surrendered to the Third Army be returned to the Russians. Patton opened a drawer, pulled out a pistol, slammed it down on his desk and raged, “Goddamnit! Get this son-of-a-bitch out of here! Who in hell let him in? Don’t let any more Russian bastards into this headquarters.”

On July 21, he wrote to Beatrice:

We have destroyed what could have been a good race and we [are] about to replace them with Mongolian savages. Now the horrors of peace, pacifism and unions will have unlimited sway. I wish I were young enough to fight in the next one [war]. It would be real fun killing Mongols …. It is hell to be old and passé and know it.

Then, he was highly critical of the post-war occupation policy in Germany.

The noise against me is only the means by which the Jews and Communists are attempting and with good success to implement a further dismemberment of Germany. I think that if I resigned as I threatened to do yesterday, it would simply discredit me to no purpose.

We promised the Europeans freedom. It would be worse than dishonorable not to see that they have it. This might mean war with the Russians, but what of it? They have no air force, and their gasoline and ammunition supplies are low. I’ve seen their miserable supply trains; mostly wagons drawn by beaten up old horses or oxen. I’ll say this; the Third Army alone and with damned few casualties, could lick what is left of the Russians in six weeks. You mark my words. Don’t ever forget them. Someday we will have to fight them and it will take six years and cost us six million lives. [As quoted in the book “The Unknown Patton” (1983) by Charles M. Province, p. 100]

Other notable quotes illustrate his frame of mind.

No one gives a damn how well Bavaria is run. All they are interested in now is how well it is ruined. [Letter to Beatrice (29 September 1945), published in “The Patton Papers” (1996), edited by Martin Blumenson]

* * * * * *

Evidently the virus started by Morgenthau and Baruch of a Semitic revenge against all Germans is still working. Harrison (a U.S. State Department official) and his associates indicate that they feel German civilians should be removed from houses for the purpose of housing Displaced Persons. There are two errors in this assumption. First, when we remove an individual German we punish an individual German, while the punishment is — not intended for the individual but for the race. Furthermore, it is against my Anglo-Saxon conscience to remove a person from a house, which is a punishment, without due process of law.

There were also running conflicts about the treatment of Axis POWs. Patton was countering abuses. Additionally, he was furious that Americans from POW facilities in Soviet hands had not been immediately returned per agreement.

With great reluctance and only after repeated prompts from Eisenhower, he had thrown German families out of their homes to make room for more than a million DPs, but he balked when ordered to begin blowing up German factories in accord with the infamous Morgenthau Plan to destroy Germany’s economic base forever.

In his diary he wrote:

I doubted the expediency of blowing up factories, because the ends for which the factories are being blown up — that is, preventing Germany from preparing for war — can be equally well attained through the destruction of their machinery, while the buildings can be used to house thousands of homeless persons.

In a letter to his wife of Sept. 14, 1945, he wrote:

I am frankly opposed to this war criminal stuff. It is not cricket and is Semitic. I am also opposed to sending POW’s to work as slaves in foreign lands [i.e. the Soviet Union’s Gulags], where many will be starved to death.

I have been at Frankfurt for a civil government conference. If what we are doing (to the Germans) is ‘Liberty, then give me death.’ I can’t see how Americans can sink so low. It is Semitic, and I am sure of it.

On July 21, 1945:

“Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be communist. It’s said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed.

On Aug. 31, he wrote:

The stuff in the papers about fraternization is all wet … All that sort of writing is done by Jews to get revenge. Actually, the Germans are the only decent people left in Europe. It’s a choice between them and the Russians. I prefer the Germans.

And on Sept. 2:

What we are doing is to destroy the only semi-modern state in Europe, so that Russia can swallow the whole.

Morgenthauists and media monopolists decided that Patton was incorrigible and must be discredited. So they began non-stop hounding of him in the press, accusing him of being “soft on Nazis.” Patton’s response:

There is a very apparent Semitic influence in the press. They are trying to do two things: first, implement communism, and second, see that all businessmen of German ancestry and non-Jewish antecedents are thrown out of their jobs.

