Anti-Defamation League revised its definition of racism because it was ‘so narrow’

CNN | Feb. 4, 2022

The Anti-Defamation League has revised its definition of racism in the wake of the controversy sparked by “The View” co-host Whoopi Golberg’s comments on the Holocaust.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), announced the decision in an essay published this week, saying the organization’s definition had been incomplete, “ineffective and therefore unacceptable.”

“In all honesty, as I re-read it this past week, it struck me that it didn’t even speak to my own family’s experience with the racism they experienced as Jews from the Middle East,” Greenblatt wrote.

That definition, Greenblatt wrote in his essay, was revised with the intention of acknowledging systemic racism and the impact of White supremacy on people of color.


7 Comments on Anti-Defamation League revised its definition of racism because it was ‘so narrow’

  1. NAZI = A derogatory epithet invented by the Jew Konrad Heiden.

    ANTI-SEMITIC = An epithet invented by the Communist (liberal) Jew, Moritz Steinschneider.

    RACIST = An epithet invented by the Communist Trotskyist Jew Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein).

    SEXISM = An epithet invented by radical feminist Jewess Margaret Feldman.

  2. Those famous DUAL STANDARDS of the Talmudic Worldview at play again in world Geopolitics!

    Seems Israel is now expelling Black Folk on mass from the country :

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces his determination to correct the situation:

    “The massive illegal infiltration into Israel from Africa constituted a tangible threat to the future of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. We blocked this threat by building a fence, which entailed overcoming the opposition of the security establishment and political rivals. When we blocked it, we completely stopped the infiltration…

    “There remains the problem of those who entered before the fence was completed, some tens of thousands of illegal infiltrators who entered the country. We voluntarily repatriated 12,000 of them with various incentives and measures. We wanted more. We proposed a series of steps, including the deposit, but unfortunately all of them were rejected by the High Court of Justice. …

    “We are seeking strong steps against the rioters, including the immediate expulsion of those who took part. …

    “I would also like this forum to prepare a complete and updated plan to repatriate all of the remaining illegal infiltrators from the State of Israel…”

  3. Mr Greenblatts’ complaint is just antisemitic racism,
    we should never conflate it by just saying
    “antisemitic”. It makes it sound
    special, which it isn’t. Those of
    semiteness invented the concepts
    “racist” & “racism”… lock
    them in their own narrative
    by fusing antisemitic with
    racism #antisemiticracism

  4. We wanted better psyops and we got it! I’d love Ross’s opinion on thr crying girls at the end. Very bad acting indeed. All in all a very strange video although insightful in places regarding the issues faced by people who identify as Jewish, however the least strawman facts are converted into whoppers. Altogether a great psyop, 4.5 out of 5.

  5. Sorry … RUSS idk how this autocorrect gets its assumptions. But further to the post above, I maintain this excellent psyop provides direction on the greatest psyop in the history of humankind: the bible. The whoppers are no doubt the points hammered into the consciousness like nothing else. For example, Jesus is a Jew whereas racially there’s very good reasons to believe that Jesus was very red headed and fair and came from such stock which was absolutely the genetic minority on easrth. Then there’s mindbenders like Joseph taking the Land from the starving beleaguered Egyptian peasants and consolidating power, and of course the Persian fairytale of esther, “our whore” which spawned the unusually grisly fact of purim 14 adar and glorifies an female who has none of the desired traits of modesty and chastity etc. A lot of money business in my humble opinion ion but don’t throw the baby out with the bather water. The prophets embody some blazing truths tho I concur with the rabbi who stated Isaiah was written by at least 3 different people. I understand because that’s where I close the book and always have. As for a wonderful being who literally takes our sins I do give thanks becaise I find when I hang o to grudges I’m miserable and when I’m able to release it yes to some higher power out there I’m back in business enjoying this wonderful life. I wonder indeed what the pictish term for God Almightly might have been.

    Righto then. Hoping for my next dose of insight soon enoughn it’s off to work I go hydiho.

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