Stanley Kubrick Truly Seemed to ‘Know Things’

‘Never, ever go near power. Don’t become friends with anyone who has real power. It’s dangerous.’From “After Stanley Kubrick” (18 August 2010), an interview with his wife, Christiane Kubrick, in The Guardian

Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick (July 26, 1928 – March 7, 1999) seemed “to know things.” Many have suggested that Kubrick revealed acquired knowledge about dark forces, the Illuminati or what Winter Watch refers to as the TPTB or Crime Syndicate.

There has also been the standard clever attempt from the usual suspects to debunk and cloud this, mostly with fallacious straw man arguments. and other distractions.  However it doesn’t take an extravagant imagination to link the storylines and surrealism of Kubrick’s films with hidden history and dark forces.

Kubrick’s Big Seven films were the following. Barry Lyndon is in my view, one of the sleeper films of all time. I watched it with my dad in a largely empty theater when it came out, but it was made for me. There is no doubt in my mind that Kubrick was a great film-maker- if not the best. I do see a constant attempt to associate the fiercely independent real deal Kubrick with post-modern lightweights and other overrated Jewish directors.

-1960: Spartacus

-1963: Dr. Strangelove

-1968 2001 A Space Odyssey

-1971: A Clockwork Orange

-1975: Barry Lyndon

-1980: Shining (The Shining)

-1987: Full Metal Jacket

-1999: Eyes Wide Shut

Kubrick produced anti-war films like “Paths of Glory”. In 1963 he completed the anti-war satire “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. The character portrayals couldn’t have been more accurate in terms of describing the Crime Syndicate actors. Full Metal Jacket was about the insanity of war. These films standing alone put Kubrick in high esteem in my eyes.

Clockwork Orange was also in plain sight: about ultraviolent conditioning, and trauma based mind kontrol.

There is no particular reason to dwell too much on symbolism in Kubrick’s films. In fact that may be a diversion. For the aware, the hidden world is presented in plain sight even with all the harder to decipher esoteric elements thrown in.

Eyes Wide Shut could just as easily be a dead ringer for the Hellfire Clubs and Frankist cult of the 18th century. Did Kubrick research the Dark Masonic Eyes Wide Shut Hellfire Clubs or did he have more contemporary knowledge of their successors? Only in the last few years with pedogate and Jimmy Savile (1926-2011) do Kubrick’s revelations in Eyes Wide Shut start to make more sense.

Incidentally we note with interest that David Icke in his excellent new book The Trigger has come around to our view concerning the influence of Sabbatean Frankism on the world.

Read: Clues Hidden in Plain Sight About Jimmy Savile’s True Nature

The Hellfire Club: Precursor of the Degenerate Luciferian Control Network

Sabbatean Frankism’s Impact on the World

The Influence of Sabbatean Frankism on the World

Kubrick died suddenly of a heart attack in his sleep six days after screening a final cut of Eyes Wide Shut in 1999. There is a theory that parts were later cut out that he would not have disapproved of. Coinkydink?

Stanley Kubrick was a Jew who thought totally out of the box. As such some of his revelations don’t fit the standard narrative. The debunkers have had to scurry about with flimsy excuses, such as they must have been said in jest. Or as Frederic Raphael wrote in “Eyes Wide Open: A Memoir of Stanley Kubrick”, based on his two year strained working relationship with the man- comes a suggestion the Kubrick was a “self-hating Jew”- aka a Jew who had peeled back the onion.

Most curiously, Kubrick, married the beautiful German Aryan Christiane Harlan. It was Christiane’s uncle, Veit Harlan, who had directed the propaganda films Kolberg (1945) and Jud Süß (1940) for Dr. Joseph Goebbels. [source Raphael]. There are no accounts of any rows between them, and Kubrick is described as a good husband. Her influence appeared to be immense. Was his Aryan wife the spark-plug that ignited the contrarian personality that Kubrick seems to have already had?