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  1. We will never know the depth of Patton’s true feelings, because the only two people who ever saw his diary entries from May ’45 to December ’45 were two Jews, Martin Blumenson and Ladislas Farago. The “Patton Papers’ is a very heavily edited version of what Patton actually wrote.
    Martin Blumenson was the official US Army historian in the European theater. His almost entirely fictional account of the war has been blindly parroted by historians ever since. Suffice it to say, American troops were held back from attacking Germany by the high command- Roosevelt, Morgenthau and Baruch, because these gentlemen wanted the Soviet army to capture Berlin and eastern Europe.
    As for the assassination itself, check James Angleton’s movements in the weeks prior to Patton’s death. He leaves his base in Italy, where he has been murdering thousands of ‘fascists’ for the past 18 months, and goes to New York. He stays less than a week, has no time for his wife because of his preoccupation with his job, and then returns to Europe. Patton is attacked a few days later. Since murder is Angleton’s line of work, he is the logical suspect. Who did he talk to in New York? probably Bernard Baruch, who after FDR”s death was Mr. Big in American politics. Baruch was grooming Eisenhower for president, and he knew if Patton talked, then Ike would be worthless as a candidate.
    Check the photos in “Target Patton’. The San Fransisco Examiner front page announcing Patton’s death also has an article ‘Ike boomed for president’. Who was booming Ike? Bernard Baruch, the man who eventually made Ike president in ’52.

    • Funny how James Jesus Angleton would soon be one of Americas most fervent anti-communist and become chief architect of the deep state we suffer under today. It makes you wonder if was all just an excuse to start the planned lock down on the American people.

      “I’m a little wary of the term “Deep State” because people misuse it a lot. But if we talk about the secret sector of the government—government agencies whose budgets and activities are secret, are classified information—that is now a huge sector of the US government. So Angleton’s really the father of the Deep State. He had the ideas of mass surveillance. Angleton wanted to get information about what Americans were saying and thinking in their dealings with the Soviet Union. So he opened every single piece of mail that went from the United States to the Soviet Union, coming or going. He was opening 10,000 letters a year. Before that, nobody dared open the mail. It was plainly illegal under US statute. But Angleton did it.”

      • Angleton was himself a Soviet agent, recruited by Kim Philby when Angleton was just a baby spy. After 1947, Angleton like so many other Jews, transferred some of his loyalty to Israel. He and Philby remained close friends,however, and used this friendship as a vehicle to clean out America’s secrets and send them to the Soviets.

        Angleton was not anti-Soviet, he was, as I said one of their agents, like so many were in the American government of the 40’s. He posed as a hard-liner because it was important to his personal safety to prevent any rapprochement between the two governments. A true policy of detente could have caused the Soviets to give up Angleton.

