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Waukesha Parade High Strangeness Psyops Examined

James Fetzer’s False Flags and Conspiracies Virtual Conference 2021 featured “High Strangeness: The Waukesha PsyOp,” which was a review of the Waukesha parade event as analyzed by myself and the Brain Trust: Giuseppe Vafanculo, David Scorpio and Darryl Wayne. For the presentation, a number of the images and videos were gathered for closer scrutiny. The presentation is here.

Read “Strange Imagery from Waukesha Parade SUV Attack (Updated)”

Notes and Additional Observations

Word on the film being presented:

At minute 00:11:28 is an examination of a video clip showing the red SUV racing at higher speeds past the parade without striking anyone. That can be seen starting at 00:02:18.

The red Ford Escape did not knock over the barricades when escaping the scene. As seen at 00:47:25, there was more high strangeness, and barricades appear already laid out on the pavement and down.

At 00:33:00, we discuss the bystanders at the point of attack. I contend that this is a staged production and there are not real people there. In fact, I don’t even think they are actors. It’s more likely poor-quality, obscured CGI using dark and blurry stick figures.

Note at 00:54:00, at the high strangeness house scene, a coatless Brooks is arrested after eating a ham sandwich and calling an Uber.

Yet, more high strangeness from the script writers who must be yucking it up. Note at 00:49:45 that no-coat Brooks is also in short sleeves and seems dressed for another day. Brooks says he is homeless but apparently he can afford gasoline for blitzing around town and for an Uber — but not a warm sweater from Goodwill? According to weather records for Waukesha shown on left, he is out in sub freezing temperature and 29 mph wind at that 6 p.m. hour.

At 00:22:00, evaluating pedestrians hit at different speeds. A video compilation below shows pedestrians being hit in the non-cartoon world at similar speeds as well as faster speeds. They often flip straight up and slightly to the side. Unless hit at high speeds, they don’t go far. You can see several get right back up after solid strikes.

In the film taken after the SUV came through [00:59:20] at Waukesha shows bodies are strewn on both sides of a wide street despite the SUV moving at 20 mph and less at several points. Indeed, we established in our analysis that the red SUV veered to the left side of the street and angled into the furthest left column of marchers.

Also, note that real people in some bad spots often can evade or take glancing, less-serious blows. Humans have senses and one is hearing. Are we to believe there wasn’t screaming and a racket behind the marchers as the vehicle plowed through? Most people will not stand there like deer highlights while a slow-moving red vehicle mows down a parade line. In fact, the overhead film shows people scattering. That explains why very few people are actually seen down in the overhead video shots, which is covered at 00:31:10 in the presentation.

12 Comments on Waukesha Parade High Strangeness Psyops Examined

  1. You see the ADL’s Twitter saying ‘Waukesha Incident’ has done nothing but ‘Provide an outlet for Anti-Semitism’ now? How about that shit. The Navel-Gazing knows no Bounds. Next ADL will be accusing people’s pets of Anti-Semitism.

  2. I’m satisfied from your analysis that it was indeed a staged event. What is interesting is that it was so poorly staged. And what was its motivation?

    • I could only listen to the first 3,4 min of RW’s Fetzer presentation; but something extremely important is said at about the 30 second mark: the extremely superficial, defective way that almost everyone “looks” at video, at TV – resulting in a fast “yes, this is what I am told it is” response – a response with almost zero awareness that it even is a response, much less any critical, self-critical analysis.

      That may answer your question: it was poorly staged because it doesn’t have to be well staged. It is what they say it is … and, afterwards, RW (for example) is an ant howling in a hurricane. (But we appreciate and learn from the ants, thank you.)

      = =

      I remember 20 years ago being told that an Arab teenager’s passport was found, mostly intact, on top of the ashen rubble of the WTC and thinking “of course! it WAS them!” .

    • Xtuart- Poorly staging an event, if accepted, has more value than doing it well. The reason for this is that if a poorly staged event is accepted by the population, the CS knows that the society-wide suggestibility level is optimal for other big lies to be pulled off. It’s mass hypnosis black magic. Think 9-11 to Afghanistan to Iraq. One big lie that once accepted, snowballed into another, and then another. People are weakened when they believe lies. They experience emotional discord and make poor choices under duress. The current plandemic is another great example of this.

  3. More ‘grist for the mill!’ Brooks supposedly gave an interview from jail to Media2Rise where he denied fleeing from a ‘knife attack’ which, as we know, is the ‘official’ story! Something smells fishy about this as well! The ‘white people’ standing with their ‘Stop Anti-White Hate’ signs and the interview itself need to be viewed with suspicion as well!

    Who is Media2Rise? Here is their trailer for their documentary on Waukesha which contains ‘footage’ from the interview. The doc is suppose to be out between now and the end of this month!

  4. Just watched this presentation.
    Regarding the aerial shot or the money shot. Has anyone considered the 4th line (most distant) of the band is added in post production. It was never there in reality. The three lines of the band nearest seem to be spaced evenly and centrally. The 4th line, the impacted line, seems squeezed in. As you point out – after the car passes (over) them they seem to disappear or certainly become indistinct. (Maybe in reality he just drove around the band.)
    This may be supported by the film, shot from street level, that shows the car approaching the band then stops – just as the “4th line” should come into view. It has to be stopped because the 4th line – the impacted line – is never there. It would just show him driving around the band.
    No injured, no casualties, no dead.
    Thanks. Keep up the great work.

  5. Hi Russ, do you intend on doing an article covering the Maui fire?

    It could be an example of the most bold and bare-faced mass murder by the state in recent times.

    We have books that were published about the fire (linking it to global warming) during the week whilst the incident was still happening. These books have since been yanked from places like Amazon, whilst the fact checkers are sweeping up the mess.

    The Maui police chief (and self-appointed coroner!!) was also in charge of the Vegas shooting incident. And like the Vegas incident, the police in Maui also blocked people from fleeing danger.

    I’m sure you’re undoubtedly familiar with the countless red flags that point to this fire being anything but natural. Also the water supply being turned off; electricity being left on; no warning sirens; police blocking residents from returning to where their homes were; police stopping the media from recording the site where the fire was; etc.

    And of course, the very concerning dynamics of how the residents had rejected repeated attempts by the local authorities to get them to give up their land in return for a 15min city ghetto. This very much includes Oprah Winfrey mysteriously buying up huge swathes of land where ever this kind of “real estate” disaster occurs.

    Perhaps the most alarming of all, however, is the mysterious disappearance of the Maui children. Seems every time we have one of these “natural disasters”, large numbers of children disappear after stepping onto “rescue” buses.

    Somewhat similar to the aforementioned books that were mysteriously written before the event by an unknown author called Dr Miles Stones (milestone), we also had a new green drink released by Mountain DEW back in 02/02/2022, called Mtn DEW: Maui Burst.

    Emphasis on DEW and Maui.

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