Indeed Kubrick trashed “Schindler’s List,” as propaganda. One memorable quote in Raphael’s book, attributed to Kubrick was, “Hitler was right about almost everything.”

Raphael identifies the inspiration for Eyes Wide Shut as the 1926 novella, “Dream Story”, by Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1931). It concerns the kinky, extramarital adventures of a Viennese Jew and his wife and delves into the depraved power elite that runs the show.

Schnitzler was a friend of quack Sigmund Freud [see Sigmund Fraud: The Father of Modern Psychoanalysis and Neurotic Charlatan], and wrote a 8,000 page manuscript of his sexual conquests – and in it also are indications that the Eyes Wide Shut rituals were not merely fiction. His pal Freud wrote to him, “I have gained the impression that you have learned through intuition – although actually as a result of sensitive introspection – everything that I have had to unearth by laborious work on other persons.” Schnitzler was labelled a pornographer and his (and Freud’s) books were burned in Germany in 1933 as “Jewish filth.”

Kubrick cast actors with obvious Jewish features, such as Jay Adler, as a criminal in The Killing  (1956) as well as Sydney Pollack in Eyes Wide Shut. In Clockwork Orange the reprobate Alex is sent to the Ludovico Institute to undergo new mind-bending treatment at the hands of Dr. Brodsky, an obviously Jewish character played by an obviously Jewish actor.

Raphael writes, “Nick Nightingale, Bill’s old friend from university who tells him of the orgies where he is the pianist, is also modelled on a Jewish character in Schnitzler’s novel: ‘…Nachtigall [Nightingale], a onetime fellow student with a “soft Polish accent and a slightly Jewish twang.”‘

Dr. Bill Hartford played by Tom Cruise is perfect casting and represents the hitherto naive goyish wandering into the dark, demonic hidden and secret world. There is almost unlimited masonic imagery in this film. Dr. Hartford slowly begins to see behind the veil as he is led into the cult.

We have no takeaway about the conspiracy inquiry that Kubrick was involved in producing a moon landing staged deception. We don’t especially think it fits his truth telling persona.


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  1. “The Shining” was thought to be a mediocre movie by many critics, mainly because “Kubrick threw out so much of Stephen King’s great source material and replaced it with a lot of things that just didn’t seem to make any sense.”

    Over time, many of these same critics grew to love this film as they came to understand the movie was simply the cover used to detail Kubrick’s involvement in filming at least the first moon landing hoax.

    Jay Weidner states “It should be understood from the beginning that The Shining is Stanley Kubrick’s most personal film (outside of, possibly, Eyes Wide Shut). Before we are done here it will be easy to see that Kubrick was only using Stephen King’s novel as a launching pad (excuse the pun) to be able to tell a completely different story under the guise of making a film based on a best-selling novel.

    He did this for a very important reason – mainly to save his life.

      • Well, the collaboration between NASA and Kubrik, resulting in the former providing the special lens enabling the Barry Lyndon candle-lit banquet scene to be shot, is incontrovertible. One suspects some sort of quid pro quo.

      • Well, as long as we’ve decided not to follow Winter Watch entreaties to us readers to refrain from “speculation” on his connection with the NASA moon landing hoax, I have some things to add. (Basil Fawlty: Now, Sybil, I promise! I won’t mention the war!)

        Stanley Kubrick’s “alleged” association with the photographs and television broadcasts of Apollo missions that were presented to Americans and the world as how we got to the moon is a controversial subject for pajama people. I get that, but just like Jay Weidner, I am definitely not saying we didn’t go to the moon. I mean, someone had to put that mirror reflector panel to reflect back the laser pulses we send from here on Earth to measure its distance.

        That’s not to say it had to be Americans, or even humans necessarily who did that. I just can guarantee you it wasn’t astronauts in a capsule/Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) propelled into Earth orbit by a Saturn rocket before riding the gravity waves on around the moon and back.