        • BSPD,
          You keep using the wrong terminology.
          “Anti-Communism is anti-Semitism.”
          ~ Jewish Voice, July ~ August 1941.
          This list suggests there was nothing ‘Russian’ about the ‘Russian Revolution’, yet this fact is mostly obscured by contemporary historians.
          1. “Some call it Marxism, I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the American Bulletin of May 15, 1935.
          2. “The revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution” – The Maccabean (New York), Nov. 1905, p, 250.
          3. “Jewry is the mother of Marxism.” – Le Droit de Vivre, May 12, 1936.“Judaism is Marxism, communism” – Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 64.
          4. “The communist soul is the soul of Judaism.” – Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 143.
          5. “We Jews cannot be called upon to denounce Communism.” -The American Hebrew (New York), February 3, 1939, p. 11“The picture which the Soviet Union presents today is one that should bring rejoicing to world Jewry.” – The Youngstown Jewish Times, Sept. 18, 1936, page 51.
          6. “It would be absurd to deny the intensity of the Jewish participation in the Russian revolutionary movement.” – Leon Dennen, in The Menorah Journal (New York) July-September 1932, p. 106.
          7. “That achievement – the Russian-Jewish revolution – destined to figure in history as the overshadowing result of World War, was largely the outcome of Jewish thinking, of Jewish discontent, of Jewish effort to reconstruct.” – The American Hebrew, September 10, 1920.
          8. “The Bolshevik Government of Russia is the key-stone of the arch of the proof of the Jewish conspiracy for radicalism and world-domination.” – William Hard, The Great Jewish Conspiracy (New York: American Jewish Book Company, 1920), p. 31.
          9. “The Jewish elements provide the driving forces for communism” – Dr. Oscar Levy, in George Pitt-Rivers, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution (Oxford, 1920), p. ix.
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          11. “Russian Jews have taken a prominent part in the Bolshevist movement” – The American Hebrew (New York), November 18, 1927, p. 20.
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          13. “The East-Side Jew [Trotsky] that Conquered Europe” – The Liberator (New York), March 1920, pp. 26-27.
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          15. “It is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism; all this is in perfect accord with the progress of Judaism and the Jews.” – Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 148
          16. “Karl Marx, who came from an old family of rabbis and brilliant Talmudic scholars, was to point the path of victory for the proletariat.” – L. Rennap, Anti-Semitism and the Jewish Question (London, 1942), p. 31.
          17. “Among his [Karl Marx’s] ancestors were Rabbis and Talmudists, men of learning and keen intellect.” – Henry Wickham Steed, in The American Hebrew (New York), December 9, 1927, p. 206 “The peculiarly Jewish logic of his [Karl Marx’s] mind” – Henry Wickham Steed, in The American Hebrew (New York), December 9, 1927, p. 206.
          18. “Mr. Wickham Steed lays the rise of Bolshevism at the doors of Jewry.” – The Jewish Guardian (London), November 28, 1924, p. 4.“The Bolshevik Revolution has emancipated the Jews as individuals” – Dr. Avrahm Yarmolinsky, in The Menorah Journal (New York), July 1928, p. 33.
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          22. “If the tide of history does not turn toward Communist internationalism … then the Jewish race is doomed.” – George Marlen, Stalin, Trotsky, or Lenin (New York, 1937), p. 414 “The [Jewish] Commissaries were formerly political exiles. They had been dreaming of revolution for years in their exile in Paris, in London, in New York, in Berlin, everywhere and anywhere. They saw in the Bolshevist Movement an opportunity of realizing the extreme ideas of Communism and internationalism to which their fate had compelled them.” – Dr. D. S. Pazmanik, in The Jewish Chronicle (London), September 5, 1919, p. 14.
          23. “The Jewish people will never forget that the Soviet Union was the first country – and as yet the only country in the world – in which anti-Semitism is a crime.” – Jewish Voice (New York: National Council of Jewish Communists), January 1942, p. 16.
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          27. “The Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth. This is the historic destiny of the Jews” – Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), pp. 99-100.
          28. “We Jews, we the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do, will meet our needs and demands. We will destroy because we need a world of our own.” – Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, page 155.
          29. “The Russian intelligentsia . . . saw in the philosophy of Judaism the germs of Bolshevism – the struggle of … Judaism versus Christianity.” – Leon Dennen, in The Menorah Journal (New York, July-September 1932, p. 105.
          30. “Soviet Russia has declared war on Christianity, and on those who profess this faith. In the Russian villages today Bolsheviks and Herbert H. Lehman . . . were called the ‘secret government of the United States’ and were linked with ‘world communism.’” – Dr. Louis Harap, in Jewish Life (New York), June 1951, p. 20.


          This may seem strange. What can there be in common between Communism and the largest banks? Ho-ho! The Communism of Marx seeks an enormous centralization of the state, and where such exists, there must inevitably be a central state bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, which profiteers from the labour of others, will always find a way to prevail. In reality, for the proletariat, this would be a barrack regime, under which the working men and the working women, converted into a uniform mass, would rise, fall asleep, work, and live at the beat of the drum.” ~ Bakunin (1814-1876)

          Marxism, to which all branches of Socialism necessarily adhere, was originated by Jew Karl Marx, himself of rabbinical descent and has been dominated by them from the beginning. Marx did not actually originate anything; he merely “streamlined” Talmudism for Gentile consumption.

          Patton was IGNORANT about why the wars were fought!
          He knew nothing about the CFR, who created Bolshevik Communism and Nazism.
          The wars were created by BANKERS and THEY decided who was going to win and who was going to lose and at the same time, they brought thousands of Nazis to America through the VATICAN Ratline!

          Professor Anthony Sutton and his books.
          His knowledge about the two world wars is mind blowing!
          The elite try to ignore him, because they can’t argue with his facts.

