Truth Seeker | May 9, 2023

When someone comes into the emergency room with chest pain, they are not looking for a doctor who was hired based on his/her skin color, socioeconomic background, or gender identity. When there is a medical emergency, diversity, inclusion, culture, and equity do not matter. The only thing that matters when someone’s life is on the line is that the doctor is experienced in treating the emergency in an objective manner, can accurately diagnose the situation, and perform the necessary procedures with precision, while under intense pressure.

However, the next generation of doctors are not being objectively evaluated for entrance into medical school. An increasing number of medical schools are dropping objective Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) requirements and replacing them with subjective measures that place more emphasis on race, gender, and other measures of “inclusion.”

Medical schools are dropping objective academic standards to promote “diversity”

The MCAT is developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), and has served as a gold standard for medical school admissions. The MCAT assesses an applicant’s academic preparedness and is a critical component of medical school admissions. By putting less emphasis on the MCAT, medical schools may be overlooking qualified applicants in favor of those with less academic preparation.



  1. Attended a white coat ceremony last spring.
    The head doc started by introducing himself and his pronouns.
    When they all read the hypocritical oath it did not include ” do no harm”
    Nothing even close to that.
    Next we toured the facility.
    The whole place is covered in fag flags and stickers everywhere,in every room.
    Stay healthy my friends or a purple hair will be your attendant.

  2. Pandering to this woke nonsense it absolutely disgusting. Intentionally lowering standards for so called inclusivity is criminal in my opinion. It is an insult to achievers of any ethnicity or gender. America is literally being destroyed by pandering to psychotic losers.

  3. I once sent photos of sodomites & lesbians having sex and asked the question:
    “Is this what you do when you have sex”?
    They reported me to the police!
    The police is full of sodomites, so I was given a Warning!
    Imagine sending Tiger Woods photos of golfers playing golf and asking him
    “is this what you do when you play golf”?
    Sodomites HATE exposure!

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