        To me it doesn’t take much more than a look at the photographs alleged to have been taken on the moon. There exists no lens known to man that can capture those images where both the background, foreground, and everything in between are ALL in focus. Except of course the fish eye lens with its gross image distortion. Has to do with focal length and depth of field and is a major part of mastering the medium of photography as it was in the late ’60s analog days, before digital cameras and CCDs hit the scene.

        In Winterwatch articles I have often seen references to the late, great, Dave McGowan’s work on serial killers. Well, if you like him, please take the time to read his Wagging the Moondoggie series on the moon landing hoax.

        I recall his web posts were quite well argued with many supporting items included. The second link to the article series posting is to what I believe is the site created by his child to archive Mr. McGowan’s amazing research. One of the very first books I read to begin my awakening was a compilation by McGowan of MSM quotes categorized into chapter themes called Derailing Democracy. Good intro for somnambulists.

        When it comes to Kubrick’s connection to the moon hoax, I prefer Jay Weidner’s use and analysis of The Shining in the articles Johnny Walker Read links to above. In fact it’s no longer a case to me, as it’s so obvious Weidner is correct about the connection.

        Remember Kubrick was the only director who had final cut before distribution. Everyone else shows their film to the executives and the executives tell the director what they have to cut. My friends try to argue about Tarrantino or others who I say may own their own production studios after they have earned enough. But they don’t get distribution usually with an unapproved edit. Tarrantino was just green lit to debase the artistic medium in his particular way. Kubrick’s unique situation points to a quid pro quo for something on the scale of a moon landing hoax.

        The Shining was the first Kubrick film I would see in the theater when I was not much older than Danny’s character in the novel/film. I had also read the novel before seeing the film and remember wondering about the many changes made in the film. I also remember Stephen King was super pissed about the film. Weidner said when he finally gave in and signed rights back over to King, that the riders stipulated King could never comment again in public about Kubrick’s version of The Shining. After he died, King’s been letting loose ever since. Google it.

        Weidner’s analysis also involves 2001: A Space Odyssey, which just so happened to be filmed at the same time as Apollo missions. Just a coincidence probably there, eh? Weidner has a good series of three documentaries I believe it was which he produced on Kubrick’s connection. Here’s his great esoteric analysis of my favorite film of all time:

        BTW, once you know it’s bullshit, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down for NASA. For example, take another look at the LEM they love to glorify. It looks like some sci-fi fanatic in the 1950s patched it together in his garage welding some steel poles together and then wrapping it in aluminum foil. NASA themselves used to talk about how you could accidentally poke a pen through that Reynolds Wrap shielding to emphasize the “dangers” they faced. And that protected them from gamma rays. Yeh, right.

        • Yes, it’s moi, Stephen, same guy who saw Eyes Wide Shut twice in theater in above comment and also saw The Shining near Danny’s age. I wanted to mention why I even came to read McGowan and Weidner’s pieces on the moon hoax to begin with…..

          Well, it was a top of the hour news announcement on NPR in the hot breaking news time of early evening on a Friday. It was close to when the Swine flu was the fear factor du jour for a time frame reference: late aughts?

          Carl Castle comes on: “NASA has announced that the original high definition moon landing footage has been taped over.”

          Then either the next day, Saturday, may have been Sunday, another NPR top of the hour headline: “NASA has announced that the original high definition moon landing tapes have been lost.”

          Heh heh. Nothing to notice there, eh? BTW, I can’t remember if it was “lost” first that got switched to “taped over” later, or vice-versa. Does it really matter which lie was final? I like the taped over fantasy where a NASA guy chooses the wrong tape for his porn compilation. “Lost” is also a knee slapper: like that shit wouldn’t be in some climate controlled nuclear fallout display at the Smithsonian or something.

          I remember kind of sighing and being irritated at the time that I had to go look up moon landing hoax crap.

          Thank goodness I did, because Weidner’s treatments blew my mind so much I had to write him an email of thanks. I was describing having my own “Thus Spake Zarathustra” moment where Clockwork Orange’s Monarch programming and all kinds of other Kubrick brilliance were popping up everywhere, kind of similar Weidner describing his experience of breaking down a Kubrick films being like a unpacking a zip file that keeps unreeling more folders, files, and data.