          America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones
          by Antony C. Sutton

          Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
          by Antony C. Sutton

          Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
          by Antony C. Sutton

          Wall Street and FDR
          by Antony C. Sutton

          The Federal Reserve Conspiracy
          by Antony C. Sutton

          The Best Enemy Money Can Buy
          by Antony C. Sutton

          National Suicide: Military aid to the Soviet Union
          by Antony C. Sutton

          National Security And Trade With The Soviet Union
          by Antony C. Sutton

          Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1930-1945
          by Antony C. Sutton

          Trilaterals over America
          by Antony C. Sutton

          Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1917-1930
          by Antony C. Sutton

          Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1945 to 1965
          by Antony C. Sutton

          Trilaterals over Washington
          by Antony C. Sutton, Patrick M. Wood

          Energy: The Created Crisis
          by Antony C. Sutton

          Technological Treason
          by Antony C. Sutton

          Cold Fusion: The Secret En… Cold Fusion: The Secret Energy Revolution
          by Antony C. Sutton

          The War On Gold
          by Antony C. Sutton

          Gold For Survival
          by Antony C. Sutton

          The Diamond Connection: A Manual For Investors
          by Antony C. Sutton

          by Antony C. Sutton

          An Introduction to the Order
          by Antony C. Sutton

          How The Order Controls Education
          by Antony C. Sutton

          The Secret Cult of the Order
          by Antony C. Sutton

          How the Order Creates War & Revolution
          by Antony C. Sutton

          – The Most Important Book of 2012)
          by Antony C. Sutton, Charles Conway (Introduction)

          Two Faces Of George Bush Two Faces Of George Bush
          by Antony C. Sutton

          And last but not least:

  2. Patton wasn’t just targeted for assassination. He was slurred with made up fabrications and lies as well. This looks like one. Why would there be “guards” at all in September, 1945? These were housing shelters, not “camps” in the sense implied. The following tale from Politico doesn’t combine in the least, and suggests obfuscation.

    –Eisenhower came down from Frankfurt on September 17 to join Patton on a tour of the camps where Jewish refugees were housed. He was horrified to find that some of the guards were former SS men. During the tour, Patton remarked that the camps had been clean and decent before the arrival of the Jewish “DPs” (displaced persons), who were “pissing and crapping all over the place.” Eisenhower told Patton to shut up, but he continued his diatribe, telling Eisenhower he planned to make a nearby German village “a concentration camp for some of these goddam Jews.”

  3. This assassination sounds as if it was the (to some extent) method used to assassinate Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin in 1995… supposedly assassinated by shot (by Amir, but Amir only hurt him), then taken to a hospital miles away when another hospital was closer, then murdered in the hospital–well, that’s Barry Chamish’s take on it anyway. The late Chamish was one of Israel’s best journalists ever. Thanks Russ for this truthful post.

  4. A bit OT – “automobile accidents” are a standard method. Almost unremarked on (except for shocked condolences) was the death of Angelo Codevilla last September in CA; long a key Senate aide on Intelligence committees. He became a trenchant critic of the US Ruling Class, as he called them. There are videos out there of State cops who are able to create high speed, side-swipe collisions to wreck target vehicles with no danger to themselves. Here, I see that truck took a more direct approach.

  5. The “white object” is the prominent door hinge of that era. The whiteness is most likely due to some anomaly in the film or lighting effect.

  6. How GR8 the United States would be today, if “I like Patton” had been on those buttons, instead of IKE the kike. A sequel to that Patton movie, should have been made with the truth of Patton. Perhaps in March 1945 (or earlier) Hitler should have met with Patton. The GR8st man of the 20th Century meeting with the 2nd GR8st General of the 20th Century (GR8st General: Erwin Rommel, died of war wounds a year earlier).

  7. I always figured it was fishy. One, Patton probably knew abut the German atomic weapons secrets.
    Also, closely related- let’s cut Uncle Joe some slack- he was late to the party but he did finally realize that the vicious folks he thought he was using were in fact manipulating him: In the fall of 1944 at a meeting in the Kremlin, there was talk about the “Jewish problem” and calls for “increased vigilance”, after which the appointment of Jews to high positions became difficult. I can only imagine after 49, his attitude became increasingly problematical for the…uh…whatever is really going on. Hence the ‘Doctor’s Plot’ They make fun of him about it now but Stalin was a brute from the old school but he was also canny about people and their motivations.

