The FBI Declassifies Files on The Finders and McMartin Pre-school Child Trafficking Cases

In 1983, a woman named Judy Johnson from the affluent California community of Manhattan Beach went to the police, claiming that her 2-year-old son had been molested by Raymond “Ray” Buckey, a 28-year-old teacher at McMartin Preschool. Police began their investigation by notifying the parents of current and former students about the possibility of sexual abuse their child.

Numerous children told similar stories of satanic animal sacrifices and sexual rituals in secret rooms at the school. By 1984, Buckey was arrested on 79 counts of child molestation. His mother was also arrested as a conspirator, as well as several other members of the Buckey family, because McMartin Preschool was owned and operated by the Buckey-McMartin family.

The children said they were warned that if they told anyone, their parents would be killed. And sure enough, just as Buckey’s trial got underway in 1986 — a trial in which Judy Johnson was a key witness — she was discovered dead in her home, cause unknown. She was just 42 years old.

Almost exactly one year later, a former police officer who served as an investigator for the defense suicided himself at home.

With Johnson dead, Buckey’s defense attorney was able to impeach her character during the trial. It was also argued that the testimony of the children had been influenced (or implanted) by the psychological examiners who interviewed them. Ultimately, Buckey was not convicted. A second jury deadlocked in 1990, and the case was dismissed.

For six years, the police and the FBI had actively investigated the McMartin Preschool case, according to the Los Angeles Times. After they closed their file — and the Buckey family revealed they had sold the shuttered McMartin Preschool to Arnold Goldstein for the development of an office building — frustrated parents of the abused children hired the subsequently retired chief and head of the Los Angeles FBI, special agent Ted L. Gunderson (1928-2011) to continue with the investigation, and commissioned an archaeological survey.

A decade later, you could find Gunderson speaking out about the McMartin case as well as a network of child molesters and traffickers called “The Finders.”

For decades, the FBI’s files on the McMartin case and The Finders were sealed. Not anymore. The agency declassified and released its files. It shows a decade of research spanning from California to Belgium.

The FBI Files

The investigation into the cases described cults, child sex trafficking and kompromat. In recent decades, the mainstream media has refused to report on such cases. Such cases (see below) have been “debunked” by the usual suspects that the Crime Syndicate uses for cover. But the FBI’s own investigation suggests the cases were real enough and points to cover ups.

A timeline of events is in the report.

From the news article “Officials describe ‘cult rituals in child abuse case” by Saundra Saperstein and Victoria Churchville of The Washington Post on Feb. 7, 1987:

‘Douglas J Ammerman’ and ‘Michael Houlihan’ were arrested at odd hours at a Tallahassee park with 6 unrelated children with no understanding of modern amenities, hot water, TV or phones. The children were reportedly bug bitten, wearing old and ragged clothes and 2/6 reported to have been ‘obviously abused.

Before their arrests in the park, Ammerman and Houlihan had told police that they were teachers from Washington “transporting these children to Mexico and a school for brilliant children,” according to Hunt. When police asked the men where the children’s mothers were, “they said they were being weaned from their mothers.”

Pages 4-10 shows The Finders were caught many times, but various prosecutors declined to press charges. FBI, the U.S. State Department and others helped cover it up every time.

On page 39 we learn of a request that the FBI review original first-hand docs on The Finders instead of relying on previous agents summaries or review reports. Permission would be required to see the direct evidence.

On page 40 we see clues as to how the Crime Syndicate’s star chamber sistema buries investigative evidence in the wrong agencies, making serious pursuit difficult. The U.S. Customs Service is the agency with briefing materials on The Finders. DOJ and FBI have to request copy of materials from USCS.

Page 41, evidence is turned over to US Attorney District of Columbia who refused to prosecute.

What’s worse, page 50 from 1991 shows a memo on jurisdiction. It describes how the U.S. Postal Service, the FBI and USCS carve up the turf on child crimes. USCS has jurisdiction over “interdiction and international distribution of child pornography”.

Note: “Recently the USCS experienced a massive reorganization. This … caused the Child Porn and Protection Unit to be integrated into the Smuggling Investigations Division. All Units, Branches, and Sections were eliminated during the reorg,” the report states.