          Weidner replied back to me at the time and said two things I remember:

          1) the astronauts were all “clockwork oranged”
          -I did not get it at the time but now recognize he was suggesting the use of the same trauma based programming on them as Alex in the film.

          2) That Kubrick had approached Burgess years before with the suggestion for the novel A Clockwork Orange the film was based on.

          Thanks for listening,

  2. The key to it all is Sabbatean Frankism. It has permeated from the upper classes into the social masses. It is the air we breathe, the social mores we live, we just can’t detect it, deception and inversion being it’s nature. Glad to see David Icke has come to see it as you have. Here are a couple of preposterous examples of the blindness, William Gates, head of the CIA, states our job is to make every American completely confused about what he believes…loose translation…and Pompeo’s recent comments, as the head of the CIA, we lied, stole and cheated as a matter of course…..his comments met with no outrage….actually laughter….no press repudiation….and the confessed liar is now trying to lie us into a war with Iran. Trump is a Frankist….the whole operation is Frankist. Total inversion….”full spectrum domination” is the goal. What don’t they own and operate? And oh that Epstein saga.

    • Sorry but Sabathean Frankism is just one branch of satanism that has existed since time memorial. Satanism is also called by the inner curcles the old religion or obe can call it dark occultism. It uses the esotheric knowledge if the mystery schools for dark purposes and hides them frim the public in order to create a power differential and manipulate the masses. The two main tenets are worshipping the creation (the ego – keep people at the lowest “beast” level, 666, using only the reptillian brain – flight or fight (fear), food/ sex/ hedonism, egotism, authoritanism, etc.) and inversion/ perversion of creation (due to lack of own creative powers / psychopathy). It is a web of perverted secret societies / institutions – illuminated freemasonry / jesuits / Vatican / royals / rosicrucians / secret services / military / think tanks / Bilderberg / Club of Rome / CFR / Trilater commission / and on. The Satanic system is everywhere and well established in all societal institutions – state / police / military / judicial / media / banks / education / healthcare – you name it. We truly live in the Matrix. The NWO has begun probably with the fake American revolution (or soon thereafter with the overtake by the illumunati and London bankers). Check Mark Passio for explanation of the alegorical meaning of the Matrix and satanism.

      • Yes, Satan is just one more example of the many characters which developed over the many millennia in the Holy Bible.

        “Development of the Concept of Satan prior to 300 BCE in Israel:
        Traditionally, Christians have believed that the Pentateuch [the first 5 books of the Hebrew Scriptures or Old Testament] were written by Moses under the inspiration of God circa 1450 BCE during the nation’s exodus from Egypt. The book of Daniel was seen as having been written by Daniel himself, in the 6th century CE, etc. Conservative Christians still believe this today, largely because the Bible mentions the identity of its authors in many locations, and conservatives believe the Bible to be inerrant. However, analysis of the Bible as a historical document since the late 19th century has convinced essentially all non-Evangelical Old Testament scholars that most of the Pentateuch was not written by Moses. It is rather made up of a mixture of writings and editing by three individuals or groups: in 950 BCE by “J”, 750 BCE for “E” and 539 BCE for “P”. Deuteronomy was written in the 7th century BCE, and Daniel was written in the 2nd century BCE. In the following material, we will assume that the liberal interpretation is correct.”

        “Among those books of the Hebrew Scriptures written before 300 BCE, the term “satan” (root word “s’tn”) appears often. The word is derived from the original Hebrew verb “satan” which means “to oppose.” The Septuagint translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek was widely used in the early Christian church. They translated “satan” as “diaboloc” from which we derive our English term “devil” and “diabolic.”