  8. ⁣One of the first martyrs of Jew Finance was America’s epic hero, General Patton, Commander of the U.S. Army
    invading Germany, the “knight of the armoured divisions”. A descendant of the American pioneers, he thought of Nazism as a satanic evil. The propagandists, journalists and statesmen said so, anyway, so far as he was aware. He arrived in Germany hating it.He believed that the nazis must be punished. Then, a German dairymaid living in the neighbourhood of his H.Q. happened to come his way, and during a casual conversation she told him about the
    things happening behind the “villa of the commandant”, i.e. his house. She described how the milk intended for the cities was dumped in the roads by the military police on the order of the Morgenthau boys, how, no longer Nazis but ordinary German soldiers were detained in crowded internment camps just because they did their
    duty, how the workers had been expelled from their homes out of revenge by the former inmates of the concentration camps, and how
    Jewish doctors in the hospitals recommended that every fourth newborn baby should be killed with an injection because there was not enough milk.P144

  9. Lord Kitchener Assassination, who held this view, was of immense authority and public popularity. The paramount military objective at that stage, was to keep Russia in the war (the Zionists wanted Russia’s
    destruction and so informed the Vigorous Protestants). Lord Kitchener was sent to Russia by Mr. Asquith in June 1916. The cruiser Hampshire, and Lord Kitchener in it, vanished. Good authorities concur that he was the one man who might have sustained Russia. A formidable obstacle, both to the world-revolution there and to the Zionist enterprise, disappeared. Probably Zionism could not have been foisted on the West, had he lived. I remember that the soldiers on the Western Front, when they heard the news, felt that they had lost a major battle..

  10. Assassination of PM. Spencer Perceval.
    Congress still refused to renew the charter for the First Bank of the United States, whereupon Nathan Mayer Rothschild railed,

    “Teach those impudent Americans a lesson! Bring them back to colonial status!”

    The British Prime Minister at the time, Spencer Perceval was adamently opposed to war with the United States, primarily because the majority of England’s military might was occupied with the ongoing Napoleonic wars. Spencer Perceval was concerned that Britain might not prevail in a new American war, a concern shared by many in the British government. Then, Spencer Perceval was assassinated (the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated in office) and replaced by Robert Banks Jenkinson, the 2nd Earl of Liverpool, who was fully supportive of a war to recapture the colonies.

  11. 16th June, 1647.
    From O.C. (i.e. Oliver Cromwell), by Ebenezer Pratt.
    In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to
    England: This however impossible while Charles living. [15]
    Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which do
    not at present exist. Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will
    have nothing to do with arrangements for procuring an assassin, though
    willing to help in his escape.
    In reply was dispatched the following :
    12th July, 1647.
    To O.C. by E. Pratt.
    Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles removed and Jews admitted.
    Assassination too dangerous. Charles shall be given opportunity to escape :
    His recapture will make trial and execution possible. The support will be
    liberal, but useless to discuss terms until trial commences.”
    With this information now at our disposal, the subsequent moves on the
    part of the regicides stand out with a new clearness. On 4th June, 1647, Cornet
    Joyce, acting on secret orders from Cromwell himself, and, according to
    Disraeli, unknown even to General-in-Chief Fairfax, descended upon Holmby
    House with 500 picked revolutionary troopers, and seized the King. According
    to Disraeli,
    “The plan was arranged on May 30th at a secret meeting held at Cromwell’s
    house, though later Cromwell pretending that it was without his concurrence.”

  12. ⁣Horrors of vaccination exposed and illustrated, petition to the President to abolish compulsory vaccination in army and navy.Published 1920:

  13. When General Bunichenko, the commanding officer of Vlasov’s troops, realized that the Americans had no intention of occupying Prague, he knew that this was the death sentence for the anti-Communist Russian army of liberation.
    The bulk of the troops, however, reached the American lines – and now there began an infernal game of treacherousness and American inhumanity. The anti-Communist troops were disarmed, and left in the belief that they were now in safety with these “crusaders for democracy”. But then they were encircled by American tanks, and at 11:00 a.m. on May 13th American officers informed General Bunichenko that he and his regiments had until 3:00 p.m. to march off to the East.The Russians knew what that meant.What was it that Eisenhower had called the Americans: “crusaders”? “Christian soldiers” was Churchill’s term for the armies that fought against Germany. In fact they were accomplices of the Antichrist, of Stalin the Butcher.

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