So somebody in high authority had the power to wipe out a whole unit of agents on the cases. But those names are redacted.

Next we learn that several congressional committees were sniffing around, and that a never-aired documentary was in the works. The story of what happened here has fallen down the memory hole.

But this document ties in and confirms:

On page 41, the FBI report contains a link to a Washington Post article in which neighbors of one sketchy property said the residents were “a close-knit group of feminists who liked to help people and were not a cult.”The U.S. Attorney for D.C. declined to prosecute despite extensive evidence of abuse and satanic rituals. The case was complicated by the mothers being found, and possibly having given consent. US Attorney involved has an interesting career path to say the least.

The USCS was pursuing the case. Page 9 points to a cell and repeats the impregnation of females, and the trading of children and kidnapping. What kind of “normal child exploiters” have the operational security to breed and kidnap children for abduction?

On page 68, a D.C. police investigation concluded that a CIA employee (1950-1979) was a member of The Finders.

“At Approximately 1530 hrs, 2/18/87 Dt. [redacted] spoke with S/A [redacted] reference any contact the members of the Finders may have had with the Agency, S/A/ [redacted] was guarded but frank in his responses. He confirmed that [redacted] Isabelle, now deceased, was an employee of the agency from 1950 until 1971”

WW Note: Likely Isabelle Pettie. Marion David Pettie, was the leader of the cult. “Dr. Greenberg” shows up and runs obfuscation.

​The report later states that the CIA saw the D.C. police department as treading on their toes. On page 225, it refers to the “vested interest” of the CIA.

Report mentions bodies being buried on a Finders’ farm in Culpepper, Virginia. There were also cages. The role of the CIA is referenced, but it’s convoluted. It’s almost as if the more powerful agencies treat satanists as a special protected class. In today’s inverted, captured world, that wouldn’t be surprising.

Indeed, more evidence that there were white hats within the FBI trying to deal with the cover ups. Page 89-95: FBI tries to open an obstruction of justice case to determine if U.S. intelligence is involved.

The D.C. Metro police on page 67 also offered up a rather sketchy theory that The Finders was a CIA psyop of some sort, but it never concluded the obvious.

Page 68 states that during war time, The Finders’ people visited restricted Moscow, North Korea and North Vietnam, “which could only have been arranged by the CIA.”

Page 85 indicates another Finders property location. So far: Florida, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Ohio. Funded: CIA Founder: CIA lifer into Satanism. Known activities: Breed and raise kids. “Shape” them. Deliver intel assignments.

Did page 214 show the redacted name of former Los Angeles FBI chief, the aforementioned special agent Ted Gunderson?

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Page 69 shows that agents tried to pass a report to a contact in Europe, but the disc is intercepted and memory holed.

The next document, from pages 52 to 53, appear to be another jurisdictional grab, instructing that MPD investigative reports were to be classified secret and not to be shared with the FBI. Of course, today we have no idea who the white hats might have been behind the scenes. A star chamber hidden hand is keeping them in the dark. The second document shows the FBI being steered (aka controlled) to HQ level.

Page 99 from Nov. 12, 1993, shows the State Department asked the FBI to handle inquiries on a HQ level.

Winter Watch Takeaway

This seems to be about breeding or “finding” made brainwashed assassins and other operatives à la Don Brown’s “Angels and Demons.” These individuals are raised from infancy and are then inserted within the system as needed. That “Angels and Demons” assassin character may well be the revelation of the method and the template. Additionally, this was 30 years ago, back when white-hats elements were still in play. Today, agencies like the FBI and D.C. Metro are captured. White hats are shuttled to the boondocks, gotten out of the way,

An Important Note About McMartin Students and Debunkers

The McMartin preschool case was high profile at the time and became part of what the neuro-linguist programmers called day-care sex-abuse “hysteria, and  moral panic” over alleged Satanic ritual abuse in the 1980s and early 1990s. But that doesn’t mean that “wild” and “impossible” stories told by the children don’t contain some elements of truth.