    • Here sone more details on satanism. It is a philosophy principle, not a worship of some antropomorphical deity. Here are the main principles:
      1. Self-preservation is the highest law (ego cult)
      2. Moral relativism (good is what is good for me – the whole society is satanic, as it is based on this principle)
      3. Social Darwinism – justifies the split of society in elite and a herd of sheeple (the religion of statism is the worst violation of natural law that we are dealing with today)
      4. Eugenics – the elites can play god, decide who lives and dies (the ultimate goal of satanists is to become like god – ergo the transhumanism agenda etc.)

      Their agenda is very advanced and their principles well entrenched in every aspect of daily life of be it the sheeple or their minions. Besides controlling all institutions (see my other post), they control all the important religions:

      1. Money (central bankers represent some of the worst illuminati members)
      2. Statism (government = literally mind control, it violates the natural right of freedom)
      3. Scientism – be it fake (p)Harma solutions or fake theory of relativity (and heliocentrism in general), fake big bang, fake theory of evolution (people are monkeys) etc.
      4. Cultural religions – the ones not trapped in the reptillian brain (the left path, of the ego) are often trapped in the right brain of helpless and pure spirituality, which breeds pacifism and ultimately slave-think
      5. New Age pseudo-spirituality as an alternative to 4. above

      With regard to statism, Russ should adjust his third-position nationalism to third-position national anarchy (lack of rulers, not a lack of rules – rules based on natural law, e.g. the golden rule or sth like the ten commandments). The state takes care of its people, as the shephard of the sheep, as he ultimately exploits them for providing them security etc.

      • Hello Matrixawakening,

        I’m in the process of researching this area of information you’ve posted. Any reading material you could suggest for further discovery would be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Stanley Kubrick’s first job was as a photographer at Look Magazine

    Look Magazine editor at the time was Ben Kocivar

    Information specialist, War Department, Washington, 1941-1945; senior editor, Look Magazine, New York City, 1945-1969

    Yuri Bezmenov mentions an article for Look Magazine in his interview with G Edward Griffin @ the 35 min mark
    Quote –
    “From the first page to the last page it was a package of lies”

    • From

      The baby-blue and white four-engine jet with the Presidential seal on the fuselage and the American flag on the tail came sweeping out of the Queens sky yesterday morning and flew low over the Brooklyn Bridge.

      The plane slid down over New York Harbor and, at a height of about 500 feet, buzzed the Statue of Liberty. Then the jet rose a few hundred feet, cut a wide arc above Brooklyn, and looped back again. A dozen times over the space of an hour, the plane traced the same low circle.

      ”Hey, that’s Air Force One,” Kathy Kim told her colleagues at the National Westminster Bank U.S.A. offices on Water Street.


      Mrs. Kim was one of apparently hundreds of bewildered observers on the street and in skyscrapers who looked up or, in some cases, over, at the low-flying jet. A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration office at Kennedy International Airport, Ben Kocivar, said the agency had been ”swamped” with reports of anxious callers wondering what the planes were doing.


      • ‘Look’ into his editor at Look. Forgive me if I mentioned this in another thread- a dude named Ben Kosavar (Cosavar or Cosivar) an aviation enthusiast and pretty obviously an inside guy. It’s really hard to get info on him as it appears to be either assiduously scrubbed or no one ever paid much attention to him. My wife met the guy years ago working as a nanny in Westchester.

        • Stanley Kubrick & Bobby Fischer: 2 of a kind, apparently. The flaws in the made-for-tv moon landing movie were probably intentional, to be noticed & analyzed years later.

      • Recently have awoken as I believe so many have. I will definitely share your work. Going to have to go back and watch all these films now.

    • Interesting. Good info I was not aware of. I have the video book marked and will watch it when I have time. I believe Mother Russia is still playing the deception game and has fooled a great many alt.-right types here in America.

  4. I personally do not feel that it’s over the top to believe that Kubrick was murdered. CIA had a gun that caused heart attacks & that was Cold War technology. It’s more than possible that directed energy by way of electromagnetic frequency or even microwaves could result in giving someone a heart attack. Even moreso, there’s such a thing as baneful magick & he was clearly stepping on some pretty powerful people’s toes & the elite can & do employ the use of demons. That is how magick works. Kubrick is a personal favorite of mine because of the realism portrayed in his movies, even though I didn’t care to be a passive participant in the ritual inside of EWS. But, his very accurate portrayal of disposing of someone & having the medical examiner & later the newspapers declare it as an ‘overdose’ continues to echo forth to this day. Having fought tooth & nail to keep EWS in tact, the stress in & of itself could’ve been a contributing factor. But, I doubt that, in & of itself is what actually caused his death. Regardless, Warner Bros *did* edit out 24 minutes. That’s a considerable amount of time from that movie that was eliminated. You’ve got to ask yourself what it was they didn’t want us to see. I find his untimely death extremely suspicious given it’s timing as well as the main focus of the movie. He had to know the risks involved but had the courage to do it anyway(!).

    • ” Regardless, Warner Bros *did* edit out 24 minutes. ”
      Bingo. I sat through two screenings, knowing it’d be my last time to see a Kubrick film in theater upon release, and I definitely left feeling something or, some things, were missing. From Jay Weidner’s experience as a film editor and director, he could see things in the film Kubrick would never have allowed into the final cut for distribuition.

      For example, when Kidman and the doctor are smoking pot and talking about the Christmas party. He asks her what she thought of the party last night. “What’d I think of the party last night?” Then she answers. A director will have an actor repeat back the other character’s line before giving their reply in order to elicit a more natural feel to the dialogue in the film. They edit out the redundancies post production.

      My feelings of the missing elements at the time were not merely the sex magick rituals scenes that had been obviously altered, It was also open plot lines and thematic direction left reconciled and incomplete. The daughter’s possible involvement in the masked ball sequence or something. As Mr Winter correctly states, Kubrick always had a leitmotif throughout of the CrimeSyndicate’s rather “odd” lifestyles and habits in his films.

      I find the Syndicate’s having eliminated him in order to edit before distribution to be a completely credible if not probable scenario. With this last film, he really laid it all out on the line. No doubt, he knew it was 50-50 odds at best, that he survived and went back into exclusion alive this time.

  5. Omicron, the 15th letter of the alphabet, which corresponds to the Phoenician and Hebrew letter Ayin. The letter Ayin and Omicron is associated in the Tarot with the card – The Devil.

    Rachel Riley of Countdown finds her Jewish roots to take on the Corbynistas.

      • Part of the Kubrick backstory. It is someone else’s comment, and folks can judge for themselves. I think it’s fake.

        Typically deleted comments are low brow, trolling or add little substance. I rarely delete something just for being controversial.

  6. Russ,

    Ever see the Epstein connection to Eyes Wide Shut? There’s a cover-up article in the film written by NY Post hack Larry Celona, who also broke the Epstein “death” story with the odd supposed post-mortem photo. This article breaks it down pretty well.

    Kubrick also died 666 days before the year 2001. Also strange 9/11 connections with the monolith Millenium Tower. And of course, the pedo connections with Arthur C. Clarke…lots of interesting information out there.

  7. Interesting take on Sir Kubrick and his concomitant works of art. However, there are at least two cinephiles of relative high repute, namely, Jasun Horsley (see works s/a: ‘Kubrickon’; ’16 Maps of Hell’; ‘Prisoner of Infinity’; ‘The Secret Life of Movies’; etc.); and Paula Kael (see, ‘Movie Love’; ‘After the Glow’; etc.); who have quite different takes on said movie director. For the sake of brevity, I will focus my attention and words on Horsley; as his most recent work, ‘Kubrickon’, is a tour de force via its detailed and thorough analysis of Kubrick’s oeuvre; and the threads of deceit, misdirection and malevolence that underlies most of said auteur’s movies (i.e., ‘Lolita’; ‘Dr. Strangelove’, ‘Spacey Odyssey 2001’; ‘The Shining’; ‘Eyes Wide Shut’; etc.). For example, on page 45 of the book, ‘Kubrickon’, Jasun provides the following bullet points for quick reference; for dissecting and discerning the ulterior motives of Kubrick’s works:

    S.K. was less an artist than a scientist.
    S.K. approached each of his films in the early years as an experiment.