It’s as if debunkers haven’t factored in that hallucinogens and drugs were administered to affect the memory. No, that would require critical thinking, and pajama people are ready for the first feeble explanation. Additionally, the Crime Syndicate concocted the false memory syndrome.

Read “‘False Memory’ Narrative Used to Gaslight Child Victims”

One of the controversies in the case were reports by the children and speculation that there were tunnels and rooms under the school center. The debunkers ultimately succeeded in pigeon holing this into the realm of “crazy conspiracy theory.”

But lo and behold, we have confirmation of tunnels and rooms by the FBI itself!

Page 48-49 states tunnels were found at McMartin Preschool, as well as pentagrams and bones. It’s all part of a descriptive report shown below. Then, at the bottom, comes the standard WTF hidden hand shutting the investigation down.

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  1. “White hats are shuttled to the boondocks, gotten out of the way”

    Why make waves when you have a cushy government job, in a small city with a low crime rate, and a local population with high moral standards and good schools?

    Why would you fight satanism in Washington DC or New York when you can do 20-30 years working in Sioux City Iowa and retire with a nice pension, fat 401k and health insurance?

    I believe this is one of the ways they keep things quiet. They bribe good people by sending them back home where they grew up, back to the communities they were raised in so they never see the corruption or the cover ups or the scandals.

    When I tell people back home about stuff that happened in the military or early in my law enforcement career they don’t believe me. They don’t believe people are capable of such evil and that those people are in leadership positions in our government right now.

    The government rewards sociopaths and narcissistic behavior, this is why the American government is such a malignant cancer. Good people get sent to live with other good people while bad people get promoted and given leadership positions in order to have a constant flow of compromised scum bags to be useful idiots for the crime syndicate.

    • Sorry to say, but Sioux City, Iowa is just as full of satanists and pedo’s as D.C. these days. Evil abounds everywhere.

  2. Methinks that the leading actor James Woods should give deep interview now about this case, & those involved in the production of this movie, & the latest findings, & Russ’s article also.

    I have always been suspicious that Hollywood-cum-Television would make a strong movie in defence of a pre-school owned, & operated, by persons with Irish Catholic name [ viz. McMartin ] ;
    My presumption is that parents sent their children there on the belief that the ethos of the administration being Catholic.

    Although I only viewed the 1st 30 minutes or so, I was impressed with James Woods’s performance playing the part of a very smart defence court-room lawyer.


    The McMartin Trial

    Indictment: The McMartin Trial is a film made for television that originally aired on HBO on May 20, 1995. Indictment is based on the true story of the McMartin preschool trial.
    Oliver Stone and Abby Mann were executive producers of the film, which was directed by Mick Jackson.
    The cast includes James Woods and Mercedes Ruehl, as opposing defense and prosecuting attorneys in the McMartin trial. Henry Thomas, Sada Thompson and Shirley Knight co-star as the defendants in the case, with Lolita Davidovitch as a child-abuse therapist whose findings were crucial to the prosecution’s case and Roberta Bassin as the mother who initiated the case.
    A defense lawyer defends an average American family from shocking allegations of child abuse and satanic rituals. After seven years and $16 million, the trial ends with the dismissal of all charges. George Freeman is the star witness in the trial. Kee MacFarlane and Wayne Satz are in a romantic relationship. The poster and ads for the movie declare “The charges were so shocking, the truth didn’t matter.”[1]
    • James Woods as Danny Davis
    • Mercedes Ruehl as Lael Rubin
    • Lolita Davidovitch as Kee MacFarlane
    • Henry Thomas as Ray Buckey
    • Sada Thompson as Virginia McMartin
    • Shirley Knight as Peggy Buckey
    • Alison Elliott as Peggy Ann Buckey
    • Roberta Bassin as Judy Johnson
    • Mark Blum as Wayne Satz
    • Richard Bradford as Ira Reiner
    • James Cromwell as Judge Pounders
    • Chelsea Field as Christine Johnson
    • Richard Portnow as Judge George
    John J. O’Connor, writing for The New York Times:
    This is a portrait of mass hysteria, fueled by panic-stricken parents, overzealous prosecutors, irresponsible talk shows and an out-of-control tabloid press … Is “Indictment” balanced? Is it fair to the other side? No. As Mr. [Abby] Mann puts it, “What other side?” Watch it and shudder.[2]
    Also writing for The New York Times, Seth Mydans said:
    The film makes no pretense at objectivity: There are good guys in the McMartin saga, and there are very, very bad guys … Nor does the film try to examine difficult issues. It is a drama not so much about the painful process of assessing children’s stories of abuse or about the fear and guilt their parents feel but about the destructiveness of a system run amok.[1]
    The Los Angeles Times described the docudrama as “HBO’s frothing, highly opinionated account of the case”.[3] Variety reports this “fact-based HBO Pictures presentation … makes no apologies for depicting the infamous child molestation case as a witch hunt” and leaves “little leeway for surprise. Even so, the well-acted cabler hits its targets with a take-no-prisoners gusto”.[4]
    The film is cited as a watershed in the shift of ideas about satanic ritual abuse, recasting Ray Buckey as a victim of a hysterical conspiracy rather than a child abuser.[6]
    • Mydans, Seth (1995-05-14). “A Child-Abuse Case, in the Eyes of the Accused”. The New York Times. Retrieved 2009-01-11.
    • O’Connor, John J. (1995-05-19). “The Horrors Behind The McMartin Trial”. The New York Times. Retrieved 2009-01-11.
    • “Revisiting the McMartin Case : ‘Indictment,’ a Passionate, Highly Opinionated Retelling of the Preschool Sex Abuse Scandal, Hits Hard at TV News Overkill”. Los Angeles Times. 20 May 1995.
    • “Indictment: The Mcmartin Trial”. 18 May 1995.
    • “Indictment: The McMartin Trial”.
    • Baringer, S (2004). The metanarrative of suspicion in late twentieth century America. Routledge. p. 71. ISBN 0-415-97076-8.

    • They were eventually acquitted per one of the articles referenced here. The existence of the tunnels makes me believe obviously the kids were telling the truth.

  3. Is anyone familiar with Jordan, Minnesota? There was quite a controversy in the town over allegations similar to this case. For whatever reason, the publicity surrounding it was squashed and it has been whitewashed from memory. I don’t know if the allegations were ever confirmed or not, but did make a media splash for a time in the 80’s. The last I ever heard, the powers that be tried to make the entire case a “conspiracy theory” and it seems to have disappeared.

  4. This stuff would not have ever been released to the extent it has if there was no one in authority who would like to being some semblance of humanity back. So we got that going for us…

  5. Imagine how many McMartin Schools there are out there, who haven’t even been investigated or shut down, especially because of this case. SMH. And now we know just how high this goes, and how far the PTB went to demonize the victims in order to hide the criminality from the public. Just, wow.

  6. No idea where anyone may-may not be placed under the coinage phrase ‘heads they win, tails we loose’ scenario BUT…
    I believe occasionally…certain nefarious information somehow gets revealed in order to keep other more shamefully nefarious info on the down low. That ALONE may very well be how things occur: give an inch, take you a mile is possibly meaningless yet maybe, it means far more than we want to know.
    What is revealed is done so that the depth of evil does not get umm…discovered.
    We live in an entirely evil world. If you have a tiny drop of concern, I ask you to pray.

    YES, Whollyweird is an absolutely disgusting place, one literal location of the devil incarnate. Right along with satan the devil, who is no doubt “prince of the power of the air”. Please refer to Ephesians chapter 2, verse 2. And…

    Ephesians chapter 6 verse 12: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    It’s time to know where you stand, or where you’re going to fall.
    Thank You

    • In the ancient Greek philosophy, the “air” referred to “thought forms” that surrounded us just like real “air’ surrounds us (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, . . .etc.). Satan, as the “prince of the power of the air” — is able to rule our “thought forms” in our own brain. In other words, the thoughts we think are not our own.