    Dr. Stangelove experimented both with audience reaction and political power by making a film about the most serious subject of all: the destruction of the human race, all the while aiming at laughs. …
    2001: A Space Odyssey was an artistic experiment and a sociological one: it targeted the growing counterculture and gave the ‘the ultimate trip,’ fueling the LSD craze and budding new mysticism. …
    Kubick is not ‘one of us.’ He is ‘the Man’ – the man every aspiring artist aspires to be. …
    Kubrick’s films create cognitive dissonance through ways both apparent and concealed, at levels textual, sub-textual, and ‘meta.’
    Kubrick films are not films but means of experimenting on audiences.
    The incoherent surface of his movies was designed to lure viewers into looking beyond surface, into details.
    Those who don’t look but stay on surface are being ‘programmed’ via neur-cinematic programming. Those who go beyond surface then enter into a ‘second matrix.’
    The coded meanings within Kubrick films are largely irrelevant. The only clue that matters in Kubrick’s oeuvre is the fact that people obsessively look for clues. Kubrick’s films generate obsession – for a reason.
    Kubrick’s partial goal was to create a replica of the physical universe with his movies as a trap for human consciousness. …
    Beyond these possibilities or congruent with them, Kubrick was using his movies as the means to ‘recruit’ human consciousness for an experiment.

    Essentially, what Horsley is positing is that Kubrick was an intelligence agent; who was assigned the task of preparing and priming the masses for what is ubiquitous today: an AI/cybernetics system of power and control! That is all!! RGB-Y3 out!!!

  8. Off topic! I think it’s obvious to many WW readers that there was something fishy about the death of Obama’s chef from the beginning. Now, even more evidence that the “official” explanation is a steaming pile of feces!

    Not sure what truly went down at Martha’s Vineyard; maybe ol’ Barry was upset that his ribeye wasn’t cooked quite well-done like he expects it. Either that, or,…maybe there was a “cat-fight” that escalared between the two and before you know it, there was suddenly a “paddle-boarding accident!”

  9. I’m so glad that I was able to find this video as it appears to have disappeared from YouTube…
    He presents a very solid case that really hit home for me because I was involved in the aerospace manufacturing industry from 02 until I walked away over the intrusive Rona crap almost 2 years ago.
    That thing was a peice of JUNK and the builders would have been blackballed and ridiculed from the industry for such horrible work.
    Granted, we never made parts for NASA ( which would have been considered a pinnacle of achievement ) but I was involved in the manufacturing of parts for many aerospace/ defense contractors in the central Florida area.
    There are specs on EVERYTHING, and even that shitty rivet work would have been kicked back with a couple of good chuckles in the QC department. Not to mention months of delays.
    The end of the video might have some religious content that I ( or you) might not agree with, but it takes nothing away from the presentation.
    I’m not a NASA nerd so my question might seem simple minded, but shouldn’t this thing be built to be air tight?? It definitely doesn’t look that way to me at all!
    Thanks for your thought provoking articles. 🙂

  10. “I also suspect/believe that The New Yorker’s article on Stanley Kubrick, prior to his death, was a hit piece (

    As Malcolm X Jr. (Malcolm Shabazz) said before he was thrown off a roof, ‘first they character assassinate you, then they assassinate you.’ The New Yorker article was followed by the medical assassination of Mr. Kubrick by a heart attack (hard to prove, but I would bet vast sums). I strongly suspect the author of the article knew that was coming. Purpose: why would people feel inclined to turn over stones and leaves in the death of an unsavory weirdo? The character assassination protects the assassins.

    Finally, I consider Stanley Kubrick to be one of quite a few psychopathy awareness martyrs. “Eyes Wide Shut”, it doesn’t get clearer than that.”

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