      Unless, of course, you have “Someone Else”, thinking those “thought forms” in your own brain to counter the “Prince of the Air”. That “Someone Else” is Jesus — here are 54 bible verses about accepting Jesus:

      Once you accept Him, your path may even get more difficult — Satan is actually the “God of this World” and he has the power to make your life even more difficult. However you are aligning yourself with the “God of the World to Come” who is much more powerful.

      He has promised to protect you, forever, and ever!

  7. I read most of this , as I do remember this back then , what I don’t understand is I don’t see the name “Janet Reno” who was the main person who pushed this case forward and at the time was the AJ , she as we all know now was also a life long lezbo who put the hit out on David Corresh of Wako Texas when the FBI lied and said he was molesting little girls at his church she went nuts. That is what set her off and is what to this day is one of the largest mass murders by the US govt . There is a lot missing here , and as I suspect it is the same reason so little is released about the JFK murder , way too many people that were involved are still alive , Bush family , Johnsons etc. Fed reserve , do your own research folks . I had a friend who interviewed the Snipers from Waco and its not what you think either. Reno was pushing that child sex case until it was found to be much bigger than anyone thought so it was scrapped . Good Luck , Happy Jesus Birthday

  8. It is going to be extremely hard for many when they are faced with the reality of what has been declassified and the ramifications thereof.
    We have to face the degree of evil that has taken over much of humanity , seek it out and remove it for ever .There is much cleansing to be done as it has infiltrated much if not all facets of society . Government , policing ,judicial ,educational etc.There is much work to do .May God help us all .

  9. Three cheers for the U.S. Marshalls for doing what the lettered agencies failed to do, repeatedly setting large groups of kidnapped children free. The Marshalls are true American heroes!

  10. Although I would never argue with the premise that there are millions of children being abused via institutes akin to day-care facilities s/a the McMartin School, with all due respect it appears there’s much more to this story than presented here. For example, a cursory perusal of wikipedia produced this nugget of info:

    “The media coverage was generally skewed towards an uncritical acceptance of the prosecution’s viewpoint.[6] David Shaw of the Los Angeles Times wrote a series of articles, which later won the Pulitzer Prize,[43] discussing the flawed and skewed coverage presented by his own paper on the trial.[44] It was only after the case that coverage of the flaws in the evidence and events presented by witnesses and the prosecution were discussed.[6]

    Wayne Satz, at the time a reporter for the Los Angeles ABC affiliate television station KABC, reported on the case and the children’s allegations. He presented an unchallenged view of the children’s and parents’ claims.[45] Satz later entered into a romantic relationship with Kee MacFarlane, the social worker at the Children’s Institute International, who was interviewing the children.[45] Another instance of media conflict of interest occurred when David Rosenzweig, the editor at the Los Angeles Times overseeing the coverage, became engaged to marry Lael Rubin, the prosecutor.[2]”

    Moreover, wikipedia goes on to inform the reader that:

    “The case lasted seven years and cost $15 million,[46] the longest and most expensive criminal case in the history of the United States legal system, and ultimately resulted in no convictions.[2][5][26] The McMartin preschool was closed and the building was dismantled. In 2005, one of the children (as an adult) retracted the allegations of abuse.[19][47]

    ‘Never did anyone do anything to me, and I never saw them doing anything. I said a lot of things that didn’t happen. I lied. … Anytime I would give them an answer that they didn’t like, they would ask again and encourage me to give them the answer they were looking for. … I felt uncomfortable and a little ashamed that I was being dishonest. But at the same time, being the type of person I was, whatever my parents wanted me to do, I would do.[19]’

    In The Devil in The Nursery, Margaret Talbot for The New York Times summarized the case:

    ‘When you once believed something that now strikes you as absurd, even unhinged, it can be almost impossible to summon that feeling of credulity again. Maybe that is why it is easier for most of us to forget, rather than to try and explain, the Satanic-abuse scare that gripped this country in the early 80’s – the myth that Devil-worshipers had set up shop in our day-care centers, where their clever adepts were raping and sodomizing children, practicing ritual sacrifice, shedding their clothes, drinking blood and eating feces, all unnoticed by parents, neighbors and the authorities.[5]’

    Mary A. Fischer in an article in Los Angeles magazine said the case was “simply invented”, and transmogrified into a national cause celebre by the misplaced zeal of six people: Judy Johnson, a seriously mentally ill mother who died of alcoholism; Jane Hoag, the detective who investigated the complaints; Kee MacFarlane, the social worker who interviewed the children; Robert Philibosian, the district attorney who was in a losing battle for re-election; Wayne Satz, the television reporter who first reported the case; and Lael Rubin, the prosecutor.[2]

    In 1990 Peggy, Ray, and Peggy Ann Buckey spoke to the National Association of State Vocal Organizations about their experiences.[48] Peggy Ann and Ray Buckey attended the 1997 “Day of Contrition” conference in Salem, Massachusetts. They were joined by other victims and experts of the day-care sex-abuse hysteria.[49][50]”

    I would never posit that this case can be fully diagnosed or understood via a source s/a Wikipedia; however, it is abundantly clear that there’s much more research needed to be done vis-a-vis this case – that is if one is to come to any conclusions that are accurate and truthful. That is all! RGB-Y3 out!!

  11. And Wikipedia also disclosed the following:

    “In 1990, parents who believed their children had been abused at the preschool hired archaeologist E. Gary Stickel to investigate the site. In May 1990, Stickel claimed he found evidence of tunnels, consistent with the children’s accounts, under the McMartin Preschool using ground-penetrating radar.[53]

    Others have disagreed with Stickel’s conclusions. John Earl wrote in 1995 that the concrete slab floor was undisturbed except for a small patch where the sewer line was tapped into. Once the slab was removed, there was no sign of any materials to line or hold up any tunnels, and the concrete floor would have made it impossible for the defendants to fill in any tunnels once the abuse investigation began. The article concluded that disturbed soil under the slab was from the sewer line and construction fill buried under the slab before it was poured. Further, Earl noted that some fill from beneath the concrete slab was dated to the year 1940.[17]

    W. Joseph Wyatt’s 2002 report concluded that the so-called tunnels under the preschool were more plausibly explained as a series of adjacent rubbish pits used by the owners of the site before the preschool’s construction in 1966. Materials found during the excavation included bottles predominantly dated to the 1930s and ’40s, as well as tin-can fragments, plywood, inner tubes, professionally-butchered livestock bones, four small containers of trash, and a former owner’s old mail box.[54]

    Only three small items found near the edge of the concrete slab were dated after 1966. Wyatt suggested one of these – a fragment of a plastic snack bag – was most likely dragged into the pit by rats or other scavengers, just as Stickel himself had suggested likely happened for other debris that didn’t fit his tunnel theory. The remaining items, per Wyatt, had likely been left by a plumber digging from adjacent to the building to avoid damaging the concrete pad. Moreover, Wyatt speculated that Stickel’s conclusions were colored by his collaboration with the parents of the McMartin children.[54]”

    And, finally, there’s this piece of info:

    “Shortly after investigation into the McMartin charges began, the funds to research child sexual abuse greatly increased, notably through the budget allocated for the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN). The agency’s budget increased from $1.8 million to $7.2 million between 1983 and 1984, increasing to $15 million in 1985, making it the greatest source of funding for child abuse and neglect prevention in the United States. The majority of this budget went toward studies on sexual abuse with only $5 million going towards physical abuse and neglect.[citation needed]

    Federal funding was also used to arrange conferences on ritual abuse, providing an aura of respectability as well as allowing prosecutors to exchange tips on the best means of obtaining convictions. A portion of the funds were used to publish the book Behind the Playground Walls, which used a sample of children drawn from the McMartin families. The book claimed to study the effects of “reported” rather than actual abuse but portrayed all of the McMartin children as actual victims of abuse despite a lack of convictions during the trials and without mentioning questions about the reality of the accusations.[55][56] Another grant of $173,000 went to David Finkelhor who used the funds to investigate allegations of day care sexual abuse throughout the country, combining the study of verified crimes by admitted pedophiles and unverified accusations of satanic ritual abuse.[57]”

    • I don’t see how this changes the fact the FBI confirmed the existence of the tunnels as described by the